Young Kim on Trump’s Child Separation: “…but what’s the real story behind it?”




File under “Annals of Frigid Indifference” or perhaps, Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil” – Bloomberg reports today that, when asked for a reaction to Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy of separating thousands of children from their asylum-seeking Central American parents, North County 39th-district Republican Congressional candidate Young Kim responded:

“I don’t want to see a crying child, but what’s the real story behind it?”

Yeah, go ahead and fill in the blanks.  Young Kim, 1941:  “I don’t want to have to see a bunch of Jews exterminated, but what’s the real story here?”  Young Kim, 1859:  “I hate to see so many Negroes enslaved, but come on, there has to be some story behind this.”

This is the talk of a woman who doesn’t give a damn, hadn’t put a minute of thought into this ongoing outrage until Bloomberg asked her – and even now can’t be bothered to come up with some alternative explanation to make everyone feel better, but just suggests there might be one.

Even the Trump administration admits they have taken over 3000 children from their (perfectly legally) asylum-seeking parents, and mostly lost track of who their parents are.  They admit that this was done in an effort to discourage immigration and asylum-seeking, and when Trump was asked yesterday how he’s going to re-unite the families, his reaction is “Just don’t come to this country illegally.”  Who’s more evil, the bald-faced perpetrator of these crimes against humanity, or the indifferent, ambitious politician who suggests that there may be more to this that we’re just not hearing?

This Kim non-statement comes during a week where the news on this just keeps getting more and more horrific – re-united toddlers no longer recognizing their parents, one-year-olds having to take the stand at immigration hearings, the government completely ignorant of who and where half the kids’ parents are.  But “What’s the real story here?” asks Kim, who wants your vote for Congress.

She’s running against a Democrat called Gil Cisneros, who tells the same reporter, “We let this madman be elected president of the United States.  … There’s nothing humane about him. He’s taken children from their parents. I’m going to stand up to him.”

Gil took his family to the Tornillo border detention facility in Texas last month, and has been speaking out forcefully on the issue ever since – “going full frontal” on Trump, as professor Michael Latner puts it. His wife told Bloomberg that “she later heard their twin four-year-old boys chanting ‘A family, united, cannot be divided’ in their back seat.” And this IS a local issue as well, with many of these stolen children reportedly being housed in Fullerton’s Crittenton Children’s Center.

When the ballots come out this Fall, the Orange Juice Blog hopes and prays that our North County readers will vote for the human being, not the Stepford Wife personification of the banality of evil. And THAT’S the story.

Vern out.


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