Weekend Open Thread: Calif Democratic Party Chair Candidates in OC Sunday and Monday




Kimberly Ellis will be speaking to County Democrats Monday evening at 6:30; Eric Bauman will be in Brea fundraising for his campaign Sunday at 11:30 a.m..

Delegates to the California Democratic Party Central Committee will convene in Sacramento on May 20,  They will be voting for a new Chair to replace beloved, liberal, irascible, and humorously profane old lion John Burton.  The next couple of days will give OC Democrats (or cultural anthropologists studying them) opportunity to meet its two leading candidates for a four year term as Party Chair.

[UPDATE, 8:30 p.m. Sunday!

The Bauman event, I’m told, went well.  Bauman reportedly spoke for something like an hour straight, which means that he surely had a good time.  [Disclosure of conflict of interest: one of my daughters (the younger sister of the DPOC member) ably staffed the event for Jeff and Oni.  (She’s available to work an Ellis fundraiser as well.)]

NOW: This just in from the Ellis campaign:

Monday, April 24
8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Super Antojitos Express #2
1002 17th St, Santa Ana
(between Main and Grand, near the 5)Meet Kimberly Ellis, Candidate for California Democratic Party Chair in Orange County

I’m running to be the Chair of the California Democratic Party so I can bring a revitalized approach to community organizing and connecting with our voters.

Join me and hear my vision to expand the California Democratic Party by engaging under-represented communities, including women, people of color and millennials all across the golden state.

Let’s rebuild our Party in a bigger, better, bolder way and redefine what it means to be a California Democrat!   Free Admission]

First up will be was [further corrections to verb tense will be omitted] current Party Vice Chair and Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Eric Bauman.  He will be present at a fundraiser taking place today (by the earliest time most of you read this) at the home of my brother-in-law Jeff Letourneau and my brother-in-law-for-seven-years-longer Onassis Yumul, in northeast Brea, starting at 11:30 a.m.

I’m supporting the other main candidate, so I’m presenting this information as a courtesy than out of a burning desire to see you contribute, but it’s not solely out of family loyalty that I say this: if you plan to give money to Bauman between now and May 20, this is exactly where you should want to do it.  The ambiance is delightful, the food will be good, space is available, the company will be pretty good (all things considered) — and the chances to talk personally to Bauman in a setting where he’s happy to see you should be ample.  Letourneau is one of the state’s most long-standing, vocal, and avid supporters of Bauman — with whom he goes way back as a fellow LGBT and Union activist — and he will be a major bridge between OC and Bauman if he is elected.  Why would you give money to Bauman anywhere else than this?

Admission to the gathering is $35 for students (and a few other categories I don’t recall), $70 for general admission, and there are higher sponsorship levels as well.  (I’m not publishing Jeff and Oni’s address here because I don’t know whether they’d prefer it, but given their expected approval I’ll get it to anyone with a valid email address who comments here — even anonymously — asking for it.)

      *       *       *

Tomorrow evening at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Hall in Orange, at 1916 W Chapman Ave, Bauman’s opponent Kimberly Ellis will be speaking from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m., just prior to the Democratic Party of Orange County’s monthly Central Committee meeting.  (“Come for the speech; stay for the parliamentary procedure!”)  No admission will be charged, of course.  Bauman spoke to the this same group last month, and hung around outside for questions afterwards.  But, unless you were there, you missed it — so you can go to his fundraiser tonight, and Ellis’s speech Monday night, and probably get a fair sense of what it must have been like.

Ellis is also reportedly having her own fundraiser in OC coming up, but although I am an outspoken Ellis supporter I don’t think that I’ve received the details about it.  (It has been speculated that there might be some concern about secret information leaking from my household to Jeff’s, which I have to admit is not beyond imagining.  If and when I ever have details about such a fundraiser, I’ll be happy to publish it if given permission.)  [Note: the one in the update is free.]

