“Not my circus,” it’s true, and also “not my monkeys.”  But please lend an ear to a Democrat concern troll who really doesn’t want to live in a one-party state, but would like an honest opposition party that stands for small government, low taxes and regulation, personal freedom … and can balance off my own Party’s occasional excesses.

Anybody can see how and why the California GOP is going the way of the Whigs.  A blind man could see it.  I mean, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could sit there, holding their hands over Jose Feliciano’s eyes, as he whispers his observations to Helen Keller who in turn could present it in a report to be delivered to the OC GOP by Marcel Marceau, and it would still be the same: as the California electorate becomes both more educated and browner, the California Republican ever more stubbornly embraces policies of ignorance and intolerance, quadrupling down on it when the King of Ignorance and Intolerance becomes US President. 

Just about every Republican quoted in this story last week said the same thing – by ratcheting up the anti-immigrant fervor (beginning with 1994’s disastrous Prop 187) and now mindlessly embracing Trump, the Party has consigned itself to an ever-shrinking ghetto, culminating in the glory of losing every Orange County Congress seat.  Only ONE Republican quoted in the article disagreed with that diagnosis (well, apart from rodeo clown Travis Allen) – the longtime California GOP bigwig Shawn Steel, husband and puppet master of ditzy Supervisor Michelle.  Here’s old Shawn:

“…it’s not Trump” who lost Orange County dominance for the party. Steel lays the blame on millions of dollars in “dark money” raised by Democrats, who he said were aided by better organization and help from the tech industry in Silicon Valley. And — without any substantiation — Steel also claimed Democratic voter registration drives produced “borderline fraudulent turnout rates” in some key districts.

Right, the infamous Democrat Dark Money, and the NEVER-shown bogeyman of Democrat Voter Fraud. Just say George Soros and wetbacks, anything but look in the mirror. Why do you Republicans still give Shawn Steel the time of day?

“Honey, let’s go meet Donald at the airport!”

With a career in California Republican politics going back to defending the indefensible Prop 187, and an arguable high-career-point of spearheading the recall of Governor Gray Davis, Steel and his wife were the only major figures down here to literally embrace Trump, meeting him at LAX last time it rained, and then became the driving force behind OC Republicans’ revolt against Sanctuary.  And how did that work for you?

I also give Shawn credit for losing the 48th district seat for his old, insane, senile best friend Dana Rohrabacher – plotting to have Crazy Dana hand over his seat to Michelle, thus driving the reasonable, patient Scott Baugh into revolt and schism.  Left with the choice between Steel-Rohrabacher madness and an intelligent humane former Republican named Harley, the Orange Coast chose Harley by 7%, and there’s no going back in sight.  

So are you Republicans going to keep listening to Shawn Steel and people like him?  I wouldn’t if I were you.  Just saying.  And that includes his “supervisor” wife.  Vern out.


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Greatest pianist/composer in Orange County, and official troubador of both Anaheim and Huntington Beach (the two ends of the Santa Ana Aquifer.) Performs regularly both solo, and with his savage-jazz quintet The Vern Nelson Problem. Reach at, or 714-235-VERN.