UPDATED! Election Night Results for Every OC Race (All But 35) That We Could Call on Election Night — and WHAT’S LEFT!




Voters were angry! But not so much here, actually, so we'll change this graphic later.

Voters were angry! Not so much here, actually –it’s like we’re in a different country from most of the U.S. — but we’ll stick with this graphic for now, because it somehow seems to work.

NOTE:  Writing this piece took a long, long time, because we were distracted from important local politics by some nagging national story that we couldn’t quite avoid.  With some time to regroup, though, we’ve figured out how we’d like to present the results of this election.  All but about 35 races in OC were more or less settled by Election Night (which actually extended to about 2 a.m., but we’re still going to call it Nov. 8).  This will be where we list them and (loosely) keep track of them if any of them start to change.  The unsettled races will be followed in daily updates.  We’re covering federal and state legislature, school boards, city councils, water boards and other special districts, and local ballot measures, before we finish with a look at the state ballot measures.  After that, look to the daily updates of races that weren’t settled on Nov. 8, which we’ll probably port back to here.

Like everyone else, I’d like to write about the Presidential race — how the Deplorables beat the Insufferables — but I have a self-appointed job to do first, and that’s to let you know what happened last night.  And to remind you that last night is not the end of the vote counting process; most races are still beyond reach, but other results may still be affected by what’s left to count — you might want to bookmark that page, because the 410,480 uncounted ballots number is likely to grow — and it’s worth knowing the difference.

We’ll also follow our usual practice of keeping track of WHAT’s LEFT TO COUNT right here at the top so that we can be aware of how and when it changes.  Here’s the Nov. 8 posting:

Total Ballots Left to Count, NOV. 8

Total estimated number of ballots to count (after Election Day): 410,480

Total estimated number of ballots counted (after Election Day): 0

Total Estimated Left to Count: 410,480

Vote-by-Mail Ballots Left to Count

Total estimated number of vote-by-mail ballots to count: 95,806

Total vote-by-mail ballots counted: 0

Total estimated number of vote-by-mail ballots left to count: 95,806

Provisionals Left to Count

Total estimated number of provisionals to count: 108,000

Total provisionals counted: 0

Total estimated number of provisionals left to count: 108,000

Vote-by-Mail Ballots Returned at the Polls Left to Count

Total estimated number of vote-by-mail ballots returned at the polls to count: 184,174

Total vote-by-mail ballots returned at the polls counted: 0

Total estimated number of vote-by-mail ballots returned at the polls left to count: 184,174

Election Day Paper Ballots Left to Count

Total estimated number of election day paper ballots to count: 22,500

Total election day paper ballots counted: 0

Total estimated number of election day paper ballots left to count: 22,500

Eligible Vote-by-Mail Ballots received after Election Day Left to Count

Total estimated number of eligible vote-by-mail ballots received after Election Day left to count: 0

Total eligible vote-by-mail ballots counted: 0

Total estimated number of eligible vote-by-mail ballots left to count: 0


Also, bear in mind that OC voting totals show only OC results, so races that spread over more than one county, like Josh Newman’s race in SD-29 and Doug Applegate’s race in CA-49, require looking up each county separately.  Luckily, I’m going to do that for you, at least for now!  Please refer to THIS RESULTS PAGE, which will be updated at 5 p.m. today, and every day until it’s all complete.



(Despite the “present tense” language, all of the descriptions are as of the final report on Election Night.)  These will eventually be supplemented with final results as they come out, but that’s not a priority.  If the result in a race changes significantly, it will be noted here and coverage will be moved to the daily updates.)

