Fox News Supports Murdering Peaceful Protesters; Do OC’s Candidates?





Fox News needs better ratings, especially as it loses advertisers now that overt racism has gone out of style.  So it has apparently decided to throw in its lot with the 17-year-old kid — his first name is “Kyle.” and his last name is (for our purposes) “Murderer” — who shot three peaceful protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night and missed many more.

Kenosha Kyle the Murdering Minor, hands held up in surrender, gives new meaning to the phrase “I can’t even get arrested in this town!” And Fox News loves him for it.

According to NPR, the dead are Joseph Rosenbaum, who at 36 leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter, and 25-year-old Anthony Huber.  A third victim, Gaige Grosskreutz, sustained serious but not life-threatening wounds.

If you didn’t see the underlying video of his shooting people randomly, was warned to leave the area (with no actual consequences) and then being ignored by police as he help up his hands to surrender,  you can check it out here.  (YouTube (and I) will warn you that it is disturbing, and that is is also available in a censored form.)  Pay attention to the call from the so-called “Kenosha Guard” for people to come there armed, as well as to one cop telling him to scram because he was trespassing, while a previous cop said — likely but not positively to him — that they appreciated his presence.  Towards the end, you’ll also see a brave protester taking off his shirt and apparently using it to bandage one of the wounded, not far from the shooter; I presume, but do not know, that he himself survived.

The video is entitled “Cops Lie,” based on the idea that the police lied when they said that they were looking for the shooter when the video shows that they passed up the guy as they were holding up his hands, as another brave person desperately yelled at them that the kid was the shooter.  I’m not certain that they did lie, but I also think that that’s not the real point.  In the midst of an adrenaline rush, and inside a car, it would not be surprising if they didn’t hear the person screaming at them, or what he was saying.  They might well perceive someone raising their hands as “don’t shoot me” rather than admitting to guilt — mostly because the latter would be so unexpected.  The police may have lied about this — there are reasons to believe that there were lies about the crippling of Jacob Black, which gave rise to the protests — but I don’t think that that’s the main takeaway.

What mattered for that day is that this was an act of wanton murder of innocents, recklessly solicited by right-wing would-be or wanna-be militias.  The main point for today is that self-proclaimed right-wing patriots in the media are applauding deadly and misplaced vigilantism.  And that is chilling.

(As an aside, claiming that random illegal right-wing vigilantism supports “law and order” is whatever well beyond “Orwellian.”  These acts are lawless and serve only disorder.)  They are legitimately domestic terrorism.

And that is why this story about Tucker Carlson of Fox News is shocking.  I want people to send this link around to Republican candidates and give them the opportunity to disavow it — or, if they’re bent this way, to embrace it.  I’d like to know the results either way.

Some of the tidbits from the story on Carlson’s on-air response to the killings, with my comments:

  • Carlson asked  “How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?”

Asking how “shocked” we are is the wrong question, although like most acts of domestic terrorism it is inherently shocking.  It’s not surprising, perhaps, just as physical attacks on Fox News hosts who support terrorist might no longer be a surprise.  (Nahh, it would still be one, only because they probably have high personal security.)  Putting aside the fact that the Governor had already called out the National Guard, which is what’s supposed to happen, it’s shocking that Carlson doesn’t seem to know that you cannot legally use lethal force purely in defense of property.

  • “[Fox’s] personalities have spent the last several months recklessly issuing dire warnings to their viewers, telling them that their lives are in jeopardy from racial justice protesters and that the Democratic leaders of cities facing civil unrest are refusing to protect them. This fearmongering has repeatedly inspired President Donald Trump, an avid Fox viewer, to dump more fuel on the fires.”

Yes, and anyone who heard Trump’s overtime finale of his Clinton-length pitch to the Republican conventions, live from the people’s property, knows that “you and your family will die if you elect Joe Biden” — I paraphrase here, but not much — knows that he is zeroing in on the core of the long prevalent Orange County anti-homeless, anti-minority, anti-social program. and pro-repression-of-others ethos from the John Birch era forward.  Ir may work here, but I think that he faces two major diffixulties.  First, with most of the public he has virtually no credibility.  Second, his trying to turn Joe Biden into an unwitting pawn of the left — I wish! — is laughable.  We can’t even get him to embrace single-payer!  The only reason we got him to embrace the Green New Deal is that it’s so obviously necessary!

But Trump isn’t trying to win an argument.  He’s trying to raise up an armed “militia” — to justify his challenging the election results on the spurious grounds of mail-in ballot fraud.  This is, some of you may remember, a big part of how Bush 43 won the 2000 election: when the “Brooks Brothers riot” in Trump’s now home of Palm Beach County put an early stop to the ballot re-counting.  His supporters have most of the guns, partly because minorities and radicals often get arrested when they try to wield them out loud.  This is the danger of our turning into a fascist oligarchy; it has never been greater.

(Blame the enabling Senators for not forcing Trump to follow the law.  That Trump had his and Melania’s speeches from the White House would have been impeachable had anyone else tried it.)

Three more long quotes from the article and then I’ll stop.  (There’s more, but read it yourself):

Throughout this period, Fox has been laser-focused on finding instances of violence, blaming them on the protesters, and castigating Democratic mayors and governors for failing to stop them. The network has bombarded its viewers — including the president — with images of burning buildings and civil unrest. At times using weeks-old footage and other misinformation tactics, Fox personalities have inflated the scope of the damage to depict a nation on the brink, denouncing the supposed threat posed by “antifa” agitatorsBlack Lives Matter activists, and statue-toppling vigilantes — even demanding that violent protesters be treated as “domestic terrorists.” And they have sought to use that demagoguery to shore up Trump’s faltering campaign, warning that civilization itself will be on the ballot in November.

Carlson has led the charge. He has described the protests as an “ancient battle” between “normal people” and “thugs.” He has claimed that the protesters are engaged in “the destruction of our cities and our history” and are “trying to topple our political system.” And he has called for protest leaders to be labeled “domestic terrorists,” arrested, and paraded “in front of cameras like MS-13.” Moreover, he has denounced Republican leaders who he believes have been overly supportive of the protests, while repeatedly demanding that Trump take a harder line against them.

At one point, his program even predicted a rise in vigilantism. On Carlson’s June 4 broadcast, former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright denounced Democrats for supporting protests while opposing the use of the National Guard or military to put them down. “What does that leave, Tucker? Let me tell you what it leaves. Vigilante justice,” he concluded. “That’s exactly right,” Carlson responded. Wright added, “It’s you and me and everybody watching this program arming ourselves. Is that how we run a republic? No sir, it is not, and you do not want a country that goes there.”

I really do want to know what candidates think about Covid-19, mark-wearing, business reopening, schools reopening, etc.  But this is even more important — because once Fox News says that armed white rioters can get away with murder to prevent property damage that protesters aren’t even doing, we have gone the way of Belarus.  We need to know before we vote, and we start to vote in little more than a month.

If you find out that a candidate agrees with Carlson and Trump, you might want to ask them what they think about this article as well.  This involves the drive among some Trumpublicans to support letting the ‘unfit” — old, disabled, etc. — die if it benefits the rest of us.    People who support the first article but not the second are just frightened racists who may destroy our way of governing.  People who support both, though, have already gone full Nazi.

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