Not my Republican Party!




Remember Joe Pyne?  He was a one armed Marine Veteran who was on Radio and the Television in the 1950’s.  Remember Gabriel Heatter, another Radio personality much like, but better than Walter Winchell?  Remember George Putnam, another Radio and Television personality that had opinions?  Then there was Wally George…the outrageous screamer with his band of groupie Surf Nazi’s that yelled and scream on cue?  Morton Downey Jr.? What about Soupy Sales….with his various off color remarks that verged on politically incorrect?  What about the Great Communist Governor of California?  Earl Warren, the later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?  What about the well known Socialist Republican Senator Thomas Kuchel?  The Great Socialist Moderate Nelson Rockefeller?  What about our favorite Senator from California S.I. Hayakawa, well known for sleeping through most of the proceedings until it really mattered?  Senator George Murphy, friend of Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan and a great song and dance man?  What about the John Birch Society?  Think they are still around….just a little undercover.  What about the apparent suicide death of Senator Bill Knowland , his fall from power and his own personal life tragedy in 1965?

Sen Thomas Kuchel (left) with some damn Texan

So many questions and so little time.  The point is: that the Republican Party has change greatly since the 1964 election between Barry Goldwater and LBJ.   The Republican Party in 1967 was reeling from attacks by the Liberals in Washington D.C.  California stood tall and alone with Ronald Wilson Reagan as the Governor of California, standing up the California students that occupied University Offices and was fighting the entrance of the United States into the Vietnam War.  Max Rafferty was running for Superindent of Education against the black man Wilson Riles….which was quite controversial.  Riles won, the Teachers Union took over Education in California.  Junkets to Hawaii and Florida became regular events and the self governance of California Teaching went the way of the Buggy Whip.  Taxes went up for Education and Transportation.  The backlash brought forth a variety of great conservative voices…calling for responsible government, self reliance and growth of infrastructure due to our burgeoning growth in population to nearly 20 million residents.  California, the Golden State had become home to the California Gold Rush and folks from New York, the Midwest and the South….found their way to that land of milk and honey.

Meanwhile, at the National Level, a great moderate wave had taken over the Republican Party.  Richard Nixon was elected and only the more conservative Spiro Agnew of New York seemed a quality Conservative voice.  When Agnew was dumped by Nixon for so-called taking the kids Milk Money…..and Gerald Ford was awarded the VP spot……so that Nixon could be Pardoned…..well, the Republican Party needed someone to pull us out of the malaise.  Why Gerald Ford tried to run against Jimmy Carter reminded us of 30’s College Basketball Point Shaving.  The fix was in.  The one term Carter was easily defeated by Ronald Reagan, and equilibrium was restored for a few weeks, until “someone” wanted to take Reagan out by assassination.  Luckily unsuccessful, our country was able to survive Globalism, taking the lead, because we had a simple choice:  “Lead, follow or get out of the way!” to quote Lee Iacocca.  The Reagan years cemented a Republican Party with values, standards of living and responsible tax policies.  There was a constant negotiation with Democrat Leader Tip O’Neill…and that across the aisle concept seemed to work…even when Moderate George H.W. Bush took over for one term and then Bill Clinton for two terms.  The two warts for Reagan was the Saving and Loan Disaster (prosecuted under Bush the Elder)  and the Iran-Contra Affair…and When George and Laura took over after Clinton……we still could not seem to grasp why we were at war.  Why 911?  Why Iraq?  Why Afghanistan…after we had done so well with just a few CIA?  And why we let Osama Bin Laden escape through Tora Bora.  Why the Hedge Fund…Derivative…Home Mortgage Crash…into oblivion!

When Barack Obama became our President, there was a feeling of relief.  Obama seemed to want to do for folks.  Obama seemed to want to lead the world toward Peace and Prosperity.  Obama seemed to want to take care of our environment.  Obama seemed to want to give women and minorities more opportunities to lead equal lives with the white population of our country.  Obama seemed to actually care about something regarding education and healthcare for Americans.  As a Conservative Republican we could not feel antithetical to any of these things.  They all sounded good to us.  However, there was a huge “Whitelash” going on in our country.  The NRA had accused Obama of wanting to take our guns.  Although, Obama passed NO meaningful legislation or regulations regarding firearms in eight years.  The best they could do was the so-called “Fast and Furious” issue with BATF.  Two agents died, but compared to Waco in the Clinton years…hardly a blip on the screen.  Any excuse to pick on the black guy seemed the call of the day.  Obama understood, that you cannot touch firearms and get elected in this country for President.  Hillary evidently did not get the Memo!

So, what defines a modern Conservative Republican voter in this country today?  Strict Oversight of Waste and Fraud in Government.  Quality Affordable Healthcare and Prescription Drug Pricing.  Firearms Availability and Possession without undue restrictions.  A great and efficient Transportation System for road and rails.  Quality Education for children and young adults.  Environmental Protections for our water, air  and environment.   Fair and Balanced Voting Systems which does not include Gerrymandered Districts.  A system which assists the Homeless in our society to find shelter and address their health concerns.  Affordable Purchase of a Home and also affordable rents.  Oversight of Immigration Laws and meaningful integration of immigrants into our society….at an acceptable rate.  Leading the Global Governance of our planet engaging in conduct designed to achieve World Peace!

The issues ahead for the Republican Party are huge challenges.  They have to control Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Chema and a Military dedicated to intervention around the globe.  The rule should simply be:  The US Military only goes where they are invited and under the strict control of the Congress of the United States.  As our priorities change due to technology and social norms moving quickly into the future, we will need to learn to understand what those changes are and mean to our entire society and the planet.  We are no longer living in a village and this is Not my Republican Party – until they prove themselves to our Nation, not through bogus Tax Reform, completed before International Trade Agreements are concluded – but through deeds to make our nation one we can be proud of….







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