  1. OC voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham something, for the first time since before the Great Depression.  Didn’t help.
  2. OC voted for Kamala Harris over Loretta Sanchez for U.S. Senate.  My hope: Loretta primaries Lou Correa in 2018!
  3. In CA-39, Brett Murdock is at 41.5% across the three counties.  His numbers will improve in later ballots, but he’s not going to win.  Still, this is a good result after a heroic effort, because Ed Royce did not ignore the Democrat, as he usually can.
  4. Gregg Fritchle trails by a similar margin to Philip Chen in AD-55.
  5. In CA-45, Mimi Walters led Ron Varasteh by 19 points.
  6. In CA-48, Dana Rohrabacher led Suzanne Savary by 18.  Both this and the above race will likely narrow a little, but what I said before goes about Congressionals race in south county still goes (see next entry) ….
  7. … the only race in play was Doug Applegate’s against Darrell Issa  in CA-49.  As it stands, Applegate leads Issa by 7,689 votes in San Diego — 67,673 to 59,984 — in SD County, while Issa’s ahead by 11,969 — 33,700 to 22,031 — in OC.  Is this settled?  Probably not.  That 4,280 difference is formidable but surmountable with late ballots coming in within both counties.  Democrats should have dropped almost everything else to pour resources into beating Issa — but we couldn’t because we had a bunch of Santa Ana cronies to promote.  This race will go into the NOT SETTLED category and be included in future recaps, until it’s over.
  8. SD-29Josh Newman against Ling-Ling Chang.  See the “WHAT DID NOT GET SETTLED” section below, and future updates.
  9. Same goes for AD-65: it’s NOT SETTLED, although Sharon Quirk-Silva tends to do well in later counts, so things look good for her in her race against Young Kim.
  10. SD-37: John Moorlach led Ari Grayson by 16%, which is actually a very good performance by Grayson.
  11. In Assembly District AD-68Steven Choi beat Sean Panahi by 22% — a race that Brian Chuchua could have won over the unpopular Choi had Panahi not entered the race and took away the Democratic vote.
  12. Matt Harper leads Karina Onofre in AD-74 by a probably insurmountable 13-1/2 points.
  13. Tom Daly leads Ofelia Velarde-Garcia in AD-69 with a 40% margin.
  14. Bill Brough leads Mesbah Islam in AD-73 with a bit under a 40% margin.
  15. Travis Allen leads Lenore the Suspended Lawyer in AD-72 by 18% in AD-72.
  16. In the North OC Community College DistrictED LOPEZ leads Art Montez by 10% in Seat 2, with a Ann Marie Stinson getting 27%.  We’re calling it — and that’s a real highlight of the election!  Ryan Bent leads Barry Wishart by a whole lot in NOCCCD Seat 7.
  17. Nothing will change in the three Coastline Community College District races; all three incumbents are in the mid-60% range.
  18. In the four Rancho Santiago Community College District races, Zeke Hernandez will step into Jose Solorio’s shoes in RSCCD Seat 1 with 60%.  Nelida Yanez and Arianna Barrios have safe margins in Seats 3 and 7.  Seat 5 is “NOT SETTLED.”
  19. In the South Orange County Community College DistrictBobbe Jay has a pretty comfortable, though not insurmountable, lead in Seat 3, but I’m calling it settled at this point.  Jim Wright trounced Mike Dalati, who lost twice tonight, in Seat 6.  I’d consider Seat 4NOT SETTLED.”
  20. Brea-Olinda USD:  Dwight Manley’s catspaw Paul Ruiz and incumbent Gail Lyons have the first two spots.  The third spot is NOT SETTLED.
  21. Capistrano Unified:  Amy Hanacek (#1) and Jim Reardon (#2) are both safely reelected, and our endorsed candidate Patricia Holliday captures Seat #3.  Incumbent Gary Pritchard is probably safe in Seat 5 — I’m calling this, though that could be retracted — and he leads by 4.8%.  I’d think that later-counted ballots would help rather than hurt him.
  22. Garden Grove USDTerri Rocco is probably safe in Seat #1 with an 8% lead over the better of two opponents.  I’m calling it.  In Seat 5, sad to say, voracious multiple Board Member Dina Nguyen has unseated incumbent Linda Paulson-Reed.
  23. Irvine USD: Everyone expected that the top two would be Lauren Brooks and Paul Bokota, who finished in that order.  The race for the third seat is NOT QUITE SETTLED, so see the update pages.
  24. Laguna Beach USD:  Peggy Woolf and Jan Vickers appear safe.
  25. Los Alamitos USD: the three incumbents have been re-elected.
  26. Newport-Mesa USD:  Incumbents Vicki Snell and Dana Black in 1 and 6 seems safe.  Seat 3 is NOT SETTLED.
  27. Orange USD: Incumbent John Ortega and newcomer Brenda Lebsack are safe.
  28. Placentia USD:  The incumbents appear to have been safely reelected.
  29. Saddleback Valley USD:  The incumbents and Edward Wong appear safe.
  30. Santa Ana USD:  Ceci Iglesias and Rigo Rodriguez have secured the first to seats.  The third is not settled.
  31. Tustin USD: The incumbents are safely re-elected.
  32. Fullerton High School Dist.:  In Seat 2, fan favorite Joanne Fawley finally makes it onto a school board, with a 23% margin!  In seat 3, incumbent Andy Montoya has a 73% margin.  We consider that safe.
