Trump Birthday Weekend Open Thread: How many people will he kill with his Rallies?




*The Trumpster continues to screw his own people.  General Milley… sad.  Got suckered into to going to the Photo Op at the Church.  Yet, this is just creamed cheese on the bagel.  Now that The Trumpster is going for another major political rally.  He is making every person sign a pledge that if they get Corona Virus 19…..they cannot sue him.  Really?  They also should sign a pledge that they only watch Fox News and have an IQ of less than 80.  As the Dow Jones falls like a rock….we are encouraged that actual human beings still reside in Wall Street.  However, as we watch over 41 million Americans file for Unemployment, we wonder – does anyone have a clue?

We are greatly encouraged by all the Protests going around the Globe, the Seattle “Six Blocks and a ton of Truth”, watching people around our country….not giving up.  Not scared by rubber bullets.  Not scared by four cops sitting on their necks.  Not scared by a racist nightmare that is running our country into the ground.

As we watch the chaos continue, it is fun to understand that literally millions and millions of Americans will be losing their IRA’s, their Pensions, their Retirements…..and watch as Hyper-Inflation become rampant, not only in regard to food and services, but in regard to banks and real estate.  The acknowledged debt of this country went from $21 Trillion to now well over $25 Trillion in just Three and half years.  People that don’t have Healthcare has risen astronomically.  41 million people out of work.  41 million people that have to depend on the Global economy to make a dramatic comeback in order to get their jobs back.  We still believe that the number will eventually wind up closer to 60 million people out of work.  Basically 30% Unemployment, but what does 30% Unemployment really mean?  No one can afford the staples of life.  No one can live a Quality of Life that makes sense.  That means Disease, Death and Privation.  It means that unless you have a Jeffrey Epstein Island to live on……things are going to be tough.  When 40% of the American people default on their Credit Card debt….Houston – we will have a problem.  When the Stock Market finally tanks….as it must…..the end will be near!

A recent poll suggests that most people think that the economy will rebound in less than a year.  They think that a Corona Virus 19 Vaccine will be discovered and put out to over 2 Billion people.  As James Bond might say:  “Are they mental?”  The times ahead are going to be beyond challenging. They will bring an amazing awareness that we cannot take life for granted.  We cannot put a “Bust Out Real Estate Mogul” in charge of our society and expect miracles.  As Hillary said – “It takes a village!”  Today, it take a Global Community!  The Trumpster wants to burn down our barn.  The question is:  Will we let him do it?  When the death numbers in the USA mount to 500,000 will that attract any notice….certainly not on Fox News.

It will be wonderful to have the Center for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration TRACK the folks that go to The Trumpster Political Rallys and find out just how many go out and kill other Americans, using the Corona Virus 19 as a vehicle. The Trumpster has done more to kill Black people that anyone else in history, by restricting their clean water, organic food, thhwarting their transportation and killing their job opportunities.  November 2020 – Come on down!

How many will the The Trumpster Kill going to his rallys?  We should start a Rally Pool…..and make some educated guesses!

[Note: This has been designated the Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about its topic or whatever else you would like, at a reasonably spaced distance.  – GAD]

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