Ain’t this just IMPEACHY?




Toby Keith said it best:  “Should have been a cowboy!”.  Listening to the current negativity in our society, makes one want to return to their roots.  Watch Hopalong Cassidy with his horse Topper.  Watch Gaby Hayes say:  “Wait till Hoppy hears about this!”  Yeah, our country is just full of Black Hats and White Hats and people that have opinions on everything from After Shave to Ultra Cars and can’t afford either!  People drive their cars like the End Times are at hand.  What ever happened to Driving Courtesy?  Getting harder to remember those days…eh?  Let’s just say things are getting just downright  IMPEACHY!

So, let’s not be too cryptic.  Let’s not try to pick the pepper out of the dog poop.  Let’s just go back to the days when you could “tell it like it is” rather than “tell it AS it is”.  You could make various assertions about possible intent without causing a major mayhem in the society.  Today, the rules seem to have changed quite a bit.  We remember when Farm Subsidies were considered Communist Manifesto talking points.  Now, we just send the Farmers (Mostly Corporate Giants)….all the cash they want when their Export Markets dries up.  Hey, it’s just a nice Business man running the country….he has not a clue about history, right or wrong or the effect of language on our society.  Poor little guy!

So now, every Billionaire in 10 states wants to be President, cause he can throw a quick $50 Million dollars into Advertising on the TV.  Tom Steyer started it and now Micheal Bloomberg is jumping in with both feet.  Hey, maybe it was all Ross Perot’s fault.  All Ross wanted was a nice highway from Ft. Worth to Hobby Airport, and the land on both sides for Commercial business.  Caused quite a stir as we recall.  Got threatened by George the Elder, but finally got his highway and land rights ….made a bundle.  Then George the Elder got kicked out of office in a run for his 2nd Term, and joined up with Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings and became part of funding a giant Dam Project in India.  That of course was loaded with corruption to various officials (Maybe over 200 as we recall!).  Anyway, then Bill and Hillary came to the party and it was a Whitewater, Waco and the Impeachment of a poor little volunteer intern (Monica …Who?), with a blue dress.

The truth is that politics and especially Presidential politics are a pill that is sometimes very hard to digest.  Even George and Laura had problems with how many active duty Flights George took in the Air National Guard.  Whew, and then where Obama and Michelle went to Church became a huge problem when they ran for office.  So, the current situation seems…..some how a little different.  You’ve got the Putin, you’ve got the Porn Star and being best friends with a guy that may have committed suicide in prison awaiting trial, you have a dead Supreme court Judge,  you’ve got the Son in Law, you’ve got the various abuses of office, you’v got more firings than “Ike had in Eight years!, “you’ve got…..oh well, you know!”   Tariff’s, Manipulation of the various Agencies of Government, Mitch McConnell holding up 275 various pieces of Legislation, Support for 50 Dictators around the world (Just business…not personal!), Personal gain for Personal gain (Just business….not personal!). Terrible decorum, rude, repulsive obnoxious behavior, Phony pandering to the Military and Gun/Fun Lobby,  17,000 Lies (But who is counting?) Refusing to push forward Immigration Reforms….and the list goes on and on and on.

So, “Nasty Nancy” has finally put her foot down.  The 25 people running for President on the Democratic side is down to about 15.  So far no one has mentioned going back to “The Articles of Confederation”, but it seems to be getting close.  Who needs those “Bill of Rights” anyway?  Who needs the “Electoral College” anyway?  Who needs to Vote for anyone or anything ANYWAY?  Who needs to know the truth about the $135 Billion dollars the FED is pushing into the World Economy every month?  Who cares about our Debt at $23 Trillion, paying $450 Billion a year in Interest…..(Should be closer to $2.3 Trillion to pay it off in 10 years!).  And the beat goes on, because we have FULL EMPLOYMENT, and the Stock Market keeps SOARING!  Of course Personal Debt is at an all time high for everyone but the top 5%.  When is Pay Day again?  How can they Manipulate the Energy (Oil and Gas) and the Food Markets (Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Chema) and just keep raising the prices without a demand?  Interesting.  So, the concept is pretty simple:  Use “Diversions”, to keep people’s minds off the real problems.  “Let’s make it Personal…” says the Republican Handlers!….Pick on “Nasty Nancy”, dirty up “Joe Biden”, attack “The Green Coalition” as being Commies!  Venerate Rich Pedophiles! Venerate Attacks once considered totally inappropriate in human behavior!  But this list is far too long and doesn’t really accomplish much or inform anyone that doesn’t know already.  Totally Disregard the Population Explosion of this planet.  Disregard hitting maximum overload in 2030.  Heck, it may have all started, back when Obama was President addressing a Joint Meeting of Congress, when some Congressperson called out:  “Liar!”  One thing is for sure…..something has to change for the good of our country and the world.

Ain’t this just IMPEACHY?  Exciting times friends and neighbors and our message is simple:  This is all just theatre, a morality play, a date with the virginal 14 year old girl that was molested by her father and had a baby out of wedlock when you were in high school.  The truth needs to come out and it needs to be resolved to make for a better day.  The results may not be pretty, or exactly as we want – but without actions on our part…..things could get downright terrible for a very long time.  But on the brighter side….who won the World Series this year?

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