Help Jordan Communicate – tell us what Brandman Promises You Privately! ALSO – Let’s have a district 2 forum!






Has Jordan Brandman been having consistent trouble getting his positions out consistently. Here’s how you can help him get the words out!

As most readers probably know, my party endorsed Jordan Brandman in the Anaheim District 2  City Council race, and as a member of the Democratic Central Committee I’m not allowed to criticize him.  So I’ve decided to help him get the word out about his plans for the city!

Our publisher Vern Nelson, who with his “NO BRANDMAN – DISNEY CARPETBAGGER” signs has been doing his civic best by reminding voters of Brandman’s close association with the City’s largest employer and his willingness to move out of his very home to give voters the chance to elect him, has stated on Facebook that:

Some friends of mine have been hanging out with Jordan lately, and he’s been promising them a lot of things. I say, well, why does he never say these things in public? I’ve asked him that myself, why do you never tell us your plans and beliefs in public, and he answers that he prefers talking to voters one on one. Yeah, sure, then you can tell each person what they want to hear, and not be held to it.

You must have noticed he has SKIPPED EVERY FORUM, and he shows up to each Council meeting to be seen and say hi to people, BUT NEVER SPEAKS IN PUBLIC COMMENTS. Actually the last time he spoke at council was in the spring, AGAINST THE LIVING WAGE, right before he promised the DPOC that he would SUPPORT the living wage, in order to get the Democrat endorsement.

Now as much as I care for my “Juice-Brother” Vern, I suspect that he may simply be mistaken here.

ORIGINAL CAPTION:  Jordan Brandman Tuesday night sucked the life out of Lucille Kring’s Mayoral campaign when she stood behind his self-serving actions.

(By the way, as a sort of amusing aside: some presume that “Juice-Brother” is a status limited to people who are associated with this blog, but in fact it’s much more common than that.  At right, for example, you’ll see Jordan with a Council “Juice Sister” Lucille Kring, during her 2014 campaign for Mayor.  Not visible in the photo, Jordan’s “Main Squeeze” Juice Sister Kris Murray approaching his melon from the other side with a straw , so that she too can share in the bounty of Kring’s capacious knowledge.)

Let’s look at this logically, shall we?

It would be POLITICALLY SUICIDAL for Jordan Brandman to simply “tell people whatever they want to hear” in one-on-one conversations while telling other people something incompatible and saying nothing in public, because what would happen if they were to publicly compare notes?

In fact, I’m so convinced that Jordan could not possibly be doing this that, on his behalf,  I’m setting up THIS VERY POST as an opportunity for people to register every single promise that Jordan has made to them in a one-on-one or one-on-few conversation so that we can stack them next to each other and witness their glorious consistency!

As I said on Vern’s post:

This is why I made him promise not to endorse Kris Murray for Supervisor publicly in front of the whole DPOC, so they could know to hold him to it. It’s just so special to have an endorsed candidate to whom one must do so.

Vern, however, is implacable — even after I vouched, in explaining why DPOC endorsed him, that Jordan is “very charming and a major-league suck-up. You have to be forewarned and forearmed to resist him” — stating that:

He’s become extremely skilled at telling people (one on one) exactly what they want to hear. My homeless advocate friends WERE forewarned and forearmed… but “he spoke with us for FIVE HOURS and we’re convinced he’s the only one who can house the homeless.” I’m all, “Five hours?? Was there a bare light bulb above the table?” One of his major tasks was “See if you can get Vern to take down those Disney Carpetbagger signs.” Au contraire, I am inspired to put up MORE.

(By the way, in Jordan’s ballot statement, didn’t he say something like he would not do anything more to house the homeless unless other cities did more as well?  This doesn’t actually sound that unreasonable to me, but — this is also what he said at that five-hour meeting, right?)

So — and please spread the word on this! — we want people to comment here reporting what Jordan Brandman has told them in personal conversations, something less than recorded and sent out to the public.  We’ll collect them, sort them by category, and put them up here.

By all means, let’s start with the issue of homelessness!


Three things I want to add here, and the third is most important:

Jordan, surprise, surprise, has been telling everybody (privately) a LOT OF LIES, particularly about his opponent James Vanderbilt.  One of those (intended to foster class resentment I suppose) is that James is a “trust fund baby” who grew up wealthy with an inheritance from his ancestor Cornelius (right) who died in 1877.  Even Jeff LeTourneau seems to believe this story, which he repeated to me.  It turns out that it’s true that Cornelius was distantly related to James through many generations and several marriages.  But just sit for a moment and consider 140 years of estate taxes, and hundreds of descendants by now.  No, James got none of Cornelius’ fortune;  his Dad grew up poor in the depression, his parents worked hard, James grew up lower middle class.  He is able now to self-fund his campaigns simply because he too worked hard, lives frugally, and invested wisely in the stock market.  Another Jordan lie.

Who knows, maybe there IS some crazy old bigoted right-wing woman who’s been knocking on the doors of 2nd-district Republicans who have Jordan signs, telling them not to vote for him because Jordan is “A GAY JEW.”  Can’t be disproven, but I imagine it’s a myth invented by Jordan to play the victim of both homophobia and anti-Semitism.  In any case, it is certainly not the woman he’s been blaming, my friend Victoria Michaels, who was outraged to hear this slander against her – again, passed around privately by rumor-monger Jordan.  If this were truly happening, and you were the candidate, don’t you think you’d have a press conference?  Not Jordan’s style.

One final Jordan lie which leads to an action item for us:  When I asked my friends why he never speaks in public, they responded, “He’d love to have a second district forum like district 3 had, but James refuses.”  Well, my rule of thumb being to never believe up front anything Jordan claims, I checked with James, and of course JAMES WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A SECOND DISTRICT FORUM, if JORDAN will agree to it.  So would candidate Duane Roberts.  So we are trying to make that happen, as soon as possible this week (although many votes have already been cast) and hopefully with the League of Women Voters moderating.  Either we’ll have a good forum where voters can actually get an idea of what Jordan actually believes and proposes, or at least we’ll have a nice one with James, Duane and the other candidates, and KNOW that Jordan refuses to debate.  More to come…

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