Free Stadium Rent for Arte Moreno!




The Secret Negotiations for Anaheim Stadium


How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Drooling Hyenas That Have Taken Over Anaheim City Council

by Fingal O’Flahertie

Dateline Anaheim – The “Los Angeles Angels” gave Harry ”The Crook” Sidhu a ton of money for his campaign. Even after he was elected they continue to funnel money to “the Crook” to curry favor.

Big business comes first for the majority city council members. The Anaheim villains in control, the greedy bastards that took $1 million
each for their votes are –

Harry “The Crook” Sidhu

Trevor “The Eel” O’Neil

Stephen “The Weasel” Faessel

Lucille “The Cringe” Kring

and Jordan “the small” Brandman.

Their very first vote was to give $425,000 of our tax dollars to their PAC. Their very first vote!

Right Now – of course you can believe it – Harry “the Crook” Sidhu is holding SECRET negotiations with the “Los Angeles Angels” and it is reported that they will get the sweetest deal imaginable – FREE, FREE, FREE rent for decades!

Harry “the Crook” Sidhu took bags of cash through “Los Angeles Angels” PACs and hidden corporate entities funneled through their minions to the Mayor’s perverted anti-American campaign.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”  – Frédéric Bastiat (right)

Where is the outrage, the wrath of the citizens!?

The Angel Stadium sits on a Billion dollar property and Harry “the Crook” intends to give it away for a few peanuts and a hot dog… The Los Angeles Angels dog with all the accoutrements is good, but not that good!!!

(YES… I like the long dog as a slathering mess with onions and green peppers, mustard and ketchup. Many people also love that dog smothered in everything, but can’t we still enjoy that dog in Long Beach? A nice hot dog and a beer at a “Los Angeles Angels” game in the cool ocean breeze of Long Beach sounds fine by me!)

Of course the Corrupt Mayor and his cohorts sit in their “special” Los Angeles Angels booth eating their “special” food, no doubt snorting “special” Peruvian flake and sipping “special” raspberry coolers infused with the Mayors favorite mix of drugs –Part Peyote, part LSD, with a light sprinkle of Psilocybin.  Or so their behavior suggests…

Seriously, the only other option is that Harry “The Crook” is Ted Bundy crazy and somehow got the other 4 to drink his lemonade!

Some people say the Mayor is just an evil, twisted, crooked, political mess, an antithesis of a functional American future, but this author knows a mercenary communist drug addict when he sees one.

Sell Now.

Anaheim could sell the Angel Stadium land, NOW, 150 acres, for $750,000,000 or more to pay off all the city debts and stash money away for the next many decades.

The FBI is poised to look into the illegal dealings of the Mayor of our fair city. Like Al Capone the underhanded back door dealing Mayor and his machine gun wielding Anaheim murderers are poised to have a Valentines day massacre of Anaheim assets to line the pockets of Billionaires.

This is not just fucked up but I just gotta know… how does America survive with this political Bull Shit?!! It is like some Commie bastards have stolen our democracy.  And the color of Red looks like:

Why keep a cursed team in Anaheim anyway!?

Angels cursed by Moreno’s mistake

By Dana Parsons, L.A. Times

What does  Angels  owner  Arte Moreno  have in common with a long-dead Broadway producer and a smelly Chicago goat? Answer: Each played a leading role in cursing a successful baseball franchise. The producer was Harry Frazee, the  Boston Red Sox  owner who sold Babe Ruth to the  Yankees  in 1920. Ruth went on to have a fine career; the Red Sox, after winning five of baseball’s first 15  World Series, didn’t win another one for 84 years.

Arte cursed the Angels in 2005 when he announced that he was changing the team name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Before that, the Anaheim Angels won a World Series in 2002. Moreno bought them the next spring. And, well, you know the rest. The way you can tell a curse is in place is that your team doesn’t just lose; it often does so in painful or bizarre ways.

They went on to win the game a few minutes later, tying the series at a game apiece. The Sox won the next three games and went to the World Series. In October 2007, the Angels were outscored 19-4 in three games against the Red Sox and meekly went home again.

As with all curses, they’re not accidents. They are rooted in things thatdefy good behavior. They’re punishment, if you will. The Curse of the Bambino resulted when Frazee sold one of baseball’s best players to finance his Broadway shows.

And the Curse of the Moreno Mistake is a result of his decision to put a “Los Angeles” moniker on a team that plays in Anaheim. A curse was born. A pity, because it is Angels fans and players who must pay the price.

The curse continues with Harry “the Crook’s” secret deal.

Fingal O’Flahertie

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