“Subsidy Steve” Faessel Should REALLY Know Better; With Great Effort, He Avoids It




The OTHER "Subsidy Steve": Note that Ricardo's original title was the far less inflammatory "xx" and that the last paragraph was added in editing.

The OTHER “Subsidy Steve,” the Disney Drone who really ought to know better.  (Note that courtly Ricardo’s original headline was the far less inflammatory “A Call to the Least Objectionable of the Subsidy Four Endorsed Candidates” — and that the last paragraph was added in editing to echo the headline.)

To the great satisfaction of its proponents (who did not include candidates Jordan Brandman and Lucille Kring), the district election process has already produced what was expected in terms of greater interaction among neighbors.  If the candidates were not already familiar with the concerns of the communities they will represent, they are quickly learning about them, especially in the East flatland and West side districts of the city (which do not yet host council members.)  In the two central districts, the incumbents council member candidates, Kring and Brandman, are having a hard time trying to defend their records supporting the subsidies to the resort area and their votes on other controversial issues.

The candidates in my district had failed to attend the recent meeting of the local District Neighborhood Council, which is considered the essential forum where the concerns of the neighbors are presented. They all apologized and offered their assistance dealing with the issues. One of the candidates, Steve Faessel, is a long term resident in this district, lives very close to the area where the meeting took place and which issues were presented to the candidates in writing. As Mr Faessel has participated in several city commissions, he offered to help by facilitating meetings with the pertinent city departments.

So far the process of getting to know ourselves as neighbors, of discussing our problems and brainstorming how to solve them is working. The candidates have caused a good impression for their willingness to know our issues and resolve them.

The problem is not their willingness and varying degree of problem-resolution20161106_130535 expertise, but their position on the central financial factor defining the budgetary priorities of the city, which is the subsidies to the resort industry.

Out of the four candidates, Mr Faessel is the only one supporting the subsidies, which has created doubts on his ability to effectively address the neighborhoods’ problems. Just this weekend another wave of pro-subsidy financed propaganda supporting Mr Faessel hit my district, this time from the “Moving Orange County Forward” group, a Disney “front.”

By now, everybody should have read the VOC‘s Disney Breaks Its Own Spending Record in This Year’s Anaheim Council Election :

Disney has spent at least $904,000 on 10 different groups that in turn have directed over $1 million into supporting and opposing Anaheim council candidates… The Disneyfunded groups have spent $865,000, mostly on mailers to voters, supporting Brandman, Kring, Lodge, and Faessel; and $203,000 opposing Moreno, Lopez, Ferreras, and Barnes… Most of the Disney spending has flowed through a committee called “Moving Orange County Forward.

anaheim alleyIn addition to the subsidy problem, the candidates need to get familiar with the diversity of our communities, especially with those most neglected,  During the 2012 election cycle (in which Kring and Brandman won office, the former by hiding her true positions), these issues were already being exposed in discussion of the Other Anaheim:

“[The] 1% idea (allocation from the TOT to neighborhood improvement) …does not represent shifting away from the perverted priorities that prevail. It strikes me as a slim ‘say to play’ bone thrown out to the working class residents. The statistical choice of 1% in the era of Occupy’s binary rhetoric is rather telling! Let them eat tres leches cake! …

The tone of questions regarding policing was actually quite striking (not in a good way) and underscored a deep disconnect between most of the candidates and the working class residents of Anaheim. You are wise to invoke Luis Rodriguez (Vice Presidential candidate of the Justice Party.) A Mayor or council members in the know would have phoned folks like Rodriguez and Father Gregory Boyle *before* unrest ever broke out. Instead, the first effort after was to corral the Ducks, Angels and Disney as corporate “philanthropists” of a ‘Heal Anaheim’ farce…

…. Wait a minute! my produce marketa was torn down in the name of progress, here in State College and La Palma. It was replaced by a drive-in Starbucks! They’d better stock up on plywood panels, and keep them handy when the outcome of the investigation on the police shootings is released. Don’t we love Anaheim?!”

Some supporters of the subsidies may genuinely believe that they are necessary to benefit the residents. A significant large number of residents do not think so, and some of us will be willing to consider that there are tangible benefits when the neglected neighborhoods issues are resolved. Until then, I hope that neighbors like Mr Faessel are willing to reconsider their position as well.

If the subsidies to already rich entities and the neglect to significant sections of the community continue, we may end up with more expressions of social unrest.

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Steve Faessel — like his three opponents — is smart enough to know this, as his opponents already do.  It must take a great amount of effort for a man of his experience and intellect not to know that what is being vended by his wealthy supporters is a nicely wrapped basket of lies.  Or, alternatively, not to care what happens to his city — and his brand new district.  But the money in not knowing and not caring — in blinding himself to the realities of today’s Anaheim — is quite good!

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