Embracing Gracey: The OC GOP’s anti-semitic, islamophobic Lorena Bobbit.




Bobbit, Van Der Mark.  Gracey compares herself to her fellow Ecuadorean-American, the famed dick-chopper Lorena.

So, what’s a girl gotta do to not get an OC GOP endorsement around this joint?

I was pleased to see Anaheim Mayor candidate Harry Sidhu sent packing by the Orange County Republican Party when asking for their endorsement, because of his unflagging crony capitalism while on city council, his attentiveness to every whim of public employee unions, his unabashed carpetbagging and residency fraud in constant pursuit of office, and his impersonation of a military veteran at the last Anaheim Hills Fourth of July parade.

I was equally pleased during a couple of previous election cycles when Lucille Kring was laughed out of the same room for her similar kleptocratic record as well as her staggering record of lying to people for votes (and making drunken offensive statements.)

But apparently if you pal around with avowed white supremacists to disrupt a Santa Monica Committee for Racial Justice meeting, if you write that the dumb “colored people” at that meeting were just following the orders of the “elderly Jewish people” there, if you assemble and propagate a collection of Holocaust Denial videos, if you publicly obsess every day over “Creeping Sharia” and the dangers of Islam in America, all while trying to get a seat on a Huntington Beach school board, you are GOOD TO GO!

So, where DID this bombthrower, this Gracey (Larrea) Van Der Mark come from, why is she running for a school board position in a district where she has no children attending, a job for which she has no qualifications and for which she’s never shown any interest, and what the hell does she want?  Orange Juice Blog readers deserve an answer!

A long, long, time ago…

Of Ecuadorean-Mexican heritage and lacking a high school diploma, Gricelda Salazar (as she was then known) first pops up on our radar in 1999, in the inland-empire prison town of Chino, sued for divorce by long-suffering George Salazar with whom she’d had a son (she’d had a daughter with a previous guy.)  I’ll post some of these documents below, but you could click now and see how she stalked him after their separation, ten miles from her home, telling him things like, “I can have you killed and nobody will ever find out how,” “I got you now motherfucker,” and “I’ll cut off your balls – remember I’m part Ecuadorian” (in reference to the Bobbitt case of a few years earlier.)  Mutual friends concur that she “needs psychiatric help.”  More bizarre psychotic behavior.  She falls into a trance when she hears the word “hypnotized.”  (Is this still true?)  Colorful stuff.

George won custody of their son.  But even ten years later Gricelda was violent enough for him to successfully get a restraining order, throwing objects at his head and possessing an unregistered firearm.

“Creeping Sharia.”  Just a typical – but important! – post from the HB watchdog.

At some point she made her way to Surf City, married some guy called Van Der Mark, and developed her eccentric set of preoccupations, morphing into one of those puzzling dark-skinned defenders of the white race.  Almost nobody calls themselves racist or anti-semitic any more.  But some people – like Gracey – become overwhelmingly fascinated with different races and religions – which ones tend to be easily manipulated, which ones tend to do the manipulating, which ones get special treatment at the expense of white people and Christians.  Normal people call that pre-occupation “racism.”  And “anti-Semitism.”  And “Islamophobia.”  But you say potato, I say potahto…

Speaking of potatoes, Chris Epting.  The former journalist can’t not stick his foot in his mouth when there’s a controversy like this in his adopted town.  In his missive defending Gracey from the widespread opprobrium to her anti-Semitic comments, he urged Gracey’s political patron Councilman Patrick Brenden not to give in to public demands for her removal from a finance commission:  “Please do not give these dishonest cowards the pound of flesh they desire.”  At some base, animal, brainstem level, does Chris actually know where the expression “pound of flesh” comes from?  And just FELT that it was an appropriate, maybe even witty way, to defend an accused anti-Semite?

Happy with her new friends, disrupting anti-racists in Santa Monica. 1. School Board candidate Van Der Mark; 2. Vincent James Foxx of Red Elephants; 3. Jerry Wayne Thomas (investigated by FBI last month for publicly wishing for Obama’s death in Anaheim); 4. Johnny Benitez of Proud Boys and Rise Against Movement; 5. Augustus Invictus (Charlottesville.) Six days before the Charlottesville murder.

Yeah, sure, you say, but how did Gracey get involved with the Huntington Beach’s Ocean View School District?  And you may also be wondering, why is this little Surf City district continuously in the news, why is it constantly at a boil?  Well, time for a new sub-heading:

The Anti-Gina.

Gina will hate this, but I think HB’s alt-right sees Gracey as the “equal but opposite reaction” to Gina’s very existence.

As this blog as well as the Weekly have long documented, Ocean View School District first became newsworthy four years ago when the Board, under the leadership of charismatic liberal Gina Clayton Tarvin, finally began to aggressively defend the mostly-Latino Oak View neighborhood and elementary school against the neighboring, unenclosed, malodorous and unhealthy Rainbow dump (now owned by Republic.)

This united what had arguably been two factions of the local Republican party in smoldering resentment of this crusading, press-attracting female – the klepto/business/Chamber community in defense of one of its largest members, and the Haters of Mexicans who correctly saw her as a defender and organizer of HB’s biggest barrio.

Gracey, how she looks now, to the left, keeping our borders safe from you know who.

It’s unclear under which rock the OC Taxpayers Association discovered Gracey when they wanted to send a female jihadi after Gina, but when they deposited her into their designated slot in the school district’s “Measure R Oversight Committee,” a local star was born.  The Anti-Gina!  An equally in-your-face, equally implacable, equally female zealot – who cares if she was marginally literate, someone else could write her important stuff.  So, in the HB alt-right lizard brain, the white defender of the brown underclass was now balanced off by the brown defender of white privilege!  

And so, the neophyte political/racial extremist stumbles from controversy to controversy, but keeps coming out on top.  A couple weeks ago, as I mentioned, the OC GOP endorsed her run – something I didn’t think was gonna happen – endorsed her over three fine Republican candidates.  I think it was the enthusiastic backing of fifteen-term Wingnut Albatross Dana Rohrabacher that did the trick.  Oh, I’m feeling another sub-heading coming on, aren’t you?

Dana, the Boil HB Needs to Lance.

I’m only beginning to recognize how desperately Orange Coast Republicans are clinging onto this epicly embarrassing fifteen-term Congressman.  His going down to Harley Rouda will be one critical element of the Republicans losing their Congressional majority, and Trump experiencing TWO LONG YEARS OF FAIL.  And it’ll mean so much more… OC rejecting climate change denial.  OC rejecting immigrant-bashing.  OC GROWING UP.

It didn’t have to be this way, exactly.  Scott Baugh offered Orange Coast Republicans a dignified way out, but the creatures of habit and loyalty who populate the Grand Old Party rejected the respectable upstart, so here you-all are.  Stuck on the fringes with Dana.

I think it HAD to have been the warm, damp support of Dana, the OC GOP’s desire to please him, that clinched the endorsement for Gracey.  At least when Scott Baugh was in charge there, he used to sideline loudmouth racists like Deborah Pauly and Dean Grose.  But everything is worse with Trump at the head of you guys’ Party, and Dana is your new normal.  Sucks to be you!

I’d hate for Gracey to get onto the OVSD school board, and double the disruption that Norm Westwell already makes there.  And if you’re in the district you should vote for Souders, Singer and Briscoe.  But nothing is more important down there than for Harley Rouda to show old, CRAZY Dana Rohrabacher the door, so that the 48th Congressional District can finally be a mature and sane community that can hold its head up with pride.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things…” – 1 Corinthians 13:11


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