Unconfirmed Report: SAUSD Has Secretly Hired ZOMBIE CHARLES MANSON as Its New Deputy Superintendent!




Reports of SAUSD hiring Zombie Charles Manson are as yet unconfirmed -- but the OTHER rumor out there makes no sense at all!

Reports of SAUSD hiring Zombie Charles Manson are as yet unconfirmed — but the OTHER rumor out there makes no sense at all!

Dateline Santa Ana, Nov. 28, 3:30 P.M.:

We’re hearing disturbing yet intriguing rumors that the Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Trustees hired ZOMBIE CHARLES MANSON last month to become its new Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Affairs.  This is, of course, a bold but astounding choice, if true, although sources familiar with the relevant body of cinematic work have pointed out that, as a zombie, the still relatively freshly dead Manson would no longer have the same charisma and communicative skills that made him a menace to society almost 50 years ago.  Besides which: in a position that would keep him away from teachers and schoolchildren, Zombie CM would not be constantly tempted by the presence of brains.

This development would explain the extreme secrecy in the hiring process.  An item on SAUSD’s closed session agenda a couple of weeks ago allows us to see the new Deputy Superintendent’s employment contract — which gives a strong clue that something highly unusual was going on.  (You can see the appointee’s Contract of Employment starting at p 232 of this link.)  The contract not only omits the prospective hire’s name but also the gender, using “his/her” language throughout.)  Initially, this appeared to be a nod to “genderqueer” sensibilities, but on reflection the notion that they were not sure whether their hire was a “he” or an “it” seems much more probable.  Again, we need to emphasize that parents need not be afraid of Manson’s aged, shambling, and supernatural presence in the District office, as this position does not involve much if any direct student contact.  (Still, parents might want to rethink letting their kids get involved in student government, just to be safe.)

Manson does not have much of a known record as a classroom teacher — but that’s not so surprising, given that the other rumored hire for the Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services position, Edmond T. Heatley (or, to be fair to all concerned, Edmond T. Heatley) doesn’t have much of one either.

Orange Juice Blog is inclined to dismiss the secret hiring of Heatley as preposterous, because such a controversial nominee would certainly involve public scrutiny.  (Unless, theoretically, it was not revealed until just after an election.  Hmmm.)  Heatley, after all, was already the focus of widespread ire back in 2013, when when he was under consideration to become SAUSD’s superintendent, rather than the Deputy.  Art Pedroza had this guy’s number back then, as you can read here.

And, at any rate, why would the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Trustees want to hire a man who wrote (or perhaps had ghost-written, though he hasn’t denied writing it) the following paragraph before the 2008 election, when he was working for the Chino Valley Unified School District?

“If Proposition 8 is not successful, then school districts throughout California will inevitably be required to adjust their policies and curriculum to align with the Court’s recent redefinition of marriage. “This resolution also recognizes that the ideal learning environment for children is within a nurturing home governed jointly by a mother and a father as primary educators of their children.”

Clearly, the Trustees would know that this information would come out before long and blow up in their faces.  It makes much more sense that their surprise for constituents was something that at least had some pizzazz — School District appoints nation’s first former mass-murdering zombie administrator, argues against prejudging anyone based on color or life status — rather than someone who has the demonstrable bad record of Heatley!

If you’re unfamiliar with Heatley, you can check out this 2012 piece of reportage from up in Berkeley, which almost hired him at the time — but then thought better of it.  (Manson, of course, was not yet dead, let alone zombified.)

And … Heatley is even part of the Orange Juice Blog’s archives, featuring prominently in comments the 2013 SAUSD Open Thread.  (Are we going to have to dust this off again?  I’m guessing so.)  Here are some choice ones:

  1. Concerned

    As the district begins its search for a new Supt., the rumor mill is rampant with the name of Edmond Heatley. I strongly urge everyone to do their homework and understand what this man is about. He will not be a good fit for our district. We must work with the board to ensure that they select a candidate who is a good fit for our students, staff and parents. Please “google” his name and educate everyone you know about this man.

  2. Annon C

    Is this the guy? Go to the link for the complete article.

    Edmond Heatley withdrew his candidacy for the superintendent position of the Berkeley Unified School District Tuesday, according to an alert released by the district.

