Weekend Open Thread: “Thank You, Masked Man!”, Part 1

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First, there’s this:And then, there’s this, courtesy of (i.e., swiped from) Dr. Bill Honigman (for whom you should vote for Bernie delegate in CD 45, let’s not forget!)  If you still don’t get why you and others should be wearing masks (when outside and away from your home-mates), here’s a memorable explanation.

And this doesn’t even GET INTO droplets contaminating surfaces!

One thing to add from today’s news: yes, droplets — especially those that can stay alive on surfaces for a long time — are indeed the enemy .  But not an enemy for which your body is incapable of fighting.

A few droplets floating in the air aren’t likely to infect you.  If they enter your body, your body’s immune system is well-equipped to fight them off.  What gets you infected is when there is more of the virus is introduced than your immune system can handle.  (It’s a pretty good analogy to what happens when the hospital system is swamped by too many cases.)  So, your wearing a mask, while imperfect, is probably even better protection that we have thought!

And if you haven’t seen the plans for coffee filter masks, check them out!  When I blow through mine with my hand in front of my face, I don’t even feel even a puff of air.  And if you cover yours with a bandana, the filter mask doesn’t even need to be disposed, because the bandana protects it and can be laundered.

This is your belated Weekend Open Thread.  The version (on the same subject, but less funny) I had been preparing should be ready by next weekend.  Talk about peeing on your neighbors, or whatever else you’d like, from a reasonable safe distance.

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