2018 Vote #5: Greg’s Take on State Legislative Races & Supervisor




Doubling up on topics here to save room as the Recent Posts List gets swamped as he election approaches!

From left: AD-74’s Cottie Petrie-Norris, SD-36’s Marggie Castellano,; and AD-72’s Josh Lowenthal above AD-74’s Scott Rhinehart.



OK, Central Buena Park (or maybe it’s peripheral Buena Park; I don’t recall) — anyway if you see a State Senate race on your ballot that means that you’re supposed to vote for Bob Archuleta rather than Rita Topalian.  And next time there’s redistricting I PROMISE YOU that we will try to bring you back inside OC.


I would probably be happier having Tom Umberg in this office than I am having Janet Nguyen there … but I would probably be unhappy with Umberg if he turned out to be another Tom Daly or Lou Correa gumming up the party from within. So if I were in this district, it would be between Umberg and abstention — probably Umberg.  But when I’m endorsing it suggests that others put their trust in him as well, so I lean towards making no recommendation.

Do you know whose endorsement would really count for me in this race?  Jestin Samson’s — the guy who ran against Umberg in the primary.  If Umberg could get Jestin to tell me to endorse him, I expect I’d do it — although I’d want to know what assurances Umberg had made to Samson regarding how he’ll perform in office.  Anyway, I think I’ll leave it there and see if Jestin contacts me — and can convince me that Umberg will listen to people like him.  I’ll let you know!

UPDATE: Jestin says to endorse Umberg!  DONE!


Now HERE’S a race that I could really get into: Marggie Castellano’s run against Pat Bates.  It is shocking that Marggie even has a chance in this race — but she does.  And she has a tremendous group of volunteers working for her and more who are rooting her on.  PLEASE vote for Marggie if you’re in her district — which stretches into San Diego County.  Hell, if MARGGIE tells me to support Umberg, then I will — but she should first consider this: If Umberg is cut from the same cloth as Correa, Solorio, and Daly, you probably don’t want to do him any favors within getting a few chits signed in blood that you can use when it comes to getting him to vote like a decent Democrat.  That’s how they work, sorry to say.


AD-55  (north OC + some LA & Chino Hills)

My district pits Gregg Fritchle of Walnut in LA County vs. Phillip Chen of … somewhere in the district.  I’ve had my differences with Fritchle this year, but none that would keep me from voting for him on Tuesday.  Chen is far from the worst Assemblymember in OC, but that competition is not fierce.

AD-65 (Fullerton and southern environs)

Incumbent Sharon Quirk-Silva is challenged by Alexandra Coronado.  Through Google ads, Coronado is advertising on this site a particularly disgusting website accusing Sharon of supporting child molesters and sexual harassment.  It’s complete and utter crap and I wish it had come earlier in the year so that I would have had time to blast it apart.  One notable thing is that this is further fruit of what looks to me to be the Danny Fierro poison tree — planted by Jordan Brandman and his patrons — that is also lying shamelessly about Dr. Jose Moreno.  (Sharon, I warned you about these treacherous bastards….)  At any rate, while Sharon has not yet learned not to endorse people who will stab her in the back, after reading the attacks on her I hope that she wins with 90% of the vote.

AD-68 (northeast OC hills and canyons)

I still wish that Michelle Duman has skipped this challenge to Stephen Choi so that NPP Karen Schatzle could have run against him and given Democrats half a loaf with a side serving of intelligence and integrity.  But she didn’t.  So whatcha gonna do?  Vote for Michelle.

AD-69 (urban central OC)

Lifelong Libertarian (there is such a thing!) Autumn Browne is taking on Tom Daly.  No Democrat took on Daly in the primary, apparently being afraid of the money that Big Oil (Chervon), Big Tobacco (Philip Morris/Altria) and Big Other Money could raise against him.  This is a sickening failure on the party of my party, given that Daly is the most faithless Democrat in the Assembly (by voting record) and this is the most Latino district in the state — being governed by a colonial overlord.  Perhaps the only way to get Daly out before he is term-limited would be for Latinos to support a Republican to get rid of him — and I don’t say that because I want it to happen, but because it is the foreseeable consequence of my party not rising up in solidarity with Latinos against this intolerable situation.  And a Libertarian is even better than a Republican.  Nevertheless, I’m still a member of the Central Committee, so (1) all of the above commentary about treacher and colonialism is in praise of Daly, as that’s apparently what the party wants, and (2) I can’t tell anyone not to vote for him.  You’re on your own here.  (And how!)