    Following the announcement of Heatley as the sole finalist for the position last month after the search began last December, dozens of students, teachers and community members said the candidate would not fit in Berkeley due to what they say is his top-down management style, excessive emphasis on standardized testing and strong support of a proposition against gay marriage.

    • Annon C

      Simply SCARY!!

  3. Concerned

    I hope SAEA is aware of this. Do you know if anyone has brought this to Susan Mercer’s attention?

  4. Annon C

    SAUSD – 0 steps forward and 3 steps back.

  5. Annon C


    Community members at the meeting emphasized Heatley’s background as a graduate of The Broad Foundation — a national organization that seeks to transform public education through a free-market model.

    “The Eli Broad free-market approach is antithesis of a democratic institution,” said Yvette Felarca, a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School and a BAMN national organizer.

    Many speakers at the meeting also referenced a Sept. 4, 2008, memo from Heatley — then superintendent of the Chino Valley Unified School District — urging a Chino Valley School Board resolution in support of statewide Proposition 8, which restricted same-sex marriage.

    “(Hiring Heatley) will send a message to my 8-year-old daughter that her family is not as good as others,” said Berkeley High School teacher Sarah Cline. “I don’t believe you have the right to hire someone who does not reflect the values of our community.

  6. Concerned

    As I continue to research this individual, I’m becoming increasingly concerned that hiring him would be counter-productive. And now it’s come to my attention that this man is rumored to be romantically involved with the head of Business Services, Stefanie P. Phillips, Ed.D., CBO. Stephanie has been actively pushing for him to be hired according to a little birdie at the DO. If this is true, the Director of Business Services reports directly to the Superintendent. Wouldn’t that be a cozy little arrangement?

    More importantly, there is wealth of negative information on the net about Edmond Heatley. I’m still searching for the positive.

  7. Annon C

    Edmond Heatley is a supporter of this guy:

    Who is Eli Broad and why is he trying to destroy public education?


    Nowhere is this more evident than in the full-scale assault on public education that has been escalating for the last ten years since the Bush administration instituted the No Child Left Behind law in 2001. Basing itself on rating schools by high stakes testing, combined with declining federal support for education, NCLB has led to wide scale vilification of public school teachers for social conditions over which they have no control. This is being used all over the country as a pretext for closing schools in mostly urban school districts with large numbers of low-income families. As a result, we once again are faced with an increasingly segregated educational system where the children of middle class and slightly better off working class families are transferred into charters which are given advantages in student selection and funding, while the children of low income families are increasingly being left behind in deteriorating public schools. These ever worsening urban public school systems, which already having been inequitably funded for decades compared to wealthy suburban school districts, are being systematically starved of funding.

    See link for the entire article.

  8. Concerned

    This is the kind of information that concerns me regarding Edmond Heatley. I urge everyone to contact representatives of the unions, school board members, etc. This guy is another lawsuit waiting to happen.


(If it’s not too much to ask, could some people express these concerns under their own names this time?  It might make for more effective opposition.)

The hiring of Heatley over Zombie Manson and other potential candidates is unlikely because it would raise the question of whether the people pushing him — Eli Broad’s charter vampires, for sure, but also just people who want to see more emotional problems for LGBT students — are simply ravenously insatiable to get him into the top spot sooner or later.  So we’re confident that Heatley’s career in Santa Ana education is dead and buried and can’t be resurrected.

And let’s be realistic: the members of the Board are politicians.  They’d never do something that crazy, and in a way that likely to make me go pore through my copy of the Brown Act, would they?  No, we’re pretty sure that it’s Manson, and we welcome him back to the land of the living, so long as he behaves.

UPDATE, 4:00 p.m.:

Well, this is embarrassing.  But, in our defense, it hardly seemed possible.  I mean, he was stone cold dead, right?

The SAUSD Board of Trustees’ secret hire was, indeed, Edmond T. Heatley.  In fact, he reportedly started work today.  Orange Juice Blog was unable to reach Zombie Charles Manson — who we’re beginning to believe may not actually exist — for comment.

The hiring of Heatley — in a way that deliberately precluded public comment about him — does however raise a question or two about transparency.



We’ll keep a drooping, distended, and fly-infested eye on the story — and on the Brown Act.  And on the District Staff that, more than likely, successfully slipped a fast one past the insufficiently inquisitive Board.

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