Clean up Westminster: YES on RECALL, vote Do, Power and Dao!




Reform candidates Tai Do, Jamison Power and Khai Dao.

They had us at “RECALL.”

As long as we can remember, the town of Westminster has been run by the most corrupt, petty, incompetent, cliquish politicians, always soliciting bribes and busied with internecine feuds and nepotism.  The majority crowd in charge lately has been as bad as any.  The three miscreants chosen to be recalled this year – Tri Ta, “Dr” Kimberly Ho, and Charlie Nguyen – were well chosen.  The Westminster United site has it right:

All three have repeatedly put selfish ambition, greed, and gang-like unethical behavior above reason, compassion and logic.  They operate as if they are above the law, overseeing a City Council accused of misdeeds, nepotism, and favoritism which has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in discrimination, retaliation, and other lawsuits. Mayor Tri Ta has repeatedly operated like a dictator, misusing our city police to pressure local businesses and punish political enemies.

For a listing of over 20 issues and ethical violations, click here: Reasons for Recall.  [And do click on that if you harbor any doubts. – V]

As a result the city’s troubles have grown in visual blight, vacant businesses, reduced police force, multiple employee and police lawsuits, vagrant encampments in our parks, and financial struggles that forced a tax increase.

We seek a Recall to replace them with critical thinking, servant leadership and effective management.

And what arguments do the Three Miscreants marhsall in their defense?  Only that an eccentric Vietnamese-American LA billionaire has helped fund the recall.  BFD – Kieu Hoang has funded all kinds of politicians, and HE DIDN’T START THE FIRE.

In this Time of Coronavirus, this’ll be a RECALL BY MAIL.  But at the same time, Westminster voters are being asked to vote in a trio of replacements.  The Orange Juice Blog recommends:

For Mayor Ta’s seat:  Current Councilman Tai Do – will be a great improvement over the dictatorial, corrupt Poseidon-loving Ta.

For Charlie Nguyen’s seat – old OJ friend Jamison Power, a long-time and accomplished school board member.  We wrote five years ago about his proud achievement of making DeMille Elementary the first Viet-English dual-immersion school in California.

And for Kimberly Ho’s seat, my friend Khai Dao, longtime Little Saigon muckraker and a future Orange Juice Blogger.  (Although Diana Lee Carey prefers Planning Commissioner Carlos Manzo.)

That is all.


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