Mulling Over the Mueller Report (and How It’s Been Spun)




Trump’s Personal Attorney (General) Bill Barr spins the Mueller Report , with the DOJ logo protected by shrink wrap, while Rod Rosenstein tries to will himself to disappear.

This is a pretty momentous day here in America.  Specifically, I may have successfully fixed my computer, meaning that I can return to blogging more regularly.  Sadly, that great accomplishment was completed at about 5:30 a.m., so I slept through the presentation of the Mueller Report. and have spent the past few hours trying to catch up on the news and trying to see if my copy of Photoshop works again.  (It does!  And I’m already abusing it)  The release of the Mueller Report itself was also monumental, of course, in its way.

I’m going to try to collect some of the more interesting, insightful, and intriguing aspects of the Report (the “R” gets capitalists for now) for Juice readers’ convenience.  I’ll time stamp their appearance using military time.

14:40: The most important thing to read is the executive summaries from the Mueller Report, which PAG Barr — “PAG” refers to his merging the positions of “Private Attorney” and “Attorney General” — ignored in his previous summary and pretty much again today.  When you’re done with that, if you want to reach the whole think online, here you go.  I’ll find you a download later today.  Here are Barr’s prepared remarks, which don’t include his non-answer to the last question posed by a reporter, about whether it was fair for him to hold a press conference to spin the report before the public had a chance to read it.  (His honest answer would probably have been somewhere between “sure” and “guards, arrest him!”)

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