Will she be used and abused AGAIN? STAY AWAY FROM THE MEETING, MICHELE!

NOW NOW NOW!  Read this story from the Voice of OC’s Nick Gerda:

Santa Ana Mayor Calls Special Meeting in Apparent Attempt to Oust City Manager

The gist is that Mayor Miguel Pulido has called a surprise/ambush special meeting of the City Council, deliberately scheduled while his three strongest opponents are out of town for the holidays, to have a snap PUBLIC EMPLOYEE EVALUATION OF PERFORMANCE AND/OR DISCIPLINARY ACTION of Santa Ana’s City Manager David Cavazos.

Messages can be send to Martinez at  Presumably, she can also get calls through the City’s main number at (714) 647­-6900.  (Others are free to post her work number.)

I don’t have a strong opinion on whether Cavazos should stay, although the three Councilmembers whom I trust most (Sal Tinajero, Vince Sarmiento, and David Benevides) want to keep him and the three whom I trust least (Miguel Pulido, Jose Solorio, and Juan Villegas) want to get rid of him.  The outcome is up to the tie-breaking Councilmember, Michele Martinez.

I do have a strong opinion about the process.  This is HIDEOUS.

One of two things is true: Either Martinez wants to get rid of Cavazos, who made apparently meritless charges of sexual harassment against her, or she doesn’t.

If she does, then Cavazos can be removed from office, on a 4-3 vote, at a meeting where his three supporters are present.

If she doesn’tthen she would have to be an idiot or a dupe to show up at today’s meeting and give Pulido the quorum he needs to remove Cavazos.

It doesn’t matter if she goes to the ambush meeting, scheduled for today at noon, and votes against removing Cavazos.  She’s not voting with her finger today; she’s voting with her feet.  If she goes into that meeting and sits down, creating a quorum, then even if she leaves during the meeting she has given them the means to remove him.  (None of the other three will “suggest the absence of a quorum” if she lets the meeting begin and then leaves.)

One can imagine Solorio, that serpent in Eden, sweet-talking her by saying that she doesn’t have to vote against Cavazos, in fact she can vote against firing him, all she has to do and show up and she can have it both ways.  Martinez’s response should be “get thee behind me, Satan!”  If she shows up, she is personally responsible for this meeting taking place and everyone will know it.

Solorio  has already used and abused Martinez once, during the 2012 primary for AD-69, doing damage to her political career that she has only overcome with years of hard work.  Now it will happen again — and they will dump her as soon as they have a more reliable fourth vote.

If she really thinks that Cavazos should go, do it the right way — the straightforward way — the way that does not ruin her political career.  Do it at a normally scheduled meeting.  Don’t be used, Michele!

I’m posting her office email and phone number.  Some people have her private email and phone number, which I’m not posting (and you should not either.)  But HER FRIENDS should see through Pulido’s ruse and tell her to stand firm.  She cannot show up today.  If she does, even to tell her colleagues to go to hell, then the meeting goes forward.  If she doesn’t already understand this, she must be made to understand: if she shows up even to vote against firing Cavazos, she will look like an idiot — which is just fine for Pulido and Solorio.  Her only honorable choice is not to show up at the ambush while three of her colleagues are on vacation.

Stay away, Michele!  Your choice today will mark your political career forever!

It should go without saying, but: if you see Martinez at the Council member, you can try to convince her to leave before the meeting starts, but DON’T verbally abuse or threaten her and DO NOT TOUCH HER IN ANY WAY.  The police, who are on Pulido’s side here, would be very happy to arrest you, and Pulido’s crony Tony Rackauckas would happily prosecute you.  You’ll have to use words that you’d like to see printed on this page.

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