Ellis is an activist and, since 2010, the Executive Director of Emerge California. She also serves on the Finance Committee of the CA Democratic Party and as the Recording Secretary for the CA Democratic Party’s African American Caucus.   Bauman supporters don’t really like people saying this, but many observers liken her to the Bernie Sanders in this race, in which analogy Bauman plays the role of Hillary Clinton.  (He plays it a lot better than Clinton did, frankly.)

As they will point out, Ellis supported Hillary rather than Bernie in the primary — as did pretty much everyone else who gave a damn about their future in party politics, where no superdelegate supported Bernie going into the convention — and only a handful of them were nominally neutral.  This lockstep support came about largely because of aggressive arm-twisting from Hillary’s supporters led by  none other than … Eric Bauman!  Here too, the “smart money” of those who want a future in state party politics is on Bauman, while the more raucous support from the ragtag activists people lacking overweening personal ambition to advance tends to be behind Ellis.  Bauman does have his unquestionably progressive and liberal supporters as well — many of whom have landed prominent spots on state party committees and caucuses.  Hopefully he will continue to pay as much attention to them after the election, if and when he wins.

*       *       *

There is a third candidate in the race, one who actually lives in Orange County, who has had good relations with labor leader Ray Cordova and is chummy with Chumley.  This is Lenore Albert-Sheridan, an ex officio member of the DPOC Central Committee.  She has more or less admitted that she has no chance to win the race: the question people have is whether she was put up to running by supporters of Eric Bauman in order to split the anti-Bauman vote, or whether she came up with the idea of trying to split the vote herself perhaps as part of a plan to ingratiate herself with Bauman.  Honestly, given Lenore’s history with the California Bar Association’s disciplinary process, a discovery that Bauman’s supporters put her up to running could throw a huge wrench into his campaign.  Jeff Letourneau is convinced that Bauman is simply not that stupid — an assessment with which I tend to agree.  Plenty of people who might to win Bauman’s favor — not including Jeff, who hadn’t know of her run before I told him about it last month — are perfectly capable of concocting something this stupid, though.  (I’d hate to be them, if it did happen; “at Lenore’s mercy” is not the sort of place someone should want to be.)

We’ve written about Lenore here and there.  To get a sense of her, you should also read the comments sections of LiberalOC posts here and here, from which I’ll grab a few tidbits while I can.  The first is directed to Chumley:

March 28, 2017 at 11:43 pm

It seems that Lenore Albert Sheridan is looking for something else to do, since her ability to continue practicing law is looking iffy.

Your article omitted the rest of the facts about Albert’s Bar status. They are as follows:

1) The Bar investigated allegations Albert failed to pay sanctions, and recommended a 6 month suspension but she must serve at least 30 days. It is pending approval by the court. Once accepted, Albert will be unable to practice law until she pays the sanctions back in full.

2) The Bar then opened a new investigation and charged Lenore with failing to pay sanctions in another case. Albert, in a fashion true to her, is blaming the other party. Albert has submitted her response, and the Bar still has to rule.

3) THEN the Bar opened yet another investigation, for Albert taking thousands upon thousands of dollars from a client — and not doing the work but keeping the money. Albert has yet to answer how this is also not her fault.

So now Albert wants to lead the CA DNC? Seems like she fits in with all the other sleezy politicians to me.

  • Truth, Refined
    March 31, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    Just to refine Truth post:

    As to first point, the Bar’s Decision (which is linked at the bottom of Lenore Albert’s official State Bar Profile) on the prior case involved 4 (four) case combine to one. She was found to have committed the accused acts on 3 of the four cases. Those three were for non-payment of sanctions orders – for discovery and one for making false claims, a judicial sanction, and for failing to cooperate in an investigation by the bar.

    The bar imposed a one year suspension – stayed – with 30 days actual. Albert sought review. review isn’t complete yet.