AD-72 (northwest coastal OC)

Upstanding Democrat Josh Lowenthal is challenging loathsome and corrupt Republican Tyler Diep for Travis Allen’s soon-to-be former seat.  Republicans, this is sort of the flip side of the Daly race.  You know that you don’t want Diep representing you and bringing shame upon your party in the Assembly.  Even Vietnamese voters know that he is bad news — and that was before his Jew-baiting of Lowenthal.  I’m not sure that this is a Democratic district, but it should still be represented by someone honest and upstanding like Lowenthal for the next two years.  After that, nominate someone better than this creep and try again.  Must. Vote. Lowenthal!

AD-73 (southeast coastal OC)

Politically inert Bill Brough is facing a surprisingly strong challenge from Scott Rhinehart — and, in conjunction with the overlapping Marggie Castellano State Senate district and the Mike Levin campaign bringing in the bucks, Rhinehart has a chance to pull off the upset.  Brough can’t do diddly for his district here; Rhinehart could.  I don’t recall Brough ethics scandals or atrocities, so this is just a matter of Rhinehart having a better agenda and being better equipped to further the interests of the district.  (Plus, Brough probably supports Trump, right?)  Not a good thing for a highly educated district!)

AD-74 (southeast coastal OC)

Democrat Cottie Petrie-Norris is an exciting candidate well tailored for this district, and has galvanized activists there.  Matt Harper is a gormless dope.  Republicans would like to wait for his allotted terms to expire and then nominate someone better.  But — if Cottie is elected, then can nominate someone better in 2020 and not have to be embarrassed to hold their heads high in this district.  Seriously, Republicans — go ahead and endorse Harper, and then vote for Cottie.  Then go back to the lab and come up with a better idea.


I would have enthusiastically supported any of Fullerton Doug Chaffee’s primary opponents against Tim Shaw.  Instead, I’m not endorsing in this race.  When I’ve dreamed about the first decent Democrat on the Board of Supervisors since … well, whoever came before Lou Correa (is it Edison Miller?), I was not dreaming of smarly bad-cop apologist Chaffee.

And yet, I’m not voting for Shaw.  Here’s why:

  1. His “closing argument” to me was that he has the support of the Sheriff’s Deputies organization.  Not the way to impress me this year.  I’m not inclined to join in the “vote who for whomever the cops/sheriffs want wave.
  2. I don’t like whole “investigate Doug Chaffee, based on no real basis for suspicion, for complicity in his wife’s sign stealing” thing that gestated on FFFF and hatched here.  Sorry, but that truly pissed me off.  I’m about fighting real corruption, not wish-fulfillment fantasy corruption.
  3. He was Bob Huff’s guy in La Habra and has never apologized for it.
  4. Chaffee is old and will not move on to higher office.  Shaw is young and will almost surely try to do so — and then I’ll be represented by him for the rest of my life (if I stick around here.)  He’s relatively good for a Republican, but still not north of 50%.

What I’d really like to base my vote on is this:  which candidate would join Todd Spitzer, as Shawn Nelson would likely have done, in voting against Tony Rackauckas’s self-picked “anti-prosecution insurance” replacement if he does beat Spitzer in this election and tries to extend his stranglehold/dynasty?  I was leaning slightly (and uneasily) towards Shaw, despite the above … before I got that Sheriff’s Deputies endorsement.  Surely it will win him some votes — but it lost mine.  Now, I expect to just leave this one blank.  Y’all do whatever you see fit.

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Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Corrupt party hacks hate him. He's OK with that too. He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)