Fullerton to Allow Overnight Parking?


On Tuesday, April 4, the Fullerton City Council will consider immediately lifting a long-standing ban on overnight parking.  If approved, the proposal to allow overnight parking will apply city-wide through July while the city considers a longer term parking policy.

Residents wishing to express their opinion may do so during public comments on Tuesday or e-mail the Fullerton City Council through Council@ci.fullerton.ca.us

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The city’s overnight parking ban hasn’t received much coverage in the last few elections in Fullerton, but anyone who has spent any time speaking with residents south of Chapman can attest the issue draws strong reactions from residents living with the problem.

Arguments on either side of the issue focus on the private cost of demanding residents, typically renters, within multi-family dwellings to undertake stressful extraordinary measures to avoid ticketing versus the public cost of relieving landlords from their inherent personal responsibility to provide adequate parking for their tenants.

To my knowledge, the city has published no studies estimating potential impacts (i.e. what is the public cost, we have a good idea of what the private cost looks like) of lifting enforcement of the current parking ordinance– as such, Tuesday will likely be a heated exchange of opinions and personal observation from residents most impacted by the issue.

Issues affecting residents on a personal level with this type of mass scale rarely come forward for discussion.  If this is something important to you and your family, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Well, maybe not forever– but you’re going to have to live with it until at least July.

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