    Then another nonpayment of sanctions case was filed in state bar court by the state bar. that is still pending too

    Then a new case filed for Albert – who isn’t a patent lawyer – but took a patent infringement case – took 20k retainer and did not work or associate a patent lawyer to work. that is pending too.

    these are the tips of the iceberg

    • Truth, Refined
      April 3, 2017 at 2:40 pm

      I will add that the pending matters described in the earlier post are “alleged.” Albert has spun a crazy tale of wide ranged conspiracy in her first bar case, and has yet to answer the more recent ones that haven’t gone to trial yet. All of it public info on state bar court website. Look up under name “Albert” for last name, not Albert-Sheridan ….she doesn’t practice under Albert-Sheridan.

(We’ll see what we can of these latest allegations of the person who, if elected, would likely become one of the Democratic Party’s biggest embarrassments.  $20,000 retainer for work for which one is unqualified?  “Gutsy!”, is the nicest thing I can say about it!)

Those comments above are from the recent LibOC piece.  The earlier one is where she herself participates — and note that there is no question that she, a self-proclaimed Bernie supporter (thus trying to steal Ellis’s thunder), talks a good game, even if she doesn’t walk the walk:

May 11, 2016 at 10:15 pm

W, Hackett, I challenge you to show who Lenore has actually helped in the long run. Here is what I know.

– She sued the BAR after many BAR complaints, in an attempt to bully them into not taking action against her. Guess what? Her case against the BAR was DISMISSED.

– She sued Yelp, Ripoff report and many individuals, some of whom were attorneys who were simply winning against her or refused to do free work for her, and many others who were advocates helping homeowners fighting banks.

None of these people she sued were her clients, and none were looking for a “free house”. They were simply people who Lenore Albert defamed, and Lenore sued them for defamation before they could sue her – a victim MO she has.

– Lenore cost the Koshaks over a hundred thousand dollars. After paying Lenore Albert many thousands, upon following her advice they now have a permanent restraining order so they can’t even go back to their old neighborhood.

The Sherrifs know Lenore by name not because they are ganging up against her (how could the entire world be against Lenore Albert? Is the entire world a conspiracy? Doubtful. In fact, the answer is NO.) — BUT BECAUSE LENORE IS SO UNSTABLE THEY HAD TO APPOINT CONSISTENT OFFICERS AT THE HOUSE SO THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO KEEP ORIENTING OFFICERS TO HER ANTICS.

In the words of one of the Sherrifs “Lenore Albert thrives on drama.” Right on.

– The very homeowners and activists Lenore is suing have a collective track record of winning that exceeds Lenore’s.

She is a loser, a terrible attorney and in office she would be a nightmare. Not for the “establishment” for for the human population.

    • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72
      May 14, 2016 at 8:08 pm

      The issue is that there is a permanent displacement of an entire socioeconomic class and I have been fighting hard to stop that process from happening. A vote for me, is a vote in turning this state back in the right direction for the people.

      I have the qualifications. I am a consumer advocate, owning my own consumer law attorney practice for the past 15 years and an economist. I obtained by undergraduate degree in economics and prior to lawschool I was a financial analyst/economic forecaster. In lawschool, I was a legal research fellow and helped create a public policy and economic model for the country of Turkmenistan.

      I have a winning track record as a consumer advocate. My record wins (except for confidential settlements) include Womack v Lovell (in favor of small contractor)


      Lueras v BAC Home Loans (Bank of America) (in favor of homeowner on appeal and thereafter settled on first day of trial);


      Lester v. JP Morgan Chase (n favor of homeowner); Jason Norman v Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co (in favor of homeowner); Woods v UC Regents (in favor of widow); Perlmutter v Cordova West (in favor of elderly tenant); Crutcher v Chandler Lodge (in favor of terminated board member of a nonprofit), and others. I even stopped approximately 1,000 foreclosure sales in California in 2011 in the case of Yau v Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co.

      Verified clients and colleagues who know me, trust me:


      There is no evidence to support your position that I cost Mr. Koshak over $100,000.00. I would never use a family, especially knowing that one Koshak member family is suffering with cancer to support an agenda like you are. I fight against such bully tactics against the elderly and disabled.

      Using the word “truth” in your name, when in fact what you say is refutable, makes you not credible and shows why you are hiding your real identity.

