2018 Vote #4: Greg’s Take on Congress and State Executive Officers




Doubling up on topics here to save room as the Recent Posts List gets swamped as he election approaches!  Plus you probably know how you’re going to vote….

At far left – cartoon images of CA-48 candidates Dana Rohrabacher and Harley Rouda; to the right of that, along the top, Ed Hernandez seems to look down at fellow Lt. Gov. candidate Eleni Kounalakis; further right, along the top, neither U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein nor her challenger Kevin DeLeon seem to be able to believe their eyes; along the bottom from right corner, CA-45 candidate Katie Porter smiles with her mentor Sen. Elizabeth Warren while Mimi Walters hides from her mentor Donald Trump; while in the middle, in CA-39, Gil Cisneros leads while Young Kim trails out a string of lies.



“Plus you probably know how you’re going to vote…”, I said above.  On this one, though, I still don’t know how I’m going to vote.

It won’t be for John Cox, whose policies I don’t like and likely appointments I expect I’d hate.  But, I think that Gavin Newsom will be a mediocre Governor — and worse, will quickly start preparing a run for the White House (or wangling his way into a position as VP.)  LGBT support is a big part of this, which is not only sad but just stupefying, as Newsom’s trying to capitalize on LGBT issues at the wrong moment — upsetting long-laid plans — almost led to a case coming up to the Supreme Court at a moment when it might have embedded discrimination against LGBT people into law.  (You know, just like you don’t want such a case coming up now.)  I don’t want him to rack up impressive numbers in this election, though I do want him to win.  So while I’m not advising people what to do here, personally — given the good poll numbers for him — I’ll probably sit this one out.  If worst came to worst, we could survive four years of Cox as Governor, but I can’t abide the party-wrecking idea of eight years of Newsom as President.


Eleni Kounalakis is far preferable to Ed Hernandez, one of the most conservative Democratic roadblocks in the legislature.  This vote is akin to whether you’d vote for Sharon Quirk-Silva or Lou Correa.  For me, it would obviously be SQS.  So I recommend that you go with Eleni.  We don’t want to wake up one day with Hernandez in the Governor’s chair.


We could have done much better here and hopefully someday we will.  Alex Padilla is a competent, though uninspiring and non-visionary, Secretary of State.  Still, he’s committed to full, real ballot access, which is good.  Republican Mark Meuser carries the burden of suspicion given other Republican Secretaries of State across the country obstructing eligible people from voting. If he could have used his status to condemn them, I might have considered him.  He didn’t, at least not loudly and clearly.  Four more years of Padilla, then someone better.


This should have been Dave Jones, but Jerry Brown disdained the reformer and appointed Xavier Becerra to the vacancy created by Kamala Harris’s election to the Senate.  Becerra has done a very good job, becoming a star in the anti-Trump resistance, and he should and will keep his position over Steven Bailey.


I understand that some of you in Anaheim Hills may want to vote for Republican Konstantinos Roditis (though actually I’m not sure where in the city he lives.)  Sorry, but Roditis is not going to happen.  It has been Betty Yee, and it should and will continue to be Betty Yee in this office for another four years.


Sharon Quirk-Silva’s buddy Fiona Ma is going to squash Greg Conlon, and that’s good.  My position is: It’s alright — Ma, (I’m only blogging.)


This is the one State Executive race that a Democrat may not win.  Steve Poizner — a former (but not termed out) Insurance Commissioner and former Republican candidate for Governor — is now an NPP taking on Ricardo Lara, author of the ill-fated (and poorly defended) SB-562 plan for single-payer here in California.  That role was supposed to help Lara in this race; the perception that it was all a fake-out by Democratic leaders may instead hurt him.  I’ll support Lara; many of my friends are less forgiving.


Poizner may be the non-Democrat most likely to win statewide office, but charter-school salesman Marshall Tuck is the least likely to govern like a Democrat.  He’s there as part of the Gloria Romero agenda to attain office by splitting the Democratic Party while public education Republicans know to support him.  Vote for Tony Thurmond in this race.

State Board of Equalization

David Dobson, rather than former Frank Zappa schoolchum (or school co-attendee, it’s not clear) Michael Schaefer, should be the one running against Republican former State Senator Joel Anderson — whom I understand to be one nasty SOB.  But even though Schaefer was the weirdest (maybe second-weirdest) Democrat on the ballot — Dodson is supportive of anything, possibly including a rag doll, taking the seat rather than Anderson.  So vote for weirdo Schaefer.

U.S. Senate

Dianne Feinstein is far from the worst Democrat in the U.S. Senate, but she’s the worse choice on the ballot here.  Feinstein will be 85 when she’s sworn in, and while she’s never been a truly reliable Democratic vote on most of the most important issues, she’s also lost a step or twenty.  Her inability to explain that she had not blown it in the Kavanaugh hearings is a main reason that Democrats suffered more PR damage than we should have.  Her opponent Kevin DeLeon is super smart, honest, and good on the issues.  Along with Xavier Becerra, he’s at or near the top of our state’s rising Latino leaders.  *That’s the only way that he could have the state party’s endorsement over Feinstein.)

