Remember Back When Lying Mimi Walters Viciously Slammed Greg Raths?




As a memory-jogging public service, I’m going to repost some nasty campaign ads that Mimi Walters aimed at Mission Viejo City Council incumbent and candidate Greg Raths two years ago.  While I support the very impressive endorsed Democrat Mahmoud El- Farra in that Council race (the link is to his issue page), I recognize that Raths is the best of the Republicans (probably in South county overall, not just Mission Viejo) — and a City Council with both him and El-Farra would probably be in a good position to solve problems requiring fairness and creativity rather than brute ideology.

I’ve long written of my respect for Raths’s honesty and intelligence — he’s pretty much the polar opposite of Mimi Walters in those respects, as he’s his own thinker, though they’re comparably conservative— and I don’t repost these ads for what they supposedly say about him.  I repost them for what they say about her.

Here’s the basic story: when Raths was an active Marine, he was assigned as a military liaison (both a conduit of information and an adviser) to President Bill Clinton.  If he had any choice in the posting, it would have been minimal at best — you’re assigned to the job where you are needed, and this was a critical job.  Asked to evaluate Clinton, he praised his intelligence — which (as opposed to aspects of his common sense) was pretty much undeniable.  Walters then tried to turn him into a Democrat.

Mimi, as careful readers of this site know, is a huge liar, who for years has been dubbed Schemin’ Mimi. The photo below is of her being prevented from speaking at her own press conference (!) on her residency scandal by the intervention of then Senate California Majority Leader (and badly failed Congressional candidate) Bob Huff.  (Note: I was running against Huff at the time in SD-29 — and the scandal unfolded after her SD-37 State Senate opponent Steve Young caught her living illegally outside of her district; see photo caption. This led to my favorite among all of the stories that I have written here, which you should definitely read if you’re a voter in CA-45 or a fan of the Zombies.)

Huff and Walters Stiff the Bee's Residency Question

(Paraphrased Transcript:) REPORTER: “Mimi, would you clear up your ethical scandal regarding your residency?” MIMI [thinking]: “Sigh. I knew that eventually this fateful day would come.” HUFF: “NO! I will NOT LET HER answer your question regarding HER RESIDENCY SCANDAL!” MIMI [thinking]: “Fine, I didn’t want to do it anyway.”

So, with her lying credentials established, here’s what Walters had to say about Raths two years ago in ads for her initial run for Congress:

Republicans, you have to think about what sort of person you want representing you in Congress.  Your party is losing ground in Orange County — and part of the reason is candidates like Walters who are willing to defame the best of the people in their own party — people like Col. Raths.  Just look at the lies and distortions that Mimi signed off on:

The right panel:

“Felt proud to stand by his side”: a member of the Armed Forces ought to feel proud at the honor of being chosen to stand next to the President and help to guide him on security policy.  Does Mimi think that they shouldn’t?

“They knew I wouldn’t [leak secret information]”: that’s only to be expected from a confidential military adviser, isn’t it?  Does Mimi think that aides should leak secret information?

“[The President’s style of leadership was] a model for me to emulate.”  Does Mimi think that one should not learn from their bosses about how to manage subordinates?

(Maybe Mimi does think these things.  As Bob Huff realized when he jumped in to shut her up at her press conference before she could hang herself, she’s not all that bright.)

What about the left panel?

Raths and his wife had their photo taken with the President and First Lady.  Does Mimi think that one of the President’s security advisers, representing the military, should have declined such an invitation for a photo?

Raths remaining consistent in his assessment of Clinton’s management ability over years?  Does Mimi think that people should change their view of the truth when it becomes politically convenient?

Does Raths ever say that he wants to be a “Clinton Congressman”?  No, that’s a total fabrication.  He never said that.  Does Mimi favor making up lies about people?

Is Raths allegedly saying that he was “forced” — in this context, that means “ordered” and “assigned” to serve in the White House — changing his story?  Or was this always “his story” — because it was the truthDoes Mimi think that it’s OK to rephrase a Colonel stating factually that he “did his assigned duty” and “followed (lawful) orders” or as a claim of “being forced“?

As for the OCGOP unanimously endorsing retaining a current officeholder — that’s just what they do.  They fall in line   (It’s what OC Democrats usually do also, if you don’t count some of my votes.)

To be fair, Mimi Walters probably does believe some of these things in boldface — even the ones that I call out because they are shameful.  But Republicans should realize that Walters is among the worst — in terms of honesty — of their leaders, and this is an example of how she treats someone among the best of them.  If Katie Porter wins the upcoming race, she’ll have to trim her sails to fit her district — although consumer protection (her main concern) is not really something that should be that partisan.  (Republicans also dislike being ripped off by people running cons.)  And then, in 2020, perhaps we’ll see a contest with honest and intelligent candidates on both sides.

But, to put it bluntly:

If you like and respect Greg Raths, you should NOT like and respect Mimi Walters.  She lied about him without hesitation, for love of power — and ended up tarnishing herself.

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