  • Pedro
    June 5, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Good Lord. What a load of a fake reply. This is the same kind of vague, fact-free supportive language that scam companies use in fake endorsements in fake consumer forums.

    And sovereign citizens attacked your law practice? Really? That’s your excuse? Come on now.

    Aren’t sovereign citizens the ones who advocate not registering your cars or insuring them? And yet…

    Take a look also at the Facebook pages of her biggest supporter over the past few months, Ronald J. O’Donnell. O’Donnell also is running for office, State Senate no less, as a Democrat. Yet, he seems to love repeating conspiracy theories about Obama and Hillary Clinton that he gets from less than credible sources.

    Albert herself says multiple former acquaintances and clients of hers are sovereign citizens.

    Albert wants to be elected, because her legal career is in turmoil.
    Her platform might sound nice, for a presidential candidate. But she’s not. She’s a candidate for State Assembly where she will have to work well with others to accomplish anything. From all of her various conflicts and disputes do you think she can do it? I don’t.

    • Realist
      June 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      Oh yes, and about that sov citizen thing she goes on about:

      Albert herself – No registration. No insurance. Loses a case, says client is conspiring with sovereign citizens. Gets a disciplinary charge, says State Bar is conspiring with sovereign citizens. Her car gets repo’ed, says sovereign citizens again. Seeing a pattern here?

      Maybe, just maybe, and I know I’m going way out on a limb here…ok okay, just hear me out…as improbable as it sounds…maybe she just flat sucks and gets her ass sued because of said aforementioned suck.

      Just maybe.

      • Lenore Albert (Sheridan) Candidate for AD 72
        June 6, 2016 at 3:20 pm

        This year I won first day we went to jury trial against Bank of America for fraud and misrepresentation in a home loan modification case called Lueras v Bank of America (BAC Home Loans). Last year I won a jury trial of fraud against the UC Regents for fraudulently obtaining the permission of a widow on an autopsy. I have won multiple other cases. I NOW have a TRO/Workplace Violence order in place against George Olivo who is in jail on separate charges. He is one of the group that started this smear campaign against me. Sheryll Alexander then asked others like Maegan Nikolic, Karen Rozier, and Pam Ragland to join in. Others who are part of this group include Cindy Brown, David Seal, Devin Lucas, Norma White. Greg Diamond and Sherry Hernandez joined this group as well. I will get the IP addresses from you afterward Dan C. because this will go before the judge for inciting harassment in violation of the Workplace Violence/TRO order when George Olivo tried to hit me over the head with a statue and then used these other people to hide it. Karen Rozier is currently listed as a fugitive. Maegan Nikolic has charges pending/probation. CIndy Brown, Sheri Moody, and Rene Powers associates with the Bundy group which are now mostly in jail. These people are not just trolls. They can be dangerous. That is why I authored a resolution about cyber-harassment and am committed to eradicating Sovereign Citizen extremists as our number one Domestic Terrorist threat.

        • June 6, 2016 at 4:55 pm

          I’m sorry Lenore. I don’t surrender IP addresses to anyone.

      • Investig8er
        June 7, 2016 at 8:56 am
        Dan, I would suggest that the real cyber-bully is the licensed attorney, who is bound by a professional code of conduct, who is publicly defaming people with unsubstantiated claims and demanding IP addresses. I would suggest that all of those personally slandered in comment above by attorney/candidate Lenore have been the true victims of cyber-bullying. Unfortunately they are all at a disadvantage as Lenore is the one with the law degree which she uses as a cudgel to aggressively punish anyone who dares to challenge her. For her to taut her “anti-bullying resolution” is the absolute height of irony and hypocrisy!

Well!  I, um,  hadn’t expected to find my name there, let alone being falsely represented as part of the far-right-wing “sovereign citizens” movement, which I can’t stand.  We’ll, errr, have to come back to that.  But I think I finally do recall when I first heard about her.  I think — and Vern may be able to correct me if I’m wrong — that it had something to do with this story.

*       *       *

And, with that, this is your Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about that and whatever else you’d like, within reasonable bounds of discretion and decorum.

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