  33. Huntington Beach USD: The incumbents are safely re-elected.
  34. Anaheim Elementary Area 1:  Jackie Filbeck has a safe 22% lead.
  35. Buena Park Elementary: Barbara Michel is safe in Area 3.  Area 4 is NOT SETTLED.
  36. Centralia Elementary: Seat 3 — on the bubble, but we’ll say NOT SETTLED.
  37. Cypress Elementary: Donna McDougall safely in.
  38. Fountain Valley Elementary: incumbents safely re-elected.
  39. Fullerton Elementary #5:  Jeanette Vasquez cruises into office.
  40. Huntington Beach ElementaryAnn Sullivan and incumbent Bridget Kaub safely in, in that order.
  41. La Habra Elementary:  Sandra Baltes and John Dobson.
  42. Ocean View Elementary:  Gina Clayton-Tarvin is reelected.  The second spot is NOT SETTLED.
  43. Savanna:  The incumbents were safely re-elected.
  44. Westminster Elementary:  Jamison Power was re-elected.  The second seat is NOT QUITE SETTLED..
  45. County Supervisor, Seat 1:  Real close to settled, but NOT QUITE SETTLED.
  46. Aliso Viejo:  Incumbents safely re-elected
  47. Anaheim District 1:  NOT SETTLED
  48. Anaheim District 3:  NOT SETTLED
  49. Anaheim District 4Lucille Kring beats Arturo Ferreras by 17% margin, with the help of two ethnic minority candidates who siphoned off a combined 26% of the vote.  Oh, and Disney money, of course.  Conveivably not settled, if there’s a tidal wave of provisionals here, but 1,175 votes is a whole lot to make up for a candidate who has only received 1,988.
  50. Anaheim District 5:  As with District 4, it’s not impossible that late ballots and provisionals could make up a 945 lead that Steve Faessel has over Mark Lopez — but I’m still calling this one settled.
  51. Brea Council: Incumbents re-elected.  Christine Marick comes in ahead of Marty Simonoff, too!
  52. Brea Treasurer:  Under the special circumstances of the races, I’m going to call this NOT SETTLED despite the 4.4%, 528-vote margin.
  53. Buena Park:  Incumbents re-elected in both seats.
  54. Costa Mesa:  Sandy Genis and John Stephens BOTH WIN, meaning that the Righeimer faction will LOSE CONTROL OVER COSTA MESA for the first time in what seems like a century.  (Time does not fly when you’re not having fun.)  The third seat is NOT SETTLED.
  55. Cypress:  incumbents safely re-elected
  56. Dana Point: Debra Lewis and Paul Wyatt safely elected.
  57. Fountain ValleySteve Nagel safely re-elected; Cheryl Brothers pretty safely re-elected, seems like.
  58. Fullerton:  Jennifer Fitzgerald and Bruce Whitaker safely re-elected.  Third spot NOT SETTLED — but we feel pretty good about it!
  59. Garden Grove: Safely elected are Steve Jones (Mayor), John O’Neill (District 2), Thu-Ha Nguyen (District 3, short term), Stephanie Klopfenstein (District 5).  Margin in District 6 is under 500, so I’d calling it NOT SETTLED — although it’s certainly leaning hard.
  60. Huntington Beach: Jill Hardy is re-elected and Lyn Semeta is elected.  Patrick Brendan has a big lead over Ron Sterud — who finished ahead of Joe Carchio — but while it’s compelling it may not be entirely safe.  No need to see below; that’s all we’ll say for now!  The City Clerk and City Treasurer were re-elected.
  61. Irvine MayorDon Wagner is 2,700 votes and 5.2% ahead of Mary Ann Gaido.  Probably safe — enough so for me to call it — but I’d eagerly await to see the provisionals for UCI voters..
  62. Irvine Council:  Christine Shea and Melissa Fox safely elected over Anthony Kuo and Farrah Khan, in that order.  If we make the safe assumption that at least 2,000 of Khan’s 11,000 voters cast a second vote for Shiva Faravar or Anila Ali or another candidate or no other candidate, what this means is that had Democrats heeded the call to vote for the two DPOC-endorsed candidates, Christine Shea would be headed off of the City Council right now. This didn’t happen for one big reason — because Fox didn’t want to risk losing the second spot to Khan — despite the likelihood that both could have won.  Great party loyalty, everyone!  Now Fox can be part of a 4-1 minority, hoping for a 2-2 GOP split, rather than part of a 3-2 minority that only had to pick off one of three targets to get its way.
  63. Laguna Beach: Councilmember Bob Whalen, the Clerk, and Treasurer were safely re-elected.  It may be wishful thinking, but I consider the second seat to be NOT SETTLED.
  64. Laguna Hills: Janine Heft and Dore John Gilbert safely in.
  65. Laguna Niguel:  Both incumbents and John Mark Jennings safely elected.
  66. La Habra:  All three incumbents safely re-elected, despite the first real fight for their seats in years.
  67. Lake Forest: Leah Basile is in, the second spot is NOT SETTLED..
  68. La Palma:  No contest
  69. Los Alamitos: Challenger John Wilson is safely in.  The second spot is NOT SETTLED., but we like how it’s shaping up!
  70. Mission Viejo:  Patricia Kelley and Brian Goodell safely elected.
  71. Newport BeachBrad Avery in District 2 and OJB-Endorsed Will O’Neill in District 7 are both safely in.  District 5 is HIGHLY, AS IN “ANY ONE OF THE THREE CANDIDATES CAN WIN” NOT SETTLED..
