What happened to Jeff Fisher?  Gone!  Well, we wish him well….he was a great guy – just not Mr. Excitement.  OK, Stubbhub Center and 30,000 crazed Lightning Bolt folks watching Phillip Rivers break our hearts at the end of every season.  Watching Jared Goff, Number 16 on your program doing his On The Job Training…at the Coliseum!  OK, let’s get all three – lets get those Raiders back to LA with the greatest wounded quarterback in the NFL – Derek Carr.  Didn’t that hit remind you of the Carson Palmer moment when he was with the Bengals?  Derek Carr could have actually taken the dreaded Raiders all the way to the big show.  Well, what are you going to do?   When they finish the Carson Facility by 2019……….we could use all three teams!

Let’s hope that with the Rams and Chargers being here – we can actually draw the real deal with the Raiders!  Jack Del Rio is terrific and the most understated coach in the NFL.  Del Rio is everything that Chipster Kelley was not.  Del Rio honestly loves and respects his players…just like Pete Carroll does.  Belichek and Brady too.  How about that Aaron Rogers and the Pack?  This is going to be a deadly playoff week-end in the NFL.  The final four from each Conference and it will be the quick or the dead and out for the losers.

Hopefully Jared Goff will spend this week-end with his receiver corps watching the playoff games together.  Going out a half time and throwing the ball around the neighborhood.  Bonding Goff…..Bonding is the name of the game.  Phil Rivers, catch up on your video games and try to score on every play for once.  Well, the folks here in the Greater LA and Orange County area, are pleased as punch to welcome our Rams and our Chargers…..with a great hope that we could score a Tri-fecta and fetch up those nasty Raiders too!  Too many Team hoodies to buy….that is for sure!

Meanwhile, Congratulations to the San Clemente High School Tritons, who won their Division 1A State Championship for the first time in school history!

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