Why the Hell Aren’t You Spending Your Weekend in Nevada?




Fabulous Las Vegas (among other Nevada sites) may determine the next President.  Why aren't you there?

Fabulous Las Vegas (and other Nevada sites) may well determine the next President. Why aren’t you going there?

I’m staying in California through Election Day.  I have dozens of races that I’m interested in here, and I know that there are more people than was in Orange County deeply interested in the Presidential race than all of the others combines, and I’m not going to drop what I’m doing to try to make up for their sloth.

But I’ll tell you — if I were a generally apolitical voter suddenly terrified at the prospect of a Trump Presidency, I would get my ass out to Nevada this weekend — and maybe for longer.  This is especially true if you can make it all the way to Ely or Elko, Mesquite or Winnemucca, Searchlight or Fernley, Boulder City or Carson City, Fallon or Pahrump, or among the third of a million people in Sparks and Reno, and not just the just over a million in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and North Las Vegas.  (But if it’s Vegas you want, that’s good too.)  That’s pretty much all of the cities in Nevada, by the way.

Nevada is currently the closest state of any in the U.S. (according to fivethirtyeight.com) — the only one where the race is within 2%.  California is tied with Maryland and DC and the least competitive contests, with Hillary having over a 99% chance of winning here.  So if you really care about the Presidency more than anything else, then stop preening for your neighbors

Yes, you may be risking your life in what Nevadans call the Cow Counties — but you’re a patriot and you care about the election, so that’s the price you pay.  That’s where the votes that swing the state are, and you need to make sure that the minority of rural Nevadans for Hillary get to the polls in a hostile environment.  You’re not going to affect the Presidential election here — unless you try to do it by phone, which is better than nothing, but it’s closer to nothing than to being there — so that’s your best shot to make a difference.

I worked in Nevada in 2006, I drove a herd there for Obama in 2008, I drove to Freaking Pahrump to do the caucuses this past winter, and I think I’m forgetting one time more.  It’s doable.  And it’s the best thing you can do to affect the Presidential election, if that’s your focus.  Don’t watch the polls, CHANGE the polls!

  • By the way: the smartest thing that Hillary could do right now is to buy a half-hour of prime time on a network and on cable for Monday night and give 15 minutes apiece to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to talk straight to the people about why, if they’re in a swing state, they have to suck it up and give them an Administration that they can influence from the Senate rather than one that will just laugh and ignore them.
  • Also by the way: I think that Democrats are going to lose Wisconsin, largely due to vote suppression.  If Russ Feingold is in trouble there, Hillary must be in peril,  (And yes, Bernie would have won Wisconsin easily.)
  •  I’m trying not to write about the Presidential race with so much going on locally, but it’s hard!

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