Foreign Policy always equals Cash in someone’s pocket!




“The approval by the Congress of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a victory of engagement and competition over withdrawal and complacency. The trade pact, which will eliminate tariffs on goods and services between the United States, Canada, and Mexico over a fifteen-year time span, will create the world’s largest market: some 360 million people, with an economic output of more than $6 trillion a year. The NAFTA thus guarantees that American workers will remain the most competitive in the world and that American consumers will continue to have access to the world’s finest goods and services.”  NAFTA went into effect on January 1st, 1994. When Bill Clinton signed this law into effect in December of 1993, George H.W. Bush his Republican Opponent in the 1992 Election supported the concept which was developed and created under President Ronald Reagan. while  Ross Perot, the Independent challenger in the 1992 Election warned that if NAFTA Passed….”there will be a large sucking sound of jobs leaving our country.”

The population of the United States on January 1st, 1994 was about 256 million people.  In just 23 plus years, the population of the United States has risen greatly and is somewhere between 325 to 340 million people.  The price of everything has gone up dramatically as the demand for housing, transportation, food, medicine and travel has outstripped supply.  To put this into perspective….the current population of the European Union is around 510 million.  Without coincidence the EU was created in 1993 under what they called at the time the Maastricht Treaty.  These trading areas opened up a desire for trade between the borders of countries without tariffs or other impediments to “Free Trade Zones”.  French cheese could come into Germany without an added tax, German sausages and beer to France without penalties.  The markets were designed to increase production and delivery of popular products.  Like automobiles for example!

Meanwhile, the demand for workers grew, both in the United States and the European Union.  Currently in the United States with its population of approximately 323 to 340 million folks, we lose 2.6 million per year by death of all means.  In the European Union, with their population of 510 million they lose just about 5.1 million per year.  Deaths occurs from age, bad medical procedures, accidents and national disasters, crime, terrorism and domestic violence.

In the United States we have approximately 4 million births.  Accordingly, that would mean that we gain 1.4 million people per year, however the actual numbers are closer to 3.3 million a year.  Illegal immigrants, those visiting this country and over staying their visas make for almost 2 million people a year that are or maybe unaccounted for.  When we look at the Euro Zone, they have 5.1 million births annually and 5.1 deaths…..for a more or less flat population.  However, Britain, Spain, France and Italy have had strong increases in population due to the influx of immigrants.  Germany and Romania are actually down in immigrant labor forces.

It may be interesting to note that even if the United States could deport 2 million illegal immigrants a year……our population would still be on the rise.  What is the cost of collecting, adjudication and transportation of 2 million folks a year back to their own countries?  What would be or will be the social implications and ramifications of doing so?

Switching gears; the population of China is just about 1.4 Billion people.  The population of India close at 1.3 Billion.  The Continent of Africa has 1.2 Billion people.  The population of South America is about 450 million folks.  Our point is simple:  Who can Lockheed-Martin sell their warplanes and technology to in the future without worldwide chaos?  Russia has a combined population of 144 million.  India is currently projected to overtake the population of China by 2050 – to over 1.7 Billion people.

There is a major “Sea Change” in process.  The New Paradigm by 2020 will mean a new awakening for our planet.  We are not alone in our gated communities.  We are not alone on this North American Continent.  We are not alone on this puny planet.  We must become a community of Nations.  We will become and create a new Social Contract for survival of our planet.  We will and have to do away with fossil fuels to survive.  There is actually something called Global Warming!  There is actually something called a “Population Bomb”.  New technology will take more and more physical jobs away from people…..perhaps affecting Billions of the population of this planet. Virtual Travel and Robotics, DNA Engineering, 3-D Manufacturing, Driverless vehicles of every description and of course the innovations and technologies yet to be discovered which will again continue to remove old jobs and create new ones.  New jobs, but less.

This discussion all goes down to the German Paradigm:  “Growth only through War or Rebuilding!”  Truly, taking that approach, our determination that 3 billion people must die to have our planet survive… not only ridiculous but environmentally unsustainable.  Our precious earth cannot sustain that type or amount of environmental damage….and may not be able to sustain it even without that type of environmental damage, purely through the growth of our world’s population.  Is there still time to save our oceans – clean them up enough to create space for our fish to grow and repopulate their diminishing numbers? Can the Chemical Giants actually create livable GMO food products that don’t create death?  Can Big Pharma learn to create an endless supply of “cures” which don’t require billions of pills?

For those still stuck in the Carter years – 1976:  The population of the United States after 200 years in 1976 – 218 million.  Gas was 59 cents a gallon, Rent was $200 a month, Average Income was $16,000 dollars, a New House: $43,000 dollars.

The population of the United States in 2017 – 325 to 340 million.  Gas is about $2.90 a gallon.  Rent about $2400 a month, Average Income about $64,000, a New House: $440,000 to $500,00 dollars.

The population of Earth in 1976:  Global population: 4,1 Billion

The population of Earth in 2017:  Global population: 7.1 Billion

In 40 years we have almost doubled the population of our globe.

Currently, the North American Continent has about 567 million people, which includes Central America and the Caribbean.

Many of you reading this, maybe alive to see 15 Billion people inhabit this planet within the next 40 years.

Talk about the lines at Starbucks or the bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 freeway?

We leave you with this one important thought:  Are we part of the Global Economic Trade World…..or not?

And without question:  Foreign Policy always equals Cash in someone’s pocket!

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