Fake News steals our time and space!




As all can see, that within the first 48 hours of a new Presidency we have already begun to see what our future holds.  Day after day of meaningless corrections of past events.  The George Orwell “1984” playbook is definitely going to be standard fare for this administration. Let’s see how this simple system works:  (1) The mind can only occupy one idea at a time.  (2) The Press follows the latest lead or event. (3) Reporting events that never happened or happened differently steals the time that should be used to report current events and future concerns. (4) Re-doing history will cause constant confusion, especially for those who were not around when the event actually took place and read the various reports of the same event.  i.e, “The Titanic”, “The Hindenberg”, “World War I”, “The Columbia Disaster”…..things like these.  We really need a modern day historian to start documenting the lies, fake news and misrepresentations of this administration. This system is called:  Reinventing History!  Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Saddam Hussein did it.  It is very popular in certain groups.

Some people call them “Time Bandits”.  They waste our time on/with meaningless trivia – while operating on other essential business to undermine our society.  Some people call them “Demagogues” – those that use the Rights of the people (for example: A Free Press) against themselves.  Some people call them “Agents of Chaos” – those that are designated to get people off the subjects of importance, cause serious problems to unravel and other issues that are truly imminent.  Then we have the greater concept of “Halley’s Comet Syndrome”.  Halley’s Comet comes every 88 years, and came on the birth of Samuel Clemons or Mark Twain.  88 Years Later….Mark Twain passed away, but in between he created a body of work that will last forever.  So, if you want to get someone “Off the Subject”….simply say:  “Look Halley’s Comet!”…metaphorically of course!  This is used to confuse folks and get them off whatever they were thinking.  It really does work…sadly, as the Trump Administration has demonstrated with elan over the last 18 months.  Finally, Fake News!  Fake News is what is created by Presidents, Heads of State, Bloggers, Think Tanks, Lobbyists and a litany of others that believe rightfully so, that the American people are either too lazy or just don’t have the time to “fact check” anything.  The general public then becomes captive of various news sources, of which many are paid off, have their own agenda, have their own set of sponsors to please or simply are afraid they are going to lose their jobs.

Great wisdom was extolled yesterday as one of the Women’s March Protesters in Los Angeles, gave a brief interview with her 10 and 12 year old daughters.  She said:  “I have never gone to a protest in my life, but this event was remarkable.  I never met so many different types of people and agenda’s all in one place and how wonderful they all were!”  When the reporter asked what she thought of the Inaugural of President Donald John Trump….the lady answered:  “I didn’t watch it….I didn’t watch TV or listen to radio the entire day.  I knew there was nothing that was going to happen that would uplift my life!”

So, will propaganda and Goebbels Group move the society into a “thought police world of 1984”?  Maybe, we cannot poo poo anything when it comes to the future.  People laughed when they said back in the 1970’s that smoking should be banned on airplanes.  “They’ll never do that…are you crazy?”  Yep….bat poop crazy folks……..”The Times they are a Changin”…but this time it could be pretty darn bad.

Just don’t forget:  Fake News steals our time and more importantly our space!  So, we leave the Administration with these thoughts:  Fix immigration.  Fix healthcare.  Fix Social Security.  Fix Medicare. Fix the VA.  Fix Iraq.  Fix the New Kurdistan.  Fix our Trade Agreements around the world.  NOW Bucko!……not at your own misrepresenting leisure!  Thanks Newt Gingrich…you are one heck of a guy!  Have any good ideas about any of these subjects?  The American people …..are waiting!

Finally, two outstanding Mark Twain quotes: (1) “Never argue with a man that buys printer’s ink by the barrel.” (2)  “If voting really made a difference…they would never let us do it.”   – Twain learned these great things while working on a Mississippi Riverboat! –    So, in the words of Nancy Reagan….perhaps our best course is:  “Just say NO!”  and tell every one you see….”Just say NO!”  Especially tell the Democrats is Congress!  They really need to use the Newt Gingrich playbook!  The Republicans have had their eight years of fun, now it is time for the Democrats to return the favor!

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