Preliminary Results, OC’s BERNIE Delegates to Dem Convention




The results in the races for Bernie delegates are in!  Among the county’s top vote-getters were (clockwise from left,) Dr. Bill Honigman, Sudi Faorkhnia, and Hanieh Jodat, all of CA-45.

Preliminary results from the Bernie delegate races (and no, I have no idea in what sense they are not final) are in for the whole state.  (Biden’s and Warren’s are not yet completed; Bloomberg’s seem done except for CA-48 and maybe post a few others.)  This post focuses on OC’s seven full or partial Congressional districts.

CD 38: (M) Henry Huerta, Roberto Alvarez; (F) Zenaida Huerta

CD 39: (M) Kenneth Warfield; (F) Stephanie Terrazas, Jacki Moya

CD 45: (M) Dr. Bill Honigman; (F) Sudi Faroknia, Hanieh Jodat, (Alt-F) Nina Baldwin (tied in votes with Roxana Akbari; I don’t know the tie-breaker and this may not be entirely finalized.)

CA-46: (M) Mani Kang, Andy Lewandowski, Elizabeth Gonzalez

CA-47: (M) Cesar Armandariz Lopez, Andrew Swetland, (F) Vanndearlyn Vong, (Alt-M) Vincent Vo

CA-48: (M) William Summerville, (F) Jaci Iannello

CA-49: (M/NB) Cipriano Vargas, Kyle Thayer, (F) Martha Alvarado — note: Sarah Spinks of Vista, the female runner-up, got more votes and any male — and, in fact, the #3 vote-getter in the county.

Looking at the various Congressional Districts gives a sense of where the competition was hottest:

CA-38 (just La Palma in OC) had 153 total votes
CA-39 (about half in OC, half SGV and Chino Hills) had 64.
CA-45 (all OC) had 318.
CA-46 (all OC) had 78.
CA-47 (mostly OC, rest in Long Beach and Gateway Cities) had 250.
CA-48 (all OC) had 94.
CA-49 (half OC, half northern San Diego Co) had 353.

Those differences are in part due to the number of Sanders seats per district, but the differences between CA-39, CA-46, and CA-48 versus CA-45, CA-47, and CA-49 are far larger than that factor alone would suggest.

Another thing affecting the vote totals are the overlap with other counties in CA-47 and  CA-49.  And, as you’ll see, the top vote-getters in 47 came from Long Beach, while the ones in 49 all came from Vista, in northern San Diego County.  This says something unpleasant about OC’s activism.

The top elected vote-getters in the county’s districts were Martha Alvarado (from the Vista area). Cipriano Vargas (also from Vista), and Vanndearlynn Vong (of Long Beach.) It looks like a really good group of representatives!

The top vote-getters among residents of OC were all from CA-45 (Katie Porter’s district).  Bill Honigman had the most votes among men, while four women in Irvine — Sudi Farokhina, Hanieh Jodet, Nina Baldwin, and Roxana Akbari, did best among OC county residents, though Akbari apparently didn’t win.

One really sad thing about these results came out so late that some people didn’t find out that they had lost before the 5:00 deadline to apply for Statewide At-Large positions.  (Bernie-favoring PLEOs in OC presumably did already apply for PLEO positions.)  Personally, having expected the results, I didn’t make the decision to apply for one until noon today.

Congratulations to the winners!

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