Harry Sidhu’s Heroic Military Record! *sarcasm*

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Did you ever hear tell about the time that Anaheim Hills’ Harry Sidhu, in the final year of the Vietnam War when he was young and limber, breached a Vietcong tunnel and rescued a captured American soldier, taking out five startled enemy with his pistol in the process?

Or many years later, in Iraq, how he heroically and expertly dismantled an IED on the side of a Mosul road, moments before it would have blown him and a crowd of civilians to bits?

Well, what about the time that he slipped into Libya just before our takedown of Muammar Gaddafi, mingling with the locals speaking perfect Arabic, until, when the perfect opportunity presented itself, slitting the throat of one of the dictator’s key commanders, helping make the allies’ and rebels’ victory possible?

No?  Maybe because none of it ever happened, and Harry Sidhu never served in the military.  But spectators and participants in Anaheim Hills’ Fourth of July Parade (which Mayoral candidate Sidhu helped fund) would be forgiven for thinking otherwise – just look at that weathered Air Force vet on that surplus jeep!

Never associated with either honesty or intelligence, Mr Sidhu has been a tireless and unsuccessful candidate for numerous offices, even faking a residence in order to run for Supervisor eight years ago.  The one office he did manage to attain was two terms on the Anaheim City Council (2004-12) where he was a dependable part of the Pringle-dominated “kleptocrat” majority along with Kris Murray and Gail Eastman. 

Here he distinguished himself by helping launch the unsuccessful, taxpayer-funded $3 million lawsuit to PREVENT Anaheim from having district elections, squelching the populist movement to “Let The People Vote” on hotel subsidies, and passing the granddaddy of them all, the $158 million Gardenwalk Giveaway. 

When City Attorney Cristina Talley correctly instructed the Council that they’d need to vote on that subsidy a second time because it had not been properly noticed to the public (sound advice for which she was later fired – and then successfully sued the city) Harry famously bitched about the waste of money having to turn on the power and lights for an extra meeting – this in the context of giving away $158 million. 

So it’s hard to say definitively that parading in military drag is the stupidest or most disgraceful thing he’s done, there’s a lot of competition.  Certainly many of the thousands of spectators thought to themselves, “Look at that dashing veteran and neighbor of ours who helped SAVE THIS PARADE – I’m voting for him for sure!” whether it was his intent to deceive or not. 

But beyond that, this behavior shows a deep lack of seriousness and respect, respect for the brave men and women who do put their lives on the line implementing the foreign policies our elected leaders deem important to our security.

But then, what do I know?  Like Harry, I’ve always been a civilian.  I thought I’d get reactions from a few military vets I know, from across the political spectrum…

Francisco “Paco” Barragan, retired Marine commander, former OJ blogger, and anti-human trafficking activist:  “Unless it is a Halloween party, anyone (putting on a uniform when they did not serve) , especially on formal, civic or patriotic events is deceiving the community, to gain un unearned benefit fraudulently. As veterans we consider this “stolen valor.” … This demonstrates a lack of ethics, that under normal circumstances should disqualify anyone from an elected or appointed role, or from a position of trust.”

Deborah Pauly, former Air Force and Villa Park Councilwoman, and all-around Alt-right hellraiser:  “Stolen Valor!!! I want to kick his ass…and probably could because he has no military experience. Every real veteran that sees that picture would be offended by it.  I want to kick his ass.”

Nick Berardino, Former Marine, OCEA head, Fair Board director, Voice of OC founder, and current fighter for an OC Veterans Cemetery in Anaheim Hills: “There is nothing so offensive and disgusting to real veterans than someone who impersonates a veteran, especially when the political motivation is so clear. This is just so disingenuous, it shows a real character flaw in Sidhu.”

More coming.





But none of you were actually thinking of voting for this assclown, were you?

Just checking.

Vern out.


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