Michelle Obama’s Startlingly Strong Speech Against Trump, Without Ever Once Naming Him




Michelle Obama gives the speech that the vast majority of women, regardless of party, have been waiting for.

Michelle Obama gives the speech on Trump that the vast majority of women, regardless of party, have been waiting for.

I’m not going to ask you to listen to Michelle Obama’s entire speech yesterday in New Hampshire.  You can skip the intro and start at 2:20.  And at about the 14:30 mark, she shifts gears and turns from talking about Trump — without ever mentioning her name — to giving one of the strongest endorsements of Hillary that I’ve seen, so you can skip that too if it would ruin your day.

But please, if you will, at least listen to the part of the speech between 2:20 and 14:30.Is she taking advantage of Trump’s misdeeds for political gain?  Oh, I suppose.  Do some of her inflections sound just a little bit too practiced?  Perhaps.  (Perhaps not.)  But I can grant you all that and still say that this is a cry from the heart from a woman in 2016 America, about Trump’s debasement of our political culture as it relates to women, that I don’t think I’ve seen equalled and am sure I have not seen surpassed.

One of my frustrations with Hillary supporters has been the bogus claim that men don’t want to vote for Hillary because she is a woman.  I’ll bet that you could take a whole lot of men who don’t like the idea of voting for Hillary, show them this video, and ask them if they’d have any problem in principle voting for Michelle Obama.  Some might object on political principle, some because they are sexist and/or racist, but I think that a majority would agree with me that we’d absolutely consider voting for her without respect to her race or her gender.  She’s a solid politician, a strong speaker, and has a first-rate mind.  I’m happy to be reminded by her of how far women have come.

And yes, she’s more conservative than I’d like and yes, I’d still prefer Bernie.  But this is a speech that no one else could do better than her.

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