Steve “Chavez” Lodge is a Very Bad Man (Part One) — “Let’s Go to the Video Replay”




lodge assaultI am shocked, and frankly horrified, at the number of West Anaheim residents who have lost their collective minds in their support of council candidate Steven Albert Chavez Lodge. Yes, yes, I know, he’s running around telling everyone he is going to solve the homeless issues in West Anaheim. The guy may as well claim to hold the patent on aluminum foil. Seriously.  Homeless services and mental health services (which MUST go hand in hand for effective results) are the job of COUNTY government. The City of Anaheim lacks the resources, the knowledge and skill sets, and the LEGAL AUTHORITY to pursue resolution for homeless individuals. Never mind that Lodge has NO EXPERIENCE NOR EXPERTISE in the issues of homelessness, having retired from Santa Ana Police Department long before homeless services were a “thing” with law enforcement.

All that said, even IF Lodge had an iota of ability to resolve homelessness, the rest of the evidence against him is so putrescent that it outweighs any good he might bring to the dance. Keeping in mind, he doesn’t.

Case in point. We know of Lodge’s long and sordid history of violence and misdeeds while serving in the SAPD. Beating a jaywalking suspect to the point that a jury awarded PUNITIVE DAMAGES into the six figure range. Harassing a Latina bar owner. Falsely imprisoning someone on bogus murder charges to rack up his own “victories” (and making it into the “OC’s Hottest People” list for that record of “wins.” And of course, Lodge always seems to have some reason to excuse his behavior, as though violence is routine in arresting people (who may or may not NEED to be arrested.)

But how about AFTER his time in SAPD? How has Lodge conducted himself while NOT tasked with cuffing the bad guys?

The entertainment news people have widely reported Lodge’s restraining order, brought by a gentleman named Michael Thomas, according to records. Lodge explained away the incident claiming the man was sleeping with his wife.

lodge gossip restraining order

Now keep in mind that marriages come apart on a daily basis. Indeed, this is Lodge’s THIRD (or is it 4th? I lost count) marriage so he is no dewy-eyed pup dealing with the loss of his first crush. All divorce is sad, but for the most part folks don’t walk around beating the crap out of others in public settings over it.

I have been tipped off to a piece of video claiming to be LODGE, in what sure looks like hotel security camera footage in a hotel lobby. The incident appears to match the events outlined in the restraining order…except Lodge claimed he felt “threatened” by the other man’s physical gestures. Watch the video and see for yourself:

Now, whether you believe Lodge felt threatened, whether you believe Lodge is justified in decking a man who he claims was fooling around with his wife, the question to ask yourself is, “Is this the character of someone who should be on the City Council, approving official policies for the Police Department already wrestling with tension between officers and the community rooted in claims of violence?”

This is NOT an isolated incident of one time in the heat of passion defending his marriage and marring an otherwise unblemished character assessment. Lodge has a documented history of violent behavior backed by a narcissistic habit of excusing his behavior rather than owning it and paying the consequences for it.

Nancy West - Lodge - Duplicitous!

Much more Lodge badness to come…


A call-out from the restraining order, courtesy of Nancy West!

Lodge - Restraining Order Call-out


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