Have you Noticed the Jimmy Carter Syndrome lately?




Yeah, we remember….those Golden Days of Jimmy Carter:  20% Unemployment, 20% Interest Rates, Hyper-Inflation and no International Military Security.  These were some amazing times.  Before the election of Ronald Reagan, we were sitting in the Jolly Roger Restaurant on Balboa Island.  The news in the paper was interesting:  “Soviet Ships mass off of Huntington Beach!”  As our hearty group of Monday Morning Boys Club members met…..some were doubters, others laughed, others said it was NO Joke!

The truth of the matter was that the Carter Administration was ill prepared for Gas Shortages, the OPEC Cartel (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) 14 members in all, which included Indonesia, Venezuela, Angola, Ecuador and even the Congo. (We never knew that!)  The truth of the matter was that the Carter Administration had the Iranian Hostage Problem along with all their other missteps.

Yet, today – why does it feel exactly like those bad old days?  Our economy then was suffering from what they called back then:  “Stagflation”.  Our economy was basically on hold. The growth was down to minus numbers and the inflation reached 20% as well.  This was our 20-20-20 Economy!  Interestingly enough, the only National Disasters during the Carter Administration was bailing out of the Olympic Games in Moscow, because the Russians Invaded Afghanistan!  We must say however that Carter did create the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Hmmmm.  Which all goes to prove that even a broken clock can be right TWICE A DAY!

Fast forward to the Trumpster Era.  Here we are with the GREATEST ECONOMY OF ALL TIME!  Here we are with the GREATEST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!  HERE WE ARE with the lowest Unemployment in American History! (Uh oh!)  Here we are with the zero interest for Investment Banks!  Here we are with the highest per capita individual debt on the planet!  Here we are with a total Economic Disaster of Biblical Proportions!  Here we are with the worst one year Budget Debt Assumed in US History!  Here we are with virtually NO END IN SIGHT!

Here we are unable to go to the Dentist!  Here we are putting our lives on the line every day we go to the grocery store!  Here we are with the cost of going to the Grocery Store skyrocketing to unbelievable heights!  Here we are without High School Sports!  Here we are without any Professional Sports!  Here we are without being able to go out to any Conventions, Business Association Meetings or any Social gatherings without strict guidelines and a mask!  Here we are, unable to catch rays at the beach unless we are exercising!  Here we are unable to go to our favorite restaurant, without having to take sub-standard “Take Out”!

How long is this nonsense going to last?  Probably until, everyone has seen every show on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu!  Of course paying your cable bill or Spectrum Bill.  For the moment, we might take a quick review of our current Administration.  FEMA (Terrible!), CDC (Awful!), DOD (A total Mess!) VA (Mess up forever!), Department of State (Blah!)  The FBI (Stifled!), The CIA (Working Overtime!), The New Space Farce (Doing what is expected and not revealing anything!)  OK, we will stop there.  The point is simple:  Leadership seems to have taken a “Roman Holiday”!  For those old enough to grasp what we just mentioned – stop laughing!  For those who have no clue about what we are talking about – Watch the Movie!

Our point is that we have not experienced a lower level of Government Excellence in American History!  In US History, we may have had some serious low points and we have had some serious set backs…..but this current crisis may well eclipse all of them.  Our economy has imploded, but don’t tell anyone…..that knowledge might actually affect the Stock Market!  We have tried to mention in passing that we are a Globally connected world and what happens in Wuhan is just as relevant as what happen in St. Louis.  We do have some southern states that are still living in the 1960’s and are simply upset because Stonewall Jackson’s monument got taken down and are not going to do anything against the Ku Klux Klan, now, then or ever!  That’s great, save your Confederate money….”the south is goin rise again!”.  For the rest of us in real time I-Pad America, things are little more disconcerting!  We need the $3 Trillion dollar Democrat Bail out….just so a few more people will not die of stress, boredom or depression!

We believe that the Carter Administration was historically the low-light film for the Democratic party.  We also believe that the Reagan Administration was the High-Light film for the Republican Administration.  Today we believe that the totality of what we are facing today…..is staggering.   “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!”  and Nancy Pelosi is her name!  Also we must acknowledge, that we  have the 2nd worst Administration in American History!

We leave you with this:  In the words of Sundance in the movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid:  “Now, can I move?”  “Move?” “What do you mean move?”…………….  “Well, since I am absolutely desperate….you are hired!”        February 21st, 2021….is our best guess!

So, what do you think?  Have you Noticed the Jimmy Carter Syndrome lately?

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