First Public Report on Orange County COVID-19 Deaths by City




[Cross-posted from the Surf City Voice, where this was published on June 6, with the permission of the author]

By John Earl

on Friday June 6, Orange County health officials publicly released COVID-19 fatality counts by city for the first time in response to a public records request by the Surf City Voice.

COVID-19 death counts by city will remain off of the County’s official website pending the results of an upcoming meeting between health officials, the County Counsel’s office, and the County Privacy office, according to Michael Carson, Division Manager for Clinical Services, who responded to the SCV by email.

Twenty-four out of 34 Orange County cities reported COVID-19 deaths. Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach, in that order, ranked as the top three cities for COVID-19 death counts out of a total of 165 deaths for the entire county as of June 4.

  • Anaheim (pop. 352,911): 33
  • Santa Ana (pop. 330,389) : 38
  • Huntington Beach (pop. 201,941): 21

Twenty-one other Orange County cities all reported deaths in single digits… read the rest at Surf City Voice.

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