The Future of Entertainment?




The future is always a dicey projection effort.  If you say the Jets will beat the Rams when they are 18 point underdogs….some people would consider you a crazy person.  If “The Trumpster Voters” in 2019 should have thought they could lose the election in 2020…..they too could have considered you a crazy person.  What are the chances that a Global Pandemic could undo so many people’s lives?  Create such chaos in our so-called modern Global world?  Well, the shocks just keep coming.  Hundreds of thousands of mom and pop and medium sized restaurants have already gone from our lives.  Big Chains of Retail and Wholesale proportions are on the economic rocks.  Millions of people are out of work…..many having outlived their unemployment benefits and looking for places on the street to live.  Cities and Communities around this country have unsustainable economies and were already floundering from heavy Public Retirement Benefits that were driving them into the red….day by day.  Now, sales receipts and taxes received are drying up.  Public Services are going the way of the Doe-Doe Bird.

Meanwhile, the situation in our alternate reality of Social Media, Mass Media, Traditional Media and Public Television…..we sit waiting for Sports to return they way they were and save us.  Hoping that when watching Sporting events, usually occupied with thousands in the stands…..there are paper targets of people….sometimes not even that.  Fast forward to our home away from home……our Cell Phones!  Our I-Phone 7, 11 and 12’s!  Pulling down APPs for Disney, Netflix, Hulu, You Tube, ESPN and more.  Diversion?  Let’s watch old movies!  Let’s watch New movies!  Let’s watch anything that might get us off the terrible realities of life on this planet.

Back in 1969, a movie came out that wasn’t terribly popular but extremely futuristic.  It was called “The Illustrated Man”, with Rod Steiger!  Sci-Fi writer Ray Bradbury had written this wowzer break-through tale of the future.  Much like Kurt Vonnegut who had written “Player Piano” in the 1950’s – and  his “Sirens of Titan” from the 1060’s – Bradbury also had a clue to what our future might be.  Watching a 20 foot wall live action television was fairly shocking.  However, when you could walk right into that environment you were watching in an actual realistic functional hologram – well, that was amazing.  When the kids wander into that jungle atmosphere and were attacked and eaten by the virtual Lions….well, that was a bit much.  Guess they needed a good Robot like Robbie from “Lost in Space” to be the Baby Sitter -“Watch out Will Robinson!”.  In 1975, “Rollerball” came out with James Caan…all about the Corporate take-over of our planet.  Directed by Norman Jewison….it was a shocker….during the days of the famous Pittsburgh Steelers and the Steel Curtain.  Violence in Sports…hasn’t changed much.  In “North Dallas Forty”- 1979, Mac Davis and Nick Nolte exhibited exactly the realities of Pro Sports for what they truly are:  “Entertainment”.  Ted Kotcheff did a superb job of Directing this classic.  Yes, we had plenty of advice warning about hiring a Businessman to be our President….but some people have poor memories or generally are not paying attention to the realities.

Today, people are strung out on their Cells phones, busy showing naked pictures of themselves to anyone that will take a look.  Watching family members when they don’t know they are being watched.  Watching Anime and Cartoon features.  Watching a never ending string of Marvel Comic Book heroes and villians.  So, what lays ahead?  We can only guess, but the technology is already here to provide a walk-in holographic world – even with inter-active intelligent virtual actors and actresses.  The Game Boy of yesterday is now going to be the Wham Boy of tomorrow.  Want that thrill of being chased by bad guys and carrying your own automatic rifle?  What the thrill of going to a 1970’s orgy?  How about scaling Mount Everest?  What about doing a real “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”?  Everything is possible and where it will stop…..nobody knows!  Perhaps humans will just become virtual beings…without bodies?  Perhaps we will be able to transport ourselves to other Galaxies?  Perhaps we will all become human Vegetables?  Everything is on the table as they say.  Even the Ducks!

So, where do we go from here?  Easy, we are going to the Age of Entertainment!  Watch the Chinese and the 1%ers here in our country…they will have the Huawei Phones and technology first.  However, once we see it…….there will be no holding anyone back…  It will be “Everyone into the pool!”  LEt’s just hope that most of the folks will believe there will be an end to the Pandemic and everyone will be saved.  This is the time to hold a good thought…..and keep trucking.  It is going to be one wild ride!  Perhaps Elon Musk can takeover Space Force and save us with another great adventure to life with trips to Mars or beyond?


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