Scenes from OC’s Uprising – 1. Valerie in Fullerton.




What IS going on?  It sure looks like the Floyd murder pushed everyone to some kind of tipping point, and it’s beautiful to see.  Multiple protests every day, in nearly every OC city, and mostly young people.  And each day the protests are more organized, more peaceful, and bigger.  

Though we’re triggered by televised national outrages and the nation’s historic oppression of Black people, let’s always remember our local victims, in Anaheim, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Tustin, and more.  And we need to articulate specific local demands – for example the firing of killer cops (starting with repeat offenders like Anaheim’s Nick Bennalack, Kelly Philips, Dan Hurtado and Kevin Flanagan.) 

AND a ban, as San Diego just passed, on neck chokeholds like the carotid hold that killed Vincent Valenzuela.

Well, how are our historically unaccountable police forces handling this unprecedented situation?  After being encouraged by our tinpot President to “not be nice” to us “terrorists” and to “dominate?”  While sharing the overtime wealth with daily “Code Checkmate Charlies” that bring in other local cities’ forces?  Let’s see…

Valerie in Fullerton

One of the first Floyd protests in this County was up at Kelly’s Corner in Fullerton on Saturday May 30 – named after Kelly Thomas who was beaten and suffocated to death on film there by six Fullerton cops nearly nine years ago, cops outrageously found innocent by an OC jury.  There were about 150 of us, and twice we left Kelly’s Corner to march down Commonwealth to the intersection of Highland where the police station is.

First 3 pics by Jane Rands, Fullerton Observer

Blocking traffic for a while was part of the protest.  One westbound car tried to hit some of us, and a young guy driving his truck eastward ploughed through us slowly, but all the other traffic politely took a detour, most of the drivers honking in support.

After a bit of us chanting and kneeling, Fullerton’s finest, joined by Brea’s finest and La Habra’s finest (Checkmate Charlie) began lining up, in riot gear, in every direction facing us.  My wife Donna went up to each of the cops facing south on Highland and said, “STOP KILLING PEOPLE.”  I saw a couple of them nod silently.

After a while, the cops started announcing an illegal assembly and ordering us to disperse, while slowly driving their big SWAT vehicle toward us like they were gonna run us over.  The cops advanced with them.  And eventually we all slowly, truculently, got up and moved, choosing not to get arrested.

Valerie just before her arrest

EXCEPT NOT 24-year old VALERIE!  In the spirit of our Civil Rights forbears, in the spirit of Dr King and thousands of other heroes, she chose to lie there in the street, passively resisting.  The issues she was protesting were just too important.

Three Fullerton cops grabbed her, pulling her in different directions, with one grinding his knee into the back of her leg.  Yanking her across the street, they booked her for “failure to disperse.”  Bruised up and shaken, she was cited and released, and went home to her parents’ place, where she awaits her arraignment.

“Taking a knee”… on Valerie.

Then late Sunday night, the Fullerton PD put out a press release with her mug shot, announcing her unusual name and city of residence.  WITHIN HALF AN HOUR a car drove up to her parents’ place, threw cherry bombs at the front door, and sped off.

Two observations:  The reactionaries bitch about the supposed violence and destruction of our protests.  But this is what happens to you when you try nonviolent, passive resistance.

Also.  I’d like to contrast the BRAVERY of Valerie with the COWARDICE of the CHICKENSHIT TERRORISTS who threw bombs at her and her parents’ house, as punishment for her daring to lie down for the oppressed.  

Valerie, we salute you!

Here’s Lou Noble’s video of the event;  Valerie’s arrest starts around 9 minutes.

Fullerton police guardians of their precinct from protesters protesting against police brutality and in solidarity with George Floyd, one girl got arrested for exercising her civil rights.

Posted by Lou Noble on Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Too many protests coming up to menton ’em all, so I’ll just post the one I’m helping organize…

TOMORROW AT 5! An old tradition returns! This time let’s demand the firing of all Anaheim’s killer cops, and an end to the carotid and other chokeholds – that’d be a start. Bring your signs and your stories, we’ve got the music!

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