  72. Placentia:  Ward Smith and Jeremy Yamaguchi are in.  The third spot is TOTALLY NOT SETTLED.  For Treasurer, it’s probably Kevin Larson, but not a mortal lock.
  73. RSM:  The stinkin’ incumbents win.
  74. San Clemente:  Chris Hamm in; the second spot is NOT SETTLED..
  75. San Juan Capistrano:  Sergio Farias in District 1; Brian Maryott in District 5.
  76. Santa Ana:  Pulido still Mayor.  Sarmiento still in Ward 1.  Juan Villegas ejects Roman Reyna in Ward 5.  (NOW, will you please oppose Poseidon, Roman?)  In Seat 3, Jose Solorio rides a tidal wave of money to a victory with 43%.  In highsight, DPOC really should have endorsed Ana Urzua Alcaraz.  It was a shame to have three plausible and attractive alternatives to the Solorio Party candidate.
  77. Seal Beach:  Schelly Sustarsic in District 4.  District 2, TOTALLY NOT SETTLED.
  78. Stanton:  Incumbents win, again, over Kevin Carr.
  79. Tustin:  Chuck Puckett, Leticia Clark, and Allan Bernstein, in that order, look pretty safe.
  80. Villa Park:  Both seats are TOTALLY NOT SETTLED.
  81. Westminster: Tri Ta re-elected Mayor.  For Council, Sergio Contreras is safe and wonderful Diana Carey finishes third, with Kimberly Ho taking the second spot — unless she is bounced out on residency issues!
  82. Yorba Linda: Tara Campbell and Gene Hernandez are safe.  The third spot is NOT SETTLED., but it looks like incumbent Craig Young could lose!  See below!
  83. Rossmoor Community Services:  DeMarco & Casey are re-elected; the third spot is slightly NOT SETTLED.
  84. Surfside Community Services:  LaLonde elected.
  85. Silverado-Modjeska:  Steven Duff and Tara Saraye pretty much set.
  86. Costa Mesa Sanitary:  James Ferryman and Art Perry re-elected; Gary Monaghan and Jim Fitzpatrick LOSE!
  87. Midway City Sanitary:  Al Krippner is in; the second slot is slightly NOT SETTLED.
  88. El Toro Water:  Jose Vergara and Scott Goldman re-elected; the third slot is NOT SETTLED.
  89. Irvine Ranch Water:  John Withers and Mary Matheis re-elected.
  90. Moulton-Niguel:  Richard Fiore re-elected
  91. Santa Margarita:  Incumbents re-elected.
  92. Mesa Water #2:  Incumbent re-elected.
  93. OCWD:  Philip Anthony (#4) and Cathy Green (#6) re-elected; Roger Yoh leads Peter Kim by 5% in #3.
  94. South Coast Water:  Incumbents re-elected, Douglas Erdman elected.
  95. Yorba Linda Water:  John Wayne Miller and Andy Hall elected.  Robert Kiley recalled; replaced with Brooke Jones.  Gary Melton recalled; his replacement is  NOT SETTLED.
  96. MWDOC:  Jeff Thomas re-elected in Division 6; Megan Yoo Schneider elected in Division 7.  Division 4 is leaning, but NOT SETTLED..
  97. OC Votes on State Propositions: someone who cares about them can put the results in a comment.
  98. MEASURE J:  Anaheim Elementary Bond PASSES with 73%
  99. MEASURE K:  Brea-Olinda Bond NOT SETTLED., but leaning NO.  (Needs 55%)
  100. MEASURE L:  Reduce Size of School Board:  PASSES
  101. MEASURE M:  Capistrano Unified FAILS with 44-1/2%
  102. MEASURE N:  Centralia Bond PASSES with 70%.
  103. MEASURE O:  Fountain Valley Bond PASSES with 63%.
  104. MEASURE P:  Garden Grove PASSES with 75%
  105. MEASURE Q:  HB City PASSES with 63%.
  106. MEASURE R:  Ocean View NOT SETTLED with 57%.
  107. MEASURE S:  Orange Unified NOT SETTLED with 61%.
  108. MEASURE T:  Westminster Unified PASSES with 69%.
  109. MEASURE U:  Anaheim 2/3 of Council Required to Propose Taxes PASSES
  110. MEASURE V:  Costa Mesa 8 MMJ Dispensaries FAILS
  111. MEASURE W:  Costa Mesa 4 MMJ Dispensaries FAILS
  112. MEASURE X:  Costa Mesa City MMJ Measure PASSES with 53.6%
  113. MEASURE Y:  Costa Mesa, Voter Approval for Development Projects PASSES with 68%
  114. MEASURE Z:  Costa Mesa, Strangle Measure Y in Crib, PASSES BUT NULLIFIED, getting 3,600 fewer votes than Measure Y!
  115. MEASURE AA:  Costa Mesa, Changes to Fairview Requires Voter Approval PASSES with 70%
  116. MEASURE BB: Costa Mesa, Strange Measure AA in Crib, FAILS with 47%, will lose even if over 50%
  117. MEASURE EE: Costa Mesa, Voter Districts Plan PASSES with 65%
  118. MEASURE GG: Cypress Town Center, NOT SETTLED but leaning NO
  119. MEASURE HH: Fountain Valley, Essential Services, PASSES with 59%
  121. MEASURE JJ: La Palma 1-Cent Tax, PASSES with 61%
  122. MEASURE KK: Laguna Beach, Rescind MMJ Ban FAILS with 29%
  123. MEASURE LL: Laguna Beach, Vital Services Measure PASSES with 79%
  124. MEASURE MM:  Newport Beach, Require 5/7 Vote for Proposing New Taxes, PASSES with 81%
  125. MEASURE NN:  Placentia,  Move to District Elections, PASSES with 58%
  126. MEASURE OO:  San Clemente, Raise Hotel Guest Tax, NOT SETTLED
  127. MEASURE PP:  Santa Ana, Change Council Compensation PASSES with 67%
  128. MEASURE QQ:  Stanton Rescind One-Cent Sales Tax Increase, FAILS with 32%
  129. MEASURE RR: Stanton, Term Limits, PASSES with 76%
  130. MEASURE SS:  Westminster, Essential Services, PASSES with 61%
  131. MEASURE TT:  Advisor Measure to Combine Water and Sanitary Districts, PASSES with 54%


