Badly Google-Translated Vietnamese Westminster-recall posts.




The Orange Juice Blog supports the recall of the corrupt Westminster Council Majority, and their replacement with Tai Do, Jamison Power, and either Khai Dao or Carlos Manzo.  And even though none of us live in Westminster right now, we’ve done what we can, blogging and advertising for the recall.  AND TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR YOU WESTMINSTER VOTERS TO GET YOUR BALLOTS IN THE MAIL! 

But on a lighter note, it’s been amusing to read the bad Google translations of Vietnamese-language posts about the recall.  One useful thing we DID learn, which I think was translated correctly, is that Supervisor Andrew Do calls Garden Grove councilman and recall backer Phat Bui a “horse-faced buffalo head.”


Tai Do for Mayor – not being fat, not young and playing!

After many days of expectation, destiny is coming.  Anti-duties have used all the worst tricks ever since being fat Tai Do, using Tai Do pictures and ex-wife when he was young and playing with the north doctors, ok doctor, real estate… posted in their newspapers to every family in Westminster city to make the wrong general as Tai Do’s ex-wife as a village girl who serves Tai Do.

They are also close to Republican electoral agencies to bring down the reputation of Tai Due to the Republican no longer support Tai Do. Fortunately this issue has been explained by Tai Do and the degenerative Republicans will be noticed by the party.

Besides, it’s a gift from Hoang Kieu to Orange county residents, remember Mr. Kieu Hoang wants to give to residents in Westminster city that the mask that the people need to spread in our community but the Ngo Kỷ, Nam Quang also put their hands on the obstruction.

All the evil work of that set 3 not everyone knows. There are still people who know who still support them because they are their friends, relatives and also have non-level people who do not distinguish the right and wrong. Those who are in the heart of the prejudices who have committed to me do not want to support anyone else.

In the virginity, the advisors “sewing fan” Tran Thai Van, Nguyen Quoc Lan, Andrew Do, Le Cong Tam have made an appointment, they will be a promotion but every time I pass by, it’s a failure. We are still moving until the last moment. YES for RECALL. Ear Do, Mayor Westminster City

Andrew Do on recall proponents(April 2)

Everyone loves Jamison Power and his family!  Even horse-faced buffalo heads!

Thursday we must stay awake to hear Supervisor Andrew Do speak on Vietlink at 10 baskets. Thanks to Andrew Do talking to Vietnamese people we learned new words. Before we learned the sentence that Andrew measured Tai Do is a “anonymous”.  Janet Nguyen, Tai Do, Phat Bui is “vermin”.

Tonight we heard Janet Nguyen, Tai Do, Phat Bui is the “horse-faced buffalo head” from the mouth of the “noble” “Supervisor”. Oh my God! Why do we have a Sat Vien elected by the people who speaks like the first rank of robbers.

This is the power of the Vietnamese community? Andrew Do has humbled himself and lowered the crowd, who else to scold, Mr. Supervisor. It’s a shame that we have a citizen who was a loud hybrid lawyer who didn’t know how many Vietnamese people he needed to use their votes to disrupt his accomplices of his accomplices.

About psychological issues, AD’s side has lost, the more they lose but the bau make him angry so can’t hold his words. How lovely it is. He talked like this and asked the native people to respect his confession for him. It is AD and his team that have deteriorated our community you are not the critic.


It was hard to find a pic of Planning Commissioner Carlos Manzo, but Dems tell me he’s a better choice than my friend Khai Dao. As long as y’all recall Kimberly Ho we’ll be fine though.  And remember the salty days!

The side was dumped and the supporters gave a series of pictures of Tai Do and ex-wife on the press, facebook… to prove that Tai Do is always with his wife in hand hanging out with the hands you. Does a man who lives in America have the right to kiss his wife artistically? Have the right to take a wife?

Is there a right to love with your wife in fun places?

Living in America next to work hard, we also allow ourselves to have fun, that’s the true life. Tai Do hanging out with wife, happy wife with great bend, what else can I ask for.

Tửong side against the landscape with the picture of the village girl who plays but Tai Do is still talking about it back. Tai Do amps their wives at that time but fathers condemn, so what kind of medicine fathers in this world. Fathers of the kind of cu only know how to condemn others, no level of understanding.

The tricks you give as old as the fruit, fathers, mothers consider Westminster people as stupid people so the parents scare the nit, say Tai Do do this, Tai Do do there. Let Tai Do’s ex-wife be in peace, don’t let her regret, remember the salty days with her beloved husband that when she let go of Tai Do she has a block that she will wait there and bring her up to the clouds.

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