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Lies Trump Is Spreading to Save Republicans Ahead of the Midterms

Trump is brazenly spreading lies to save the GOP in 2018

Posted by NowThis Politics on Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Well, take it from us: You’ll feel a lot better when you hear that the celebrated Baby Trump Balloon is coming to OUR COUNTY this Sunday afternoon, at the fabled Sasscer Park in Santa Ana – they’re apparently combining its appearance with a rally in favor of Prop 10 which is a little bit of a shame for any of you Trump critics who might not believe in rent control, but.. come on, it will still be a cathartic and unifying experience that you can tell your great-grandkids about.  From the Facebook event page:

Backbone Campaign and Backbone San Diego will be bringing our Baby Trump Balloon to Santa Ana on October 28th for a rally in support of Proposition 10! The rally is being organized by Our Revolution SoCal OCSACReD – Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible DevelopmentLatino Health Access, and Tenants United Santa Ana, and will feature local speakers talking about the need for rent control and housing justice in our communities.

Location: Sasscer Park, Santa Ana
500 West Santa Ana Blvd.
Date/time: Sun, October 28th
Baby Trump takes flight at 3pm
Rally at 3:30
Photo Ops with groups and individuals at 4:30
Final Lift off at 5:30
Backbone Solidarity Brigade Light Action at Sundown

About Prop 10:

Prop 10 repeals a law called “Costa-Hawkins”, which has been on the books since 1995 here in CA. This law severely restricted rent control in CA, and actively allowed for rent-controlled units to be decontrolled. If Prop 10 passes it will allow for cities and counties to create new and effective rent control laws again for their communities.

While average wages across the state have been steadily increasing, many folks find these moderate wage gains are not keeping up with the increases in their rent. Too many times we have heard stories of landlords increasing tenants rents with no justification, or stories of tenants being evicted for no reason, just so the landlord can increase the rent on the next occupant to extravagant amounts. Prop 10 is a necessity, because our middle, low, and fixed-income communities need stable rents!

Many of the largest Wall St. landlords have dropped millions upon millions of dollars into advertisements to defeat 10. Notably, close Trump ally, Stephen Schwarzman, and his investment firm, the notorious “Blackstone Group” and their subsidiaries, have donated nearly $7 million to anti-Prop 10 campaigns. The fact that they are spending so much to defeat 10 is appalling, and is made more appalling by the fact that this directly comes out of YOUR RENT MONEY. This money they are spending to defeat 10 should be going to building maintenance, and funding construction of new affordable units; not into defeating a measure which will help the very people who call their apartment units home.

MORE: Backbone needs your support! Helium is our single biggest expense in deploying Baby Trump. If you can, please donate in the link below to make sure that this tour happens!


Backbone, and our Solidarity Brigades, create, build, and use large set pieces at protests, as well as provide training and logistical support for protests across the country. We use, and occasionally build, both inflatables and “Light Brigade” letters, organize nationwide light projections that are displayed on important buildings all over, and create and ally ourselves with organizations and people’s movements that support peace, justice, and environmental health. Backbone is a 501c(3) and a registered WA State charity. All donations are tax deductible.

You can find out more info about us at www.backbonecampaign.org

Other Tour Dates:
Los Angeles
Military Parade in Balboa Park
San Diego

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