The Real State of the Bunion!




If you watch Fox News, like Pro-Trump CNN or MSNBC Pundits, think that Frank Luntz is a Fair and Balanced Polling Source  or are a my Republican Party – Right or Wrong member….then you can kind of switch your mouse right now.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time that could be doing God’s work: helping  out of  wedlock pregnant teenage girls, feeding homeless people, staying up nights with a suicidal LGBT person, helping little old ladies across the street and saving little lost animals.  Maybe, staying up late with a sick friend or neighbor.  Maybe visiting a relative or shut-in with a life threatening illness.  Maybe writing letters to the editor about a local kid that needs help to go to college.  Ah yes, old time American Values.  The days, when new neighbors deserved a visit with a bunch of Welcome Wagon treats.

Well, last night “The Trumpster” gave his GREAT, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, RECORD BREAKING State of the Bunion!  With over 80 minutes of platitudes and 115 stops for applause…..and the greatest bringing together of our nation in history…..the opinion of Americans around the country has been staggering.  Having had occasion to watch over 12 other Presidents give their State of the Union messages, it would be hard to compare to what “The Trumpster” had to say last night.  We have never seen so many Treason prone politicians all in one place or location in our lives.  The message from “The Trumpster” was one of unification, a coming together,of  making of America 1st!  We kept waiting for the “Viva Putin” moment.  Sadly, we didn’t even get the regular “Viva Russia” shout out.  The silence was deafening.  We did have a “Blood Moon Eclipse” however early this morning….which may have been a poetic reminder of where we are as a country.  John Milius made a movie called “Red Dawn”, several years back, which was pretty close.

So, lets see if we can make some sense about the Real State of the Bunion.  The truth is, we have no Union at this point.  We could go to war with the Southern States tomorrow, have them raise the Confederate Flag – have them Succeed from the Union, treat them like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands….and not miss a beat.  We need the current Republicans for Trump to move there. The Trumpster needs to move there.  A few things “The Trumpster” failed to mention last night included: Afghan Heroin Poppy’s, shipped to China and India, manufactured into carfentanyl and fentanyl and opioids and mailed to thousands of locations in the United States.  (Overdoses killing 60,000 folks a year!)

He didn’t mention the HI-B Visa issue that still exists which brings high paying tech jobs to people from India, China and Russia. (Replacing American Workers!) He didn’t mention the 120 countries we have our Military Stationed in throughout the world and why we are engaged in the Sinai deserts of Egypt and Libya and no one is mentioning any of that.  He didn’t bother to mention what kind of jobs this country will need in three years, targeting AI, AV, Stem Cells, DNA Therapy and Cures, 3-D Manufacturing, Robotic Acceleration for all Manufacturing, Drone Developments as Autonomous Weaponry, the coming Global Banking Crisis, The Global Trade Environment and  the failure of renegotiation of NAFTA, TPP and TAP Trade Agreements.

Of course ,maybe we are just “Cherry Picking” things that “The Trumpster” may have overlooked while playing Golf at Mar-a-lago with his  buddies.  Maybe we are just targeting the facts that suit us.  Like the Lightning Bolt that will be coming during the November Mid-Term 2018 elections.  (Creating possibly a Democratic Majority in both houses of Congress) Maybe our priorities are just different.  Maybe we believe that our Global Society requires us to come together as human beings first, understanding that Environmental Pollution, Climate Change, Technology, Human Rights, Personal Freedoms and Peace in the world are pretty important issues.  Maybe we are just plain wrong.  One thing is for sure……nothing that “The Trumpster” and his Mad Cap and Back Slapping Congressional Buddies have to say are meaningful to us……and are just not our cup of tea.  We are looking for someone a little more grounded and serious.  “The Trumpster” mean and brutal approach… not working for us. “The Trumpster” anti-black, brown and yellow…..doesn’t seem to play well either.  Everyone of the Trump supporters that are Anti-Immigrant and call people Illegal, should be required to be Drug Tested to make sure they have the veracity to make those statements about what is illegal.  How many drugs do you take Trump Supporter?

The Real State of our Union….is in great disarray.  We do need a clean sweep of the Congress.  We need to get rid of the Trumpster apologists like McCarthy, Manchin, Heitcamp, Nunes  and McConnell.  Regardless of their party……they are dirty.  They are paid off and they need to retire to areas of private industry to make their chops.  They can all go to work for Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Chema, Big Oil, The Israeli and Russian lobby……..and of course the Military Industrial Complex….where the big money is.  As the Godfather said:  “We don’t care what someone does for a living your understand…..but your business is a little dangerous.  So in answer to your request……we have to say no!”

Congratulations to 37 year old Joe Kennedy for a fine Democratic Response to the Trumpster State of the Bunion. (for those that still don’t get the Bunion comment…..the Administration misspelled the Invitations to the State of the Union Address……)  Congratulations also to the DACA kids…who will be Deported starting March 5th….unless Democrats can plant their butts directly on the line for/ in their defense!


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