Shawn Nelson Fully Embraces Trump’s Bigotry on Immigration.




President Trump’s recent words on Sanctuary Cities  “… they protect criminals, they protect murderers, they protect people who you don’t want in the streets…” repeat the rhetoric he used against a large segment of immigrants in his presidential campaign.  Some skeptics at that time insisted that immigrants’ reaction of “existential threat” was overblown and unfounded, but was it?

A message I received from a friend last year indicated that the threat had become a reality close to home, in this town which has opted not get involved in the semantics of sanctuary:

Date: 06/06/2017 Question… do you know anything about INS raids in Anaheim… they went to my aunt’s house looking for my step dad….

This was not an isolated situation involving ICE, whose raids nationwide (often unconnected to any underlying crime or danger) continue to raise the level of fear and harassment: 

  • A large raid took place on a meatpacking plant in Tennessee;
  • there have been raids on the 7-Eleven stores nationwide; 
  • the hotel chain Motel 6 started the practice of giving Latino sounding-names to immigration agents; 
  • the Greyhound bus company allowing Border Patrols officers to question passengers;
  • the death in a car crash speeding away  from ICE staff, of farmworking husband and wife,  Santos Hilario Garcia (35) and Marcelina Garcia Profecto (33);
  • and numerous detentions of immigrant parents taking their children to school. 

Meanwhile, North-County Congressional candidate Shawn Nelson justifies his stand on leading the Board of Supervisors to join Jeff Session’s lawsuit against California Sanctuary Cities thus: “It was my idea because we are put in the untenable position where our sheriff deputies are precluded from talking to federal authorities if they know that the authorities want to pick somebody up, because the person is here illegally, is charged with a crime and our people cannot even talk to the federal government unless there are some exemptions that are met, like prior convicted felons….. We had 244 people as of last week released that we couldn’t stop and our people couldn’t tell ICE officials that we believe ICE wanted to speak and likely wanted to do something about…”

The intention of the “Sanctuary State,” as a result of SB 54, the California Values Act, is to “ensure that no state or local resources are diverted to fuel any attempt by the federal government to carry out mass deportations and that our schools, our hospitals, and our courthouses are safe spaces for everyone in our community.”  Nelson did acknowledge in the interview above that SB 54 does NOT prevent local authorities from turning prior convicted felons over to immigration authorities.  But turning over 244 people to ICE, as Nelson seems to have preferred, sounds a lot like a mass deportation.

As it has been reported, the anti-sanctuary activists in Orange County are mostly a travelling hard-core group tied to the old overzealous anti-immigrant organization, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). See Gabriel’s report here. It is not a surprise that the Trump agenda fits well with this type of organization. What is surprising and disappointing is that Shawn Nelson, calling himself a Proud American, a proven conservative, has taken this anti-immigrant stance.

Another so-called Proud American, the Russia-tainted Costa Mesa Congressman up for re-election who’s long had similar immigration views, has endorsed Nelson for Congress.

But here is a contrary view, from a Revolutionary War hero and the father of our nation’s financial system:


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