Moreno faces Mob of Screaming NIMBY’s.




On Thursday night, Anaheim Mayor Pro-tem Dr. Jose Moreno stood in statuesque ignominious glory before the homeless haters. Imagine Hillary Clinton standing naked smothered in bacon grease and barbecue sauce with a side of coleslaw on her head before a crowd of ravenous Trump lovers in South Carolina!

They berated him, blasted him, and they also demonized the homeless mercilessly. “How dare you back a homeless facility!” “Arrest the homeless!” “Leave them on the streets to die!”  The attendees offered no answers or solutions to the stubborn problem, apart from additional screw-twists to the cruel status quo. 

But Jose Moreno was there with one good proposal – “a recuperative care facility for 65 people, on Lincoln near Euclid.”

Down, Paul Kott, down! Thataboy…

Paul Kott, the realtor, whose office is nearby, raved that “homeless people leave feces, graffiti and trash everywhere” and I thought – does he or has he ever had kids? This is a realtor who has probably been in many houses before they are prepared for sale. He should know first hand what feces, graffiti and trash looks like in people’s homes. He must have to tell homeowners daily that they need to clean up the mess before they put the house up for sale.

“Kids, what’s the matter with kids today” marking the walls, not cleaning up the toilet and leaving trash everywhere! But we are afraid to throw them out of the house as they would then be homeless and exposed to the hatred on the streets!

Now maybe, just maybe, Paul Kott only goes out to prepare potential sales by little old ladies that have those meticulous homes where every little bibelot is in its place and dusted daily. But even then… he goes in the bathroom, the smell assaults his nostrils and he realizes that this little old lady hasn’t hit the toilet in perhaps years.

Nobody’s perfect.

“They are all a bunch of criminals loosed on the community by Prop 47!” Kott ranted as if these were actual documented facts not just pulled out of his ass.  In fact, 8% of the people on the streets were released under prop 47 and even those should not/would not be there if not for a botch in the system.

The failure in the implementation of Prop 47 was this convenient bureaucratic blunder: Hundreds of millions in savings from jail costs for rehabilitation services apartments and more somehow never made it to its intended use. Where has that money gone? Take a guess, yours is as good as mine.  Down another political rabbit hole, chipmunked away as Judge Carter would say…

From USA Today:

“Prop 47 earmarked millions saved in prison costs for inmate rehabilitation, but not a penny has been spent. Meanwhile, the state’s shortage of treatment programs is more glaring than ever. Expanding rehab would be expensive, but it is still a cheaper, more effective and more humane strategy for addressing addiction than locking drug abusers in prison.”

Funny, I’ve been by the Paul Kott building on Lincoln hundreds of times day and night and never noticed trash, graffiti or feces … unless you can call Kott himself human trash, “OOOHHHH, dig there!”

Then Council candidate Mitch Caldwell (Moreno’s opponent this year) stood up and blamed Jose for hurricanes, tornadoes, and death in general and that is why people should vote for Mitch. So!  The masked robber is exposed and speaks up! Caldwell is part of the SOAR PAC that has infected Anaheim politics for years.  Mitch’s gang pushed through legislation such as  a 45-year BAN ON GATE TAXES for Disney!!! Hotel Subsidies that exempts hotels from TOT for 20 years costing the Anaheim coffers up to $1 Billion!

These masked robbers like Caldwell have devastated Anaheim and made us a third world city in the OC. We have the same parks as B.F. Egypt, the same roads as Santa Ana and the same police force as Santa Ana per person even though we have 25 million tourists and twice the area for them to cover.

Thanks to the SOAR robbers like Mitch, we have the same general fund as Santa Ana even though we have the resort area, the Anaheim Ducks, the LA Angels, and the convention center.

The homeless haters like Kott and Caldwell want no recuperative center near their homes or businesses.  Apparently they’d prefer that homeless people e shipped to Nevada or just killed outright.

So remember –

There are hundreds of thousands of people in Orange County that have problems. Most have someone that loves them, helps them and does not throw them to the streets, would not even think of it – Please do not toss your mother, father, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin or friend out on the streets or people will kill them, literally.

Google search California is #1 in attacks on homeless people
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Perhaps it’s the rabid and ravenous people WHO LIVE IN HOUSES, such as Paul Kott and Mitch Caldwell, that need rabies shots.  In the stomachs.

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