So does this mean that Democrats should vote for DeLeon and Republicans for Dianne?  NO!  EVERYBODY should vote for DeLeon!  Remember, if Dianne doesn’t last through her term, the person who appoints her successor will be: Gavin Newsom!  NOBODY of sound mind should want THAT!  So just swallow hard, Republicans, and recognize that California is a liberal state and we’re generally going to have liberal U.S. Senators.  What we won’t have, though, us someone who owes their political position to Gavin!

House of Representatives

CA-32 (LaPalma and points north and west):  Vote for Linda Sanchez.  She’s a Sanchez that we can be proud of!  The other person is … uh, I’m not even going to look it up.

CA-39  (North OC, Eastern San Gabriel Valley, Chino Hills):  the race between  Gil Cisneros and Young Kim is one of the closest in the country.  Please, I beg you, vote for Gil.  That is the only way to take a stand against the nastiest political smear I’ve seen this year — wherein Republicans turned an Democratic candidate/activist’s now-withdrawn assertion that he had propositioned her into — not just a charge of harassment, but a charge of sexual assault, using the phrase that he had “demanded sex from her” — which, as writers here noted at the time,WAS NOT EVEN PART OF THE ORIGINAL AND NOW WITHDRAWN ASSERTION TO BEGIN WITH!

I don’t know how one can go much lower than that.  Lots of voters STILL HAVE THE MISCONCEPTION that Cisneros either raped someone or was accused of raping someone, and IT NEVER HAPPENED!  Young Kim was the knowing beneficiary of these ads from the PAC controlled by Assembly Speaker Paul Ryan — with a moral responsibility to public renounce such a chilling misrepresentation.

But she didn’t do it.  Frankly, she probably realized that in the sort of suburban distract where women in particular have been turning away queasy from the disgusting nature of Donald Trump, making people think that her opponent was a sex criminal was the best — even the only — chance for her to win.  This was the “lie that travels halfway around the world” — if you add up the distance from Kim’s home to that of every voter in the district — before the truth can put on its shoes.

She has an even chance at getting away with it.  And THAT is why each voter has the moral responsibility to vote for Gil Cisneros, who without this vicious libel would probably be running away with this race.  You need to make up for the votes of people who swallowed this vicious, ugly lie.

CA-45 (Hills and Canyons roughly east of the 55): I had thought that Republicans would put all of their efforts into defending Mimi Walters this year — and while they did a lot they either decided that they couldn’t do it all or it was simply a lot harder than I (or I think most anyone) expected.  Now, Porter is favored to win, and ads for Walters have taken on an increasing tone of desperation.  This may be news to some, but Donald Trump really is unpopular even in highly educated Orange County — and this is the district hosting frenetically aroused UCI.

CA-46 (Urban Central OC): Lou Correa really is likely to stay in power here until either he dies or local Democrats find leadership with the gumption and resources to expel his hippie-bashing butt from this potentially highly liberal seat.  (The difference there is that only one of the above is ultimately certain.)  The apparent safety of a protest vote has given some like my blogging partner Vern license to declare an intent to vote for his Republican opponent Russell Rene Lambert.  Personally, I’d rather defeat him in a primary — although if it ever looks like the Democrats will take 300 seats … well, I won’t complete that thought.

CA-47  (Northwest Coastal OC + Long Beach): Alan Lowenthal is going to win here again.  He’s as good as they get in this county.  His opponent — and I did not put 2+2 together until just now, is Ocean View School District Trustee John Briscoe — who I certainly hope is instead focusing on his reelection campaign, where he is endorsed by Gina Clayton-Tarvin.  Now I understood why some friends in HB were telling me that they would never vote for Briscoe — I presume that they meant this race.  He’s a sacrificial lamb, and — as I suspect — he might have run here only to keep someone worse (as in “white supremacist worse”) from coalescing Republican support here, then I tip my hat to him and offer thanks.  But even if that’s true, I’d still vote for Lowenthal.

CA-48 (Central OC Coast): The DCCC is still on the DPOC’s “no holiday presents” list for coming in strong for Harley Rouda over DPOC’s candidate Hans Keirstead in the primary, but their main goal was to ensure that Scott Baugh didn’t get the second slot in this race against Dana Rohrabacher — and they had to pick a horse.  Given their canny move in sponsoring ads for Phil Liberatore to spread out the Republican vote in CA-39 to assure that a Democrat made it into that race, they earned my grudging respect in most (not all) of their OC tactics.  Now they’ve got one of the absolute closest races in the country brewing — and Democrats are united and Rouda is a slight favorite to win.  Rohrabacher’s ads also look desperate like Walters’s (although not despicable like Young Kim’s), so he is clearly feeling the heat.  I’m Rooting for Rouda.

CA-49  (Southeastern OC Coast): Republicans made a serious error in choosing ethical cesspit Diane Harkey rather than Rocky Chavez in this race.  I think that Democrats made a similar mistake in choosing Mike Levin over the far superior Doug Applegate — from whom Levin and his sponsors conspicuously kept their distance while awaiting this day … but the fate of the world may hang on the balance so this is no time to point out Levin’s flaws.  Harkey is worse — a swindler rather than a mere bamboozler. I’ll take on Congressman-Elect Levin later in the week, perhaps — but first, we have to get him elected.

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