Where is the National Homeless Registry?


Every time you buy toilet paper or any other goods…..they ask you to complete a survey, make a consumer comment or put you on a list of perspective Brand or Non-brand Toilet paper users.  You buy online and guess what you see on your homepage every time you boot up?  Some Cottonelle ad or Soft touch Charmin Ad, popping up as you go to read your e-mails.  Buy some Computer Paper on sale at Staples from your phone and the ads just keep popping up to buy by the case. You walk into Whole Foods, use your AP and your home computer gets a thousand messages about what is on sale at Whole Foods, which you have never bought.  You look up some info about a new car, to see what might be on sale…..forget about it….you will be inundated with endless Honda, Ram or GMC ads…popping up on every electronic device you have. 

The days of privacy are more or less over for every American.  Even if you don’t get the Smart Phone APPs, your every Credit Card Purchase is also being tracked.  Sign up for the discount or rewards at any store…..you are tracked.  You get into your car and drive 75 MPH in the fast lane or Car Pool Lane and your Insurance Company is being notified of your driving habits.  You are one of those RAM, FORD F-150, Chevy Sierra, Toyota Tundra, Caddy Escalade, GMC Danali’s or any number of 7000 lb vehicles that take 200 plus feet to stop from 75 MPH and you are following someone 10 feet or less behind the high speed traffic.  Your Insurance Company is notified, your car dealer and service people are notified….that you are probably using your brakes way too much and to check you brake pads.  Additionally, your Insurance Company loads on another charge for stupid driving.

With all the invasive information collected in our society, we find it rather preposterous to believe that the government, not only knows how many firearms we buy every year, how much illegal or medical prescriptions we use,  what magazines we subscribe to, how much money we have in the bank, how many miles we drive in a year, what TV shows we watch or where we send our kids to private school! 

We are soon coming to the conclusion that we have people in this country that either subscribe to Netflix and can find out the truth or those that don’t.  Right now about 62 million folks in the US have Netflix.  You can watch real information, find out true and entertaining history or our society and actually realize how much we have been duped by the endless tripe being served on virtually all “Managed News Channels” in this country.   How long do we have to endure the same assortment of stupid talking heads bringing nothing to the party?

So, this bring us to issues in the country that are important.  The Price of Real Estate, the Cost of Rent, The hidden Inflation that is running Rampant in our country, The Homeless Crisis, The Immigration Crisis, The Healthcare Crisis, The terrible state of Medicine in the United States, The Opioid and Fentanyl Crisis, The Phony Food Crisis and of the course the State of our Environment and Global Warming.  If you happen to watch Netflix and can watch Pablo Escobar, Episode 51 you will be able to see how dangerous our society has become since 1989.  The Homeless Crisis in the country has opened the door for terrorism just waiting to happen.  The use of Car Bombs has been replaced by $99 dollar drones.  Put some C-4 in a cheap drone and kill anyone you want.  Get some Homeless person to do the job and you really have Criminal Enterprise down to a fine science.  “Plausible Deniability” has always been with us.  Pablo Escobar was able to use this tactic to perfection. 

We need a National Homeless Registry!  Why you say?  Because, we need to track those folks that are “Supposed to be off the grid” and have a way and method of tracking their movements.  Current estimates place about 130,000 Homeless folks here in the Golden State.  How many of those are being tracked?  ZERO?  Why might that be?  How many Homeless are Prior Service Military?  How many Homeless have prior Criminal Records?  How many Homeless could be paid to do anything to anyone for anything?  Homelessness is not diminishing  in our society and we need to get with the program.  We can start this Homeless Registry right here in California.  Make it mandatory that Public Safety Officers collect the data.  Take the photo with their cell phone, get the most information they can get and put it into the Amazon buyers profile software.  Heck, put their photo on Facebook or Instagram….no harm no foul there ….eh? 

How long do you think it might take to get the info on our 130,000 Homeless in California?  Two months, three or more?  Time to get started people.  We need to know which MS-13 Members are Homeless.  We need to know how many felons are Homeless.  We need to know how many are Illegal Immigrants!  We need to know how many are Pedophiles!  We need to know who these people are and what they are doing.  This proposal is against “Homeless Civil Rights”?  What about the Civil Rights of the Law Abiding Victims?  How many Homeless are carrying Firearms?  These are all Statistics that the Society needs as opposed to what people are buying at Whole Foods!

Where is the National Homeless Registry?  And who doesn’t want one?


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