Keystone, Dakota Pipelines are Fossils!




The rabid dogs are out and the cry of lost jobs in America makes it to Social Media and Mass Media.  So, what are the facts?  How many jobs will be lost and and long would these project last?  The answers are pure and simple:  19.5 weeks of Construction work for 2700 to 4000 US Workers.

The next argument of course is saying that we will be less Energy Independent by shutting down these pipelines.  Again the answers are fairly simple:  The people of Canada refused to run these pipeline through their own country to the west coast of Canada.  Those options were rejected firmly by a vote of the Canadian people.  These “Sludgeline Pipelines” are very dangerous and susceptible to leaks and fostering much environmental damage to the water table and water estuaries. The truth is that these pipelines are targeted for large Big Oil Refineries in Galvaston for cracking and then loading on to ships to be sent to China, India and other countries to help with our balance of trade no doubt?  None of this oil will ever be used here in the United States for fuel or other products.  The Profits?  Right into the coffers of Big Oil!

The final argument of course is that this is strictly an Anti-Trump move by the Democrats to stick a finger in his eye.  The truth of course is that Native American Tribes in the Dakotas and Environmentalists around the country have been voicing not only concern but issuing warnings of Environmental damage and carnage which could occur and become irrevocable for our Nations water supply in the Heartland of our country.  These same groups have been fighting this fight since at least 2012, when under Obama.

Our country and the world is going through a very important Sea Change in Technology, Work and Economic Base of operations.  In the words of those in the “Portlandia” series – Our old world before the Pandemic: “That is so over!”  We have an over-populated planet which will reach “Maximum Overload” at 9.7 Billion humans on the planet around 2035.  Our current Global Populations is around 7.7 to 7.8 Billion.  If anyone dares to watch World News….they will see that millions are starving, millions without work, millions and billions seeking new ways to create wealth.  GM, VW and every other Auto Manufacturer in the world is going to Electric Vehicles and will stop producing Fossil Fuel Vehicles by 2035.  This is not something that Governor Gavin Newsom can stop.  This is not something that any American President or Congress can stop.  The New Wave Technology being created in China (our Technological Competitor) going from 5G to 8G and beyond cannot be halted.  If China doesn’t do it – someone else will…(not necessarily us!).

Do we really know what systemic changes will occur to our economy?  Well, all the ducks are on the table.  Unless the Republicans start to engage in getting to be part of the solution (bi-partisan solutions)…..we are going to be left far behind the rest of the world, including what people call “Third World” countries right now.  Case in point:  Bulgaria and Romania.  In 1998 they had the worst technology in the world, along with the worst economies.  Today they have cell towers and some of the best tech companies around.  They found new jobs for their citizens and joined the Global Economy…giving them access to everything new.  In less that 20 years they went from the worst economies to some of the best.  China did the same thing because they have been flexible.  The United States as usual….is stuck in the mud of WWII.  Well…….If anyone needs an New Marshall Plan it today; seems to be the United States.  Oh we have cash enough to buy into the Global Economy which has been keeping our economy afloat.  Under the new Administration, we are sure that they will continue to use the Obama, Trump method of creating stealthy hyper-inflation.  Keeping the Interest rates low is their only possible course of action…or we would soon find ourselves in 1976 and Jimmy Carter Economic Malaise again.   How bout those food prices?  How bout those housing costs?  Guess they don’t count much…..cause we got our 1.4% Social Security increase…YOU?  And..What’s up the latest gas at the pump increase?  Thank you  Big Oil….for shutting down Refineries around the country….including Louisiana…the largest of all.

What this country requires is a vibrant and growing high tech world (A New and Improved Silicon Valley?) of not only Environmental Jobs, Infrastructure Jobs but Emerging Technology jobs with a broad reach.  To make that happen we need a new “Global Economic Sea Change Pandemic”.  We could start of course by canceling debt, be it Consumer Credit Cards or Student Loans.  Yet, that would only be a very short solution.  We need to develop those “good paying jobs”, which everyone seems to chat up from time to time.  We must start by understanding that most States in our Country do not have reasonable Minimum Wages:  “$5.15 to $7.25 an our for 40 states of the Union will not pay enough to feed, clothe or house a family of four on $320 dollars a week……anywhere in this country…..much less high density urban areas that can be found in Florida, Illinois, New York or California….for example.  Who car reasonably live on $1400 a month?

We are looking optimistically to our many “Bomb Thrower” Republicans pals……to make just one positive contribution to finding solutions to so many complex problems facing our country…..that don’t include “Flame Thrower” remarks, Party Labeling or using the entire panoply of “Halley’s Comet” – off the subject distractions.  When you ask any Republican today:  “Who would you choose if you couldn’t choose Donald Trump!”…..each and every one seem stuck for an answer.  If all you have for possible leaders are:  Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Mark Gaetz, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Rob Johnson or Ted Cruz……well, fellas and gals….you better start looking at your Bench and filling it in with folks that can get along with ALL Americans, not just the “MAGA Cap Squad”.  Meanwhile, the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines and others are “So Over”!   We need to drop all the dumb Tariffs (which are nothing more than MORE Republican Regulation – more not less!) Reconnect with our Global Economic Partnerships and move on to “The New Cyber Cash world of the future!”  Where are the voices of our old Republican pals Ed Royce, Bill Dannemeyer and Bob Dornan… that we really need them?

One thing is sure: “The Keystone, Dakota Pipeline are Totally Fossils!”


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