Trump: ‘You have to take the children away’ …Another wake up call to “the Party of Family Values”.




The news of immigrants’ families being separated at the border was a painful event for a friend who wrote to me last Saturday:

“I want your help… more and more with the children being separated from their families and being held in detention centers… I can’t live with myself knowing I’m not getting involved somehow… what can I do… do you know who you can connect me with? I recently read this article and it’s horrible. I came here as a 5 years old and I can’t imagine them taking me from my mother. I get it there are other issues at hand…  but right now this seems most important… these people don’t have a voice…”

The outrage at Trump’s action was so strong that people from different places of the world, such as Chicago congressman Luis Gutierrez and Mexico’s conservative presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, compared his actions to “terrifying images” of Nazis separating mothers from their children.

Former First Lady Laura Bush’s condemnation of this policy as “cruel” and “immoral” reflected the public outcry, which forced Trump to issue the executive order reversing this family separation policy.  It’s laudable that a number of GOP elected officials and functionaries, Senators and others, finally publicly broke ranks with Trump .

No prominent local Republican seems to have made a statement on this issue. Mayor Tait recently addressed the issue of immigration in a a reasonable manner  (see his opinion piece here). According to the GOP congressional candidates’websites issues statements, with the exception of  Dana Rohrabacher, they are willling to work to reform the immigration system, including to help dreamers.

Rejecting Trump’s bigotry, rather than embracing him, has shown a path towards the restoration of civility.  Some of us protested last night at Theo Lacy Facility which is one place the children are being held:

Immigration Prayer Vigil Held In Orange County

Tonight people of different faiths gathered in Orange County for a prayer vigil in honor of the immigrant families currently involved in the border crisis. Stacey Butler reports.

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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