Weekend Open Thread: Trump Debating and Baiting Biden




This early Weekend Open Thread addresses on tonight’s final presidential debate.  Your thoughts are welcome — especially because I haven’t actually written it yet and may not do so until tomorrow morning!

Doctored screenshot of the debate (though the expressions were not edited behind the overall  use of a “note paper” filter and coloring the whole thing neutral purple.  We had a whole lot of Trump’s flapping his mouth ceaselessly and Biden just having to endure it.

Some observations, in no special order:

(1) What struck me most about the debate is how Trump kept on pushing past the time limits for a given question to produce yet another unrelated sound bite attack on Biden, causing Biden to demand a chance to reply, causing Trump to demand his own chance to reply, which after being granted 10-15 seconds went far longer and brought up yet more unrelated talking points, until Biden seemed to inwardly shrug and let that round of exchanges end.

(2) Biden only once or twice approached using the magic word that could have turned Trump into a tub of butter: “credibility.”  Why won’t people use a vaccine approved by the Trump Administration?  Because he has no credibility.  Why can’t we believe his now literally impossible prediction that we’ll have a vaccine improved before the end of the year?  Because he has no credibility.  Why don’t we believe him about Putin, or Burisma, or China?  Because he has no credibility.

(3) Related to that, Trump struck me once again as a shamelessly lying hard-pressure salesman, like William H. Macy selling undercoating in the movie Fargo.

(4) How Biden either failed or chose not to rebut with all of the attacks on Hunter Biden by throwing Trump’s three oldest children back in his face — “you know who DID make money in China?  Ivanka!” — is either an astounding missed opportunity or an astounding act of self-control, and most likely both.

(5) Biden has to stop repeating (or characterizing) what Trump has said or would be saying, followed by a “Come on!”  I don’t think that post-Boomers will get it — but maybe I’m wrong.  In any event, it gives Trump the possibility to show ads with clips of him saying some inane to insane thing — when he was actually characterizing Trump’s position.

(6)  The funniest exchange was when Biden sarcastically referred to Trump as “Abraham Lincoln here” after Trump said that he’d done more for Blacks than anyone since maybe Honest Abe.  Trump’s reply was along the lines of “oh, now he thinks I’m Lincoln?”  This raises the horrifying possibility that Trump truly things that Elizabeth Warren really is Pocahontas.

(7) I don’t know if Trump actually made any headway with his “Biden’s been in government for 47 years, why didn’t he solve these problems?”  Biden finally came up with a smart rejoinder for why he (and Obama) couldn’t solve everything during the previous administration: they had a Republican Congress.  I would have liked to see Biden starting slack-jawed and asking “do you really still not know how the government works?”

Much more after I’ve done some more reading — and probably some sleeping.  This is your Weekend Open Thread.  You know the rules, so just talk right over us when you violate them.

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