Preliminary Results for OC’s BIDEN Delegates to the National Convention




Preliminary results from the Biden and Bloomberg delegate races (and no, I have no idea in what sense they are not final) are in for the whole state.  This post focuses on OC’s seven full or partial Congressional districts.

CD 38: (M) Mark Pulido; (F) Gloria Pulido (both of SGV)

CD 39: (M) Andrew Rodriguez; (F) Olivia Lee (both of Walnut)

CD 45: (M) John Hanna; (F) Kori Fernandez

CA-46: (F) Martha Sanchez

CA-47: (M) Tim Patton; (F) Megan Kerr (both apparently of Long Beach)

CA-48: (M) Andrew Gallagher (F) Laura Oatman

CA-49: (M) Luke Tesluk; (F) Francine Busby (both of San Diego)

Some of OC Congressional districts’ Biden delegates: from top left, Megan Kerr, Tim Patton, Laura Oatman, John Hanna, Francine Busby, Andrew Gallagher, Luke Tesluk.  Oatman, Hanna, and Gallagher are actually from OC.

Looking at the various Congressional Districts gives a sense of where the competition was hottest:

CA-38 (just La Palma in OC) had 60 total votes.
CA-39 (about half in OC, half SGV and Chino Hills) had 44.
CA-45 (all OC) had 67.
CA-46 (all OC) had 2. (Not a typo: dos.)
CA-47 (mostly OC, rest in Long Beach and Gateway Cities) had 151.
CA-48 (all OC) had 177.
CA-49 (half OC, half northern San Diego Co) had 60.

Those differences are in part due to the number of Biden seats per district, but the differences between CA-47 and CA-48 (on the high end), and CA-47 (on the low end) versus the rest are far larger than that factor alone would suggest.

Another thing affecting the vote totals are the overlap with other counties in CA-47 and  CA-49.  And, as you’ll see, the top vote-getters in 47 came from Long Beach, while the ones in 49 all came from Vista, in northern San Diego County.  This says something unpleasant about OC’s activism.

These also don’t directly compare to the Bernie delegate totals, as Bernie in all cases but CA-48 had more votes to cast. (And in CA-48, and no other, Biden delegates received more votes than their Bernie counterparts. Someone explain that to me!)

The top elected Biden delegate vote-getters in the county’s districts were Laura Oatman and Andrew Gallagher of CA-48. Next-highest were Tim Patton and Megan Kerr of CA-47 — Kerr lives in OC, while Patton at a minimum works there.

I complained in my story about OC’s Bernie’s delegates that so many of them came from outside the OC portions of the districts we share with other counties.  Well, it now seems that that was nothing.  So far as I can tell, ALL of the OC Biden delegates in the districts shared with other counties — CA-38 (where we have just a sliver), CA-39, CA-47, and CA-49 — come from outside of the county.  I’m not usually one to be parochial about my home county, but for OC to have only five Biden delegates — when based on the proportion of the Congressional districts including our county we might have expected eight of the thirteen chosen — is a pretty sad result for us.

Another really sad thing about these results is that they came out so late that some people didn’t find out that they had lost before the 5:00 Tuesday deadline to apply for Statewide At-Large positions.  (Biden-favoring PLEOs in OC presumably did already apply for PLEO positions.)

Congratulations to the winners!

P.S.  I don’t plan a separate story on who wins the county’s sole Bloomberg delegate. Once the matter is settled, I’ll post that information below and note its presence in a comment.

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