¡Órale, Santa Ana Special Election Candidates – take your damn SIGNS down!




It’s been nearly a month since the Nov. 5th special election but some of the candidates seem to think they are still running.  While most of the political graffiti has gone down there are some culprits who insist in still having their names on lawn signs all over town.  While I understand the need for name recognition, keeping your signs up so long shows a candidate’s true egotistical nature.  Given what is seen around Santa Ana I wouldn’t doubt it if some of these folks left their litter up until the next election.

The event had its surprises, pratfalls, and some damn good chismes.  Phil Becerra ended up squeaking by into the city council by besting Manny Escamilla by a mere 150 votes.  We must admit Phil is at least living up to some of his campaign promises by voting against the 2525 Main St. project.  Let’s hope he continues to make decent choices and is able to keep his hands to himself this time.  So far it’s been interesting in council to say the least.  I expect a lot more shenanagins.  Congrats to Manny on making the entire establishment shake in their designer boots and making the DPOC look foolish for endorsing another candidate.  They have plenty of egg on their faces to wash off after how bad their candidates lost.

Speaking of losers, it’s a shame Cecilia Aguinaga has still not gotten to fulfill her lifelong dream of being on the school board despite the Santa Ana Police Officer’s Association shelling out 60,000 clams to help her.  She couldn’t even break 1000 votes and ended up dead last with 937.  That is $64 per vote of police union dues wasted.  I’d be quitting the union if I was a cop.  Then there is David Benavides, according to his Facebook profile he still thinks he’s on city council.  Despite losing by a wide margin I don’t expect him to stay out of politics for long.  Maybe now that he’s not going to be on the school board he can run for mayor like he originally intended.  Congrats to Carolyn Torres for triumphing over SAUSD Board president Val Amezcua’s petty smear campaign.  I hope that Amezcua can set aside her differences to work productively with Torres.  Our students deserve it.

To all the candidates who still have signs up: TAKE THEM DOWN.  Show some respect for Santa Ana voters and our community by picking up after yourselves.  If you can’t do that then you shouldn’t be in office.  Well, maybe in Santa Ana its different since all the politicos in town do nothing but create litter for the taxpayers to clean up.  Next year should be a lot more exciting.  I expect a lot of candidates trying to take advantage of the new by-district elections.  I expect a lot more mudslinging and I wouldn’t doubt it if we still see Benavides, Oliva, Becerra, and Aguinaga signs still up from 2019.

PS. newsflash, David, you are no longer a Councilman.

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