“Timid Dana” Rohrabacher’s so-called “Town Hall.”




Hahaha — there’s nothing like a little last-minute notice to a select audience!
Wait, check that — this is EXACTLY like a little last-minute notice to a select audience!

Dana Rohrabacher will be holding a tele-townhall at 6:00 p.m. tonight (this post is being published at almost 4:15) for people within the 48th Congressional District.

The call-in number is 714-409-5814

Orange Juice Blog does not encourage anyone from outside of the district to participate in the call — heaven forfend!  But we do encourage those who DO live there to ask good questions and to SEND ANY RECORDINGS THEY MAKE of the Town Hall to us!

Thanks to Chris Epting for the (unwitting) head’s up!

Update, 6:20 p.m.

The first comment on the HB Community forum has appeared — and it explains the scam!

I mean this is a first step, but I still have an issue that I wouldn’t be able to hear other people’s questions. If he isn’t going to have a person to person townhall, maybe at the very least he can have a live stream and questions can be asked via phone or web so that everyone who is watching the stream can hear

If we credit this report, then callers cannot hear the questions being asked!  That means that Rohrabacher’s flunkies can simply ignore any hard questions asked and, if they want to, substitute in their own!

No one would know except for the person who asked the question and noticed that it was not being answered — and that a different question was being answered.  Or — even more dastardly — once someone asked a question that they didn’t like, they could just hang up on that person and they wouldn’t know whether their question was being answered or not!  If the lines were full, then they couldn’t get back into the conference at all; at a minimum, they could be kept off for long enough that they couldn’t hear the answer to their question!

So, does this count as a Town Hall?  NO, THIS DOES NOT COUNT AS A TOWN HALL!

Chicken à la Congressman!  We look forward to any tapes or reports from people who participated!

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