Is Moonbeam not aware of these bills’ burning urgency?  Well, call him.  877-569-8423.

(Originally entitled:  Call Jerry Brown to Sign these Three Vital Bills!)  UPDATE AT BOTTOM: Jerry signed all three of these bills – most of them today – as well as several other really good ones! See below…

It’s that time, it’s that week.  The week where all the bills which the Governor hasn’t already signed, some of which we fought long and hard to get them through both houses of the legislature, begin to slowly crumple up, wither, waste away, until on Friday evening they finally expire with a nearly inaudible but tearful sigh. 

Even now, on Wednesday morning, these bills are looking wan, distressed, deprived of oxygen, anemic, feeble.  EMT is on standby, but will be of zero help if Jerry doesn’t get off his ass and sign these three vital bills THIS WEEK.*  (So call him at 877-569-8423, press 1 and then 6, it takes only three minutes and the hold music’s not that bad.)

*UPDATE:  Well, that was fun to write, but I just found out that if he doesn’t sign a bill it still goes into effect but “without his support or endorsement.”  Musta been thinking about the US President, and the “pocket veto.”  Well, we STILL wanna make sure he DOESN’T VETO these, and it’s best if he signs them, so call!

SB 1421, Police Misconduct & Use of Force.  Needed in Anaheim and Santa Ana as much as anywhere in the state.   (Sadly, the only OC legislators to support this important police reform bill were our fine senators John Moorlach and [the tragically recalled] Josh Newman – no others had the intestinal fortitude to take on bad cops.  Maybe when it’s not an election year?)  The ACLU writes:

“Although California is often thought of as a beacon of progressive values, the Golden State is actually one of the most secretive states when it comes to information about police use of force and serious and confirmed misconduct by police. This must change. The public has a fundamental right to know about cases in which officers have been found guilty of committing sexual assault or dishonesty during the investigation, reporting, or prosecution of crimes. That includes confirmed instances of officers lying, planting evidence, or falsifying police reports. Equally important is access to records related to police shootings and other serious or deadly uses of force. We give law enforcement officers tremendous power to stop, detain, arrest, and even use force on members of our communities. We, the people, have a fundamental right to know how police use – and abuse – their powers.”

AB 2188, the Social Media DISCLOSE Act.  Crucial sister to the popular and successful DISCLOSE Act (which even Ling-Ling Chang [perhaps accidentally] voted for), this bill will “require online social media platforms to disclose information regarding the funders of political advertisements and to keep a database of the political ads they run” – particularly important after all the meddling and fake news impacting our 2016 election.  I’m happy to say this bill was backed by all OC legislators except the following enemies of transparency: Matt Harper, Pat Bates, Philip Chen, Travis Allen, and Steven Choi.  When you have time, you might wanna ask them why.  More info here.

SB 822, California’s Net Neutrality Law.  We’ve written plenty about Net Neutrality here, and I’m tired of it but I hope you all support it.  Trump killed it for the nation, but we’ve saved it in the beautiful Golden State.  I’m happy to see that our two Democrats (Tom and Sharon) voted for it, and sad to see that ALL our Republicans, including my buddy Moorlach, opposed it.  BIG TELECOM WHORES!  But now we need the Governor to sign it, or it ain’t worth the paper it was printed on.  Here’s the bill’s author:

And here is the blessed chola “La Tiny” (at 1:16) explaining it as best she can:

AGAIN, CALL GOVERNOR JERRY, 877-569-8423, press 1 and then 6, it takes only three minutes and the hold music’s not that bad!


Apparently either a long hard thinker or a lover of drama and suspense, Governor Moonbeam waited till the last possible moment – this evening – to sign the above controversial bills, as well as a few others I hadn’t included in this story.  (Actually the Social Media DISCLOSE Act he signed a few days ago.)  SO, here are a few of the bills he signed mere minutes ago that *I* think are very helpful and important:

SB 822 Net Neutrality for California! The article concludes with something like what Sean Paden warned me yesterday:

The law will now face significant legal challenges, if not from the FCC itself, then the ISPs that have already promised to sue. “It’s very odd that Ajit Pai and the FCC apparently think that this unelected agency has the power to stop 50 states from acting to protect the internet,” said Wiener, conceding the industry has a right to ask the court to interpret the law.  “We will vigorously defend this law,” he added. “And the law is defensible.”

SB 1421, Access to Police Records, written about in a great Times article here, and starting to chip away at the Police Officers’ Bill of Rights.

Also in the same article, AB 748 for release of body cam footage.  Again, we have only our cool liberty-loving Senator Moorlach to thank for supporting this bill, out of all our OC Republicans and Democrats.  And these two bills should really be helpful to our new Police Review Board here in Anaheim!

On the topic of police reform, Brown also today signed AB 2327, putting obstacles in the way of employment of officers with a record of misconduct.  THIS BILL PASSED UNANIMOUSLY so I guess it wasn’t so controversial.

And also SB 1412 making it easier for someone with an irrelevant criminal background to get employment.  ALL OF OUR OC LEGISLATORS VOTED AGAINST IT BUT IT WON AND GOT SIGNED ANYWAY.

A good day for progress in California.  Thank you Jerry!

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