  1. CA-49
  2. SD-29:
  3. AD-65:
  4. Rancho Santiago CCD Seat 5:
  5. South OC CCS Seat 4:
  6. Brea Olinda USD, 3rd Spot:
  7. Irvine USD, third spot
  8. Santa Ana USD, third spot
  9. Buena Park Elementary, Seat 4
  10. Centralia Elementary, Seat 3
  11. Ocean View Elementary, second spot
  12. Westminster Elementary, second spot
  13. County Supervisor, District 1
  14. Anaheim District 1
  15. Anaheim District 3
  16. Brea Treasurer
  17. Costa Mesa Council, third spot
  18. Fullerton Council, third spot
  19. Garden Grove, District 6
  20. Laguna Beach Council, second spot
  21. Lake Forest Council, second spot
  22. Los Alamitos Council, second spot
  23. Newport Beach, District 5
  24. Placentia Council, third spot
  25. San Clemente Council, second spot
  26. Seal Beach, District 2
  27. Villa Park Council, BOTH SPOTS
  28. Yorba Linda Council, third spot
  29. Rossmoor Community Services, third spot
  30. Midway City Sanitary, second spot
  31. El Toro Water, third spot
  32. Yorba Linda Water, Melton Recall replacement
  33. MWDOC Division 4
  34. Measure GG
  35. Measure OO

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Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Corrupt party hacks hate him. He's OK with that too. He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)