The United Soviet America


As we all go out to Panic Buy Toilet Paper today, we are gradually understanding how sensitive our nation is to the lack of good leadership.  It may have all started when this country declared a Trade War with China, adding severe Tariffs for China, Japan, Europe and elsewhere.  Maybe then it made sure that all our International Agreements would mean nothing, that we could walk out from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Global Climate Change agreements and of course our own NAFTA agreements with Mexico and Canada.  Maybe removing the protections for the CDC to monitor Pandemic Activity around the Globe contributed.  Maybe removing Environmental regulations that allowed unfettered Oil and Gas Exploration and soime Environmental Sensitive Sludge Pipelines across the American Heartland.  Maybe, it was an endless revolving door for almost every Cabinet position with new folks on a daily basis.  Maybe it was the denigration and attacks on the FBI, CIA, NSC and other Government Agencies claiming they and the Press of America were simply “The Deep State”!  The list of course is much longer than what has been stated here.  The overall concept was to simply “Question the efficacy of our Institutions” and claim that Russia, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia were much better Poster Boys for good Government that what we had currently.  What of course resulted have been a huge division within and without our Government, a 2018 Mid-Term Election backlash and now the most consequential election presumably in American History.

The road ahead now seems filled with pot-holes.  The dear ladies with Cadillac Escalade’s and Lincoln Navigators cannot get Toilet Paper!  This Mr. President is a very big problem.  As we travel on a daily basis to over 10 to 15 locations trying to find staple goods, like paper towels, nose napkins and toilet paper…..the question comes to mind:  Who created this Panic situation?  Can we look forward to another one or two or three of these within the next four years?  Walking through Gelson’s in Monarch Beach told a tale, of little or none tortillas, running out of bread, meat products, even purple onions.  The choices in water – gone!  The choices in paper goods, getting down to paper plates and a few picnic napkins.  When  you go to the Hardware store, they only have single ply, bio-degradable Marine Toilet Paper and not much of that.

The  United States used to be known as the “Bread Basket for the World”.  Today we stand in line, as they do in Russia….waiting for a pair of shoes that might be in our right size.  This is not the America we once knew.  This is now the United Soviet America that we had feared because the bad guys had more nukes that we had.  More Military than we had, but it was just a simple Virus…..much like the “Andromeda Strain” that has seemed to have put our country into full stop!  No schools open, No sporting events, No Entertainment Facilities, No Mall gatherings, No Car shows, No community Meetings, No nothing!!!  Welcome folks to the United Soviet America….where all your dreams have just been put on hold for eight weeks….to begin with.  If we cannot expedite the CoronaVirus Test procedure, to an instant check…..we may be looking at October before we can look into the mirror and realize how much our country has changed in just over three years, and how many have died, been put into bankruptcy or lost hope.  As the Community Service in Montenegro told us back in 1969:  Where did you sleep last night?  “Budva!” and “Where do you sleep tonight?”  “Skope!” “Oh, the road to Pec is very difficult… good-by and good luck!”  If the kids do not go back to school before October……this is going to be one Long, Hot Summer!

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