Clickbait Weekend Open Thread: Will Monday’s Eclipse Mean Marauding Coyotes?




Screenshot of graphic from, your best source for OC’s Eclipse-Marauding Coyote News, showing duration and time and extent of maximum eclipse on Monday 8/21.  Remember: don’t look at the sun during the eclipse, as it would keep you from watching for marauding coyotes!

You surely already know about Monday morning’s eclipse, but did you know about the coyote warning?    No, you probably did not!  And is this a cheap clickbait tactic to get you to read the coyote warning by tying it to the eclipse?  Yes, it probably is!  Let’s go to a recent press release from the Fullerton Police Department:

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  1. BigBoxofRedWhine

    If you otherwise missed the news, both Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory passed away this weekend. With all the multiple impending self-inflicted sh*tstorms here on earth, perhaps even the Almighty needed some diversionary humor – or is it “comedians week” ?

    • Greg Diamond

      And how do you think one can perform comedy before an omniscient audience that knows what’s coming?

      • Ron & Anna Winship

        *Dick Gregory….got it…..NO Diet Coke…..No Soy Lecithin and no Hostess Ding Dongs….

        Jerry Lewis….of course was the greatest Grandstander of All Time. He never appeared with Mohammed Ali or Donald Trump however.

  2. Greg Diamond

    Were the Nazis “socialist”? Well, it’s complicated…

    Wait a minute, no it isn’t: NO, they weren’t!

  3. Ron & Anna Winship

    “So, why did the SUN decide not to go to college? He already had a million degrees!”

    The total eclipse of the sun brought back memories of Carly Simon and “You’re so vain!” It made you realize when newly elected President Bill Clinton when he went to the NCAA Basketball Championships he really wasn’t “Grand Standing” as much as the Thumpster and his wife did, as they just tried to take away the stellar moment from the people of Planet Earth. “Keep looking at the sun without the solar shield glasses…eh?” Teach our children well……is probably the message they wanted to convey!

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