Weekend Open Thread: Happy Mother’s Day 2020?




Working in the restaurant industry for over 30 years, we can say that Mother’s Day is traditionally the busiest day of the year.  This year, not so much.  Today, Senior Living facilities are being considered possible “Death Camps”.  Getting together with Mom and Aunts and Uncles and sons and daughters and Granpa……are probably not going to happen easily or without certain trepidations.  Having to wear a mask to see Mom doesn’t quite have the same touchy, feel to it.  Hugging Mom on Mother’s Day?  This Corona Virus-19 has created a world of “Untouchability”.  Like the “Untouchables” in India….we have all been targeted for a sad, lonely world which requires constant stress, worry and depression.

OJB celebrates 2020’s Mother’s Day with this beautiful image of Jennifer Lawrence as some kind of Earth Mother type from recent film.

As the country attempts to make a Social Comeback by regulatory law breaking or by serious compromise…..as in the case of opening beaches as they do in Hawaii, to only active exercise and water sports, while still restricting Social Distancing and with no “catching rays on your beach towel while reading your favorite book”  No tents, Beach Umbrellas and no BBQ pits!  No Beach Football?  No Frisbee throwing to your doggie? These could be possible holes in the regulations but we will have to see!  Dumping Mom under the Costco Beach Umbrella and putting the burgers on the fire rings is strictly prohibited.

Mothers are hardworking and often, like Jackson Pollacks mother, our inspiration.

So, we expect this Sunday, Mothers Day 2020 to go off without a hitch.  They have opened up the Flower Shops, so perhaps these folks will make a few bucks…we can only hope.  You still can’t go to most Specialty Retail Outlets to buy Mom that unique gift, but you can go to Walmart, Costco and Target – so how bad can it be?  Maybe you can schedule Mom for one of Covid-19 Mobile Tests.  Maybe you can call and have Food Delivered to her location….maybe not.  Maybe you can go to visit Mom and put chairs outside the house, so there is no chance of infecting her or others.

When our Mom passed away on March 23rd, 1977….she had been fighting bone cancer, an esophagus tumor and brutal pain.  In those days, the doctors refused to give out morphine until the last week of someone’s life.  These were very cruel times.  Bad Medicine killed people and Bad Medicine made people suffer needlessly.  Her maladies began nine months before on Cruise ship to Mexico.  She came back with a severe case of pneumonia…which took six weeks to diagnose and begin treatment.  Mom was smoker for most of her life.  Mom was going through a tough time with a teenage daughter and a wayward husband.  Stress, Depression and self-pity were evident.  Mom was on the road to “Self-Destruct”.  When we went to see her and beg her to fight for her life she simply said:  “Why, so you can come by and visit every two weeks?”  Mom was our best friend, our most dear confidant, the smartest, most giving person that we had every known.  That statement broke our heart, because we had no answer, we had left her health care to our Stepfather.  We did not take charge.  Mom passed away 10 days later under strange circumstances.  That guilt will always follow us for the rest of our days…..thinking always, that we could have done more to save her life.  Mom died at 53 years of age.  That was then, this is now!  We implore everyone to go and see their Mom, find out what you can do to raise her spirits.  Forgive her for her sins and forgive yourself for your own insensitivity!

The future of our country, will again be determined by how Mom’s will be able to care for their children.  In these tragic times of economic Armageddon when our leaders tell us that everything will be fine again in six months – it is difficult to believe.  We are looking at a National Unemployment rate of 30-40%.  Without opening restaurants, sporting venues, high school sports, professional sports and Business Convention Businesses…….this will be not only difficult but impossible to sustain Public Safety – Police, Fire and Local Governments.  Not to mention Real Estate Sales, Automobile Sales or even Clothing Shops!  We guess we keep waiting for the famous Jimmy Carter speech of 1977 that said:  “The American people will need to sacrifice more and expect less!”  Had this Covid-19 event occurred back in 1977 and the entire World/Global Economy shut down as it has now – Maybe Jimmy would have had a point.  Guess Jimmy didn’t have any pull with the Federal Reserve.  Today, we are looking at another stimulus package……one that would give every person $2000 dollars a month for the next six months.  That actually might help keep our country afloat.  If they don’t pass that legislation…..it could be big trouble.

So, we say:  Thank you Moms around the world, we have tough times ahead which need your devotion, caring and love.  We need a bunch of Cujo Mom’s that know that society is based on their actions – not the actions of a bunch of Wall Street Investment Bankers!  So, we say to all:

Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

This, in honor of mothers everywhere, has been been belatedly decreed our Weekend Open Thread.  Don’t trash your mommas.

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