Young “Trump” Kim II: Busted Stealing, She Lies about it anyway.




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You know what they say, and what they say is that a fish rots from the head down.  And believe us Democrats don’t want the Republican Party to rot that way, or for Donald Trump to be its head.  None of us want to live in a country where one of the two major Parties smells like a rotting fish.  Well, maybe Young Kim doesn’t mind, given her Trumpish behavior of late.  You want examples, I got examples.

You may remember, if you follow the national news (and these are just a couple examples off the top of my head) – how Trump avoided a January debate (because Megyn Kelly’s questions made him uncomfortable) by instead holding a rally-fundraiser supposedly for veterans’ charities, which he claimed netted six million dollars, of which he claimed to have personally donated one million.

Well, surprise, surprise, when the Washington Post looked into this fundraiser four months later, it turned out he had NOT raised anywhere near six million, that amount had NOT gone to the veterans, and The Donald had NOT donated anything to the cause.  Four months later.  And as soon as the story came out – WHAM! – the Trump team flew into action, writing checks.  And true to form, rather than saying “Thank you Washington Post for reminding me to follow up on that, I’ve taken care of it now,” he bitterly denounced them for doing their job:

Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he had given away all the money he had raised four months earlier for veterans – and at the same time bitterly attacked the news media for pressing him to explain what he had done with the money.

“Instead of being like, ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Trump,’ or ‘Trump did a good job,’ everyone’s saying, ‘Who got it, who got it, who got it?‘ “Trump said during a news conference here at Trump Tower. “And you make me look very bad. I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job.”

I’m also reminded of something else that came out more recently:  How Trump secretly and illegally conducted business in 1999, in Fidel Castro’s Cuba, in complete contravention of the US embargo.  Dreaming of creating a Trump casino in Havana whenever the embargo might be lifted, he illegally (and sneakily) funneled over $68,000 into Communist Cuba to explore the possibility, (the whole while shamelessly making speeches to Miami Cuban refugees about how evil it is to do business there.)

When called on that by Newsweek, did he admit having made a mistake in judgment at least?  No, he denied any wrongdoing in carefully (but not carefully enough) formulated doublespeak:  “Mr. Trump has never done business in Communist Cuba.”  Newsflash guys:  Spending $68,000 IS doing business, even if it’s small potatoes for you.  (And then, creepily, Newsweek was hit by a cyber-attack from Trump’s fans in Russia.)

Cheating.  And when you get caught, fixing the problem quickly if you can, while bizarrely denying it, and blaming the people who caught you.  Republican traits now, under Donald Trump?  We hope not, but Young Kim (the Korean-American Republican who has been borrowing Sharon Quirk-Silva‘s assembly seat for a couple years) seems to think so.  Has she learned well at the feet of the master, or has she just always been Trumplike?

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HERE’S WHY I ASK.  When alerted that she had illegally claimed a homeowner’s tax exemption on property she no longer lived in, triggering a lien on that property, she went and took care of the debt.  Who knows if it was a mistake or small-time grifting that failed.  But when the Quirk-Silva campaign correctly noted the incident in a mailer, she responded: 

“My opponent is correct, I made a mistake on my taxes the last couple of years, as many people do, but I have rectified that error.  In the spirit of openness I will release my last five years of taxes, showing I have nothing more to hide, and hope that we can move on to discussing the real issues that matter to the voters of the 65th assembly district.”

laughing faceHA HA, just kidding!  I had you going there, didn’t I?  Of course that’s not what Young Kim said.  Rather, much as her role model Donald Trump would have done, she denied any wrongdoing, any mistake even, and BLAMED SHARON.  Blasted her sleazy spokesman Dave Gilliard, adding on extra gratuitous lies:

“The smear campaign being run by Quirk-Silva steered itself right into a ditch with this false attack.  It is pretty clear that the motive behind these pathetic false attacks is to make voters forget that when she was in the Assembly, Quirk-Silva tried to undermine Proposition 13 and make it easier to raise taxes.”

What what what?  Proposition 13 has nothing to do with it, and Sharon doesn’t plan to touch Prop 13, although we have noticed that Young Kim’s entire campaign this year seems to revolve around that false attack.  But back to the point – how is it FALSE that Young Kim illegally claimed a credit that wasn’t hers;  if that’s false, why did she go and fix the problem?

Showing why insider Republicans worked SO hard to get him in the Assessor’s seat, the hyper-partisan Claude Parrish goes on to provide an excuse for the slippery politician:

“It has come to our attention that in the course of a political campaign Assemblywoman Young Kim is being accused of ‘illegally claiming a homeowner’s credit on her taxes.’ This statement is false.  In fact, Young Kim properly notified the previous Assessor’s office in 2014 that she was no longer living at the home in question as of December 2012 and thus was not eligible for the Homeowner’s Exemption.  Unfortunately, notices from the County in regard to this property were mailed to Ms. Kim at an old address and not forwarded to her, a common problem when people move. Through no fault of her own, a lien was placed on her property for a small amount of taxes due.”

kid broke lampHey, she received the credit for two years, for hundreds of dollars, and said nothing until being slapped with a lien.  Mistake or small-time grifting, it doesn’t reflect well on her ability to be a responsible steward of public moneys.  And it doesn’t reflect well on her honesty that she won’t even admit a mistake but instead hammers the messenger.  She, and Trump, both look like the little kid covered in cookie crumbs, standing by the jar with the lid off, protesting “I didn’t do it.”

Sharon renews her call for the Kims to release five years of their taxes, as the Silvas have done.  As for now, Young Kim, you are doing The